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Polished Plaster Trends 2021


Do you want people who come to visit you to get lost staring at the walls of your house? Charm them with a polished plaster finish look. They’d be completely mesmerized. The finer details of the amazing designs of the plaster throughout the room are going to make the look of your room enchanting.

You should elevate your spaces with an interesting polished plaster finish. These are a great alternative to wallpapers, paints, and tiles.

If you are someone who likes to revamp the look of his house, you should win the admiration of people by using polished tiles.

What are polished plaster walls? 

Polished plaster is a low-maintenance decorative plaster finish that is suitable for your bathroom, kitchen, living room, and bedroom. Nowadays, people are revamping their houses with this smooth uniform decorative plaster that comes with a beautiful texture.

It has become a popular trend in 2021, to use polished plaster as an alternative to tiles. There are many colors, techniques, and textures available in polished plaster. You can get any kind of finish, texture, or color you want.

However, if you want to add a luxurious touch to your house, you need to make sure that you are choosing the best quality polished plaster. These are an extremely durable choice for adding character and style to your house.

Check out the unique 2021 Polished plaster trends to get an idea about the latest ins and outs.

Go for a metallic look 

This has become a popular trend in 2021. People are getting metallic finish polished plaster to give their houses a luxurious look. No need to buy expensive marble or any other kind of material to revamp your house.

Polished plaster would look beautiful by giving your house a new look. Your walls will shimmer with gold, silver, or copper fleck finish polished plaster.

Colorful or neutral?

With polished plaster, color has become the new neutral. Because of the versatility of the material that it can be transformed into any color, people are able to create unique spaces with a special touch.

Just adding color to the polished plaster uplifts the look of the walls. Beige, brown, and grey always look good no matter what room or area you are renovating. But you can also experiment with colors to follow the new trend.

The best alternative for tiles. 

Tiles have been used for years to renovate your bathrooms and kitchens. Every time someone thinks of renovating their kitchen, they think of replacing their tiles due to the discoloring of grout. However, in 2021, there is now a better replacement for tiles.

If grout lines are a pain in your neck, you can focus on using polished plaster in your kitchen. Tiles look traditional and beautiful. However, they do not stop the growth of mold and mildew.

If you use polished plaster, you don’t have to deal with grout at all. You don’t see any broken lines after some time. These are low-maintenance decorative materials that last you a lifetime. You just need to make sure that you keep them clean.

Hence, it is a good choice to have polished plaster walls in a room you are thinking of replacing the tiles. Polished plaster looks great in your kitchen and bathroom. It is best to use in areas where there is a risk of damping. The best part, the presence of the dampness does not damage the walls. This perfect finish is lime-based which makes it absorb water and reduce the risk of mold and fungus growing inside the walls. No wonder people are considering it the best replacement for tiles.

Are polished plaster walls expensive?

Good things come with a heavy price tag. This is what we all believe. In most cases, this is certainly true. If you are concerned about the price of polished plaster, you need to bear in mind that it could be costly.

However, there are affordable companies that offer you good-quality polished plaster as well. When you are looking for affordability, make sure that you choose a company that does the mixing of the colors right. There is no point in buying polished plaster which is badly colored. It won’t allow you to make a good impression.

Polished plaster can be expensive but it is a lifetime investment. It is durable and lasts for years to come. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the heavy tag. It is worth buying if you are looking for a stylish and long-term change in your house. After all, it is not every day that you plan to change the look of your walls.


Polished plaster trends are high in demand. Shopping malls, galleries, bars, hotels and restaurants are revamping their areas with it. It can last up to 20 to 30 years. Its longevity is a reason enough for you to invest in it.