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How to Decor Large Planters For Large Spaces

Decorating the large spaces can often be a tricky task while keeping up with their scale, openness, and functionality. Here is where the large planters come into the smart and stylish play. They work as the statement pieces making the big spaces look classy, aesthetic and well-designed in an instant without much of a fuss. Moreover, in the times when modernization is taking a toll on our need to stay close to nature, these large planter bring the much needed soothing element of the lush close to us. Be it a private, public or a corporate space, the large areas can be stylized wonderfully with the strategically placed large planters.


While choosing the large planters, keep the practicality part in consideration along with their panache quotient. Consider the overall shape, decor, and nature of your space while zeroing down on these oversized containers. A tip from our side here – the tall, angular as well as the large round outdoor planters are some of the most versatile choices here. Of course, the more artsy, quirky and experimental pieces too are fun to have to depend on your preference and objective. For the material, explore the various options like concrete, wood, clay, ceramic, terra-cotta, iron, steel, fiberglass, fiberstone, marble and many more as there is a wide variety available in today’s style loving market.


  • Create engaging entrances

Big pots give an attractive framing to gateways, porch, foyer or any entrance, and define these otherwise vague and comparatively abstract spaces a well-outlined appearance. They accentuate these entry points to make them look remarkably more inviting and warm. Try putting a pair of tall large planters or a well-assembled group of these by your main door or gate and see the visual appeal that they create. If you are a hue loving person, go for some color splash here both in the pots and the plants.

  • Ideal for captivating courtyards

Courtyards are wonderful spaces if you know how to tackle their partial openness and sizable area with flair. The large sized round planters that have soft curves can make up for their ideal accessory. They come in low, mid and high rise elevations. They are a sure shot in creating a warm and artistic ambiance. Put them in the center of the courtyard or bunch a few of them together with other complementing artifacts, and arrange it all in any other strategically attractive spot to create the magic. Be it a lavish sized residence or a beautiful boutique hotel, the courtyards can be made more alluring and luxurious with the evergreen presence of curvaceous, rustic or vibrant large pots as per your interior design.

  • Make lounges and lobbies look elite

In the contemporary times where the work schedules drive one’s routine, the offices and business hotels that flaunt a gorgeous verdant touch to them become the more likable ones. The vast corporate lounges and lobbies in the trendy office buildings, commercial complexes or any other public space are the key spots for this reason. Tame these big, wide and multifunctional spaces with clean lined, textured and angular shaped large planters. Consider going for the more neutral colors for these space being the common spaces, or pair a color pop alongside to engage the vision of the visitors.

  • Add the vogue to patio and poolside

Some of the other large outdoor spaces that can bloom in to the beautiful ones with the subtle additions of plants and flowers are the patio and poolside. You can create a minimalist or stylishly maximized look here with the multiple options like big and gorgeous modern metal planters, the earthy terracotta ones to go with the casual social vibes, enormously sized composite planters to create a bushy ambiance or many other to choose from. A farmhouse, hotel or club – the patio and poolside décor can easily be taken care of with these rightly deployed pots.

  • Place them to beautify the terraces

In a terrace that is limited mainly with the sky, the tall outdoor planters rope in the visual catch points that anchor the frame in an otherwise limitless view. A terrace café, lounge, restaurant etc can be made to come to life with the lively presence of nature in the large pots. The stone, concrete, ceramic, granite, marble and resin planters make up for practical material options for the open-air use. You may go for the weathered texture to give heritage yet classy look, or for the fine finish for the modern appearance while choosing the these pieces for creating a terrific looking terrace.


Kathy Ramos (Admin)
Kathy Ramos (Admin)
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