4 Tips for Creating an Outdoor Living Area

With the right furniture and the right ideas, even the blandest outdoor space can be turned into an enjoyable living space. The following 4 tips will help you to design and build the outdoor living area of your dreams.

Assess Your Space

The size and type of space that you have available to you to set up your outdoor living area will dictate what kind of plants and furniture you can consider to populate and decorate it with. If there is a specific piece of furniture that you want to have in your outdoor space, or a certain activity that you want to use it for, the space available to you will determine whether this is feasible or not.

You should take into account how the space changes throughout the day. For example, if there are some tall trees nearby that you have planted to provide you with some shade, these might only be effective for a relatively small part of the day. For the rest of the day, you will need something else to keep your space free from direct sunlight.

Use Plants to Give Your Space Shape

The rooms in our home are given shape by the physical walls, doors, and windows that surround them. On the other hand, any outdoor space that you create will be shaped by the surrounding landscape. If you want your outdoor room to have a certain shape or feel, then you will need to think about how you will create natural barriers.

Some people prefer to plant bushes or other thick flora to serve as walls. On the other hand, you could physically alter the landscape of your garden, creating an outdoor area that is elevated and safe from the rain, for example. Another great way to add a geometrical shape to your outdoor living area and also create some privacy is by planting small trees in large rectangular planter boxes.

Use Trellises with Climbers

A very effective way of creating walls for your outdoor space is by combining trellises with climbing plants. You can buy trellises that already have climbers growing up them, or you can buy an empty trellis and grow your own climbers. If you opt for this route, you will need to be prepared to wait for your climber to grow before you can use your trellis as a barrier.

Find a Reliable Furniture Supplier

The furniture you choose is what will finally bring together your outdoor space. It doesn’t matter how much care you take in your landscaping if you don’t then fill your outdoor living area with quality outdoor furniture. Remember, low-cost garden furniture is often of lower quality and, in spite of the name, won’t always be able to stand up to the elements if you leave it outside.

Instead, turn to a supplier like Norsol, who provide a variety of high-quality and reliable garden furniture for outside use. As well as selling awnings (Markiser) for keeping an outdoor area covered, they also sell sun shades (solskjermming) and blinds (perisenner). Any of these would make a great addition to any outdoor living area. If you need outdoor furniture, Norsol elegantly balance price and quality.

Creating a wonderful outdoor living space doesn’t have to be difficult, time-consuming, or expensive. The best outdoor spaces combine artificial furniture with plants and other natural barriers.