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5 Home Design Trends You Can’t Miss This Spring

With spring around the corner, it’s time for changes and to take your home out of winter hibernation. There is no better time to give your property a total face-lift!

This spring, add a fresh vibe to your home by incorporating some top interior design trends from leading designers around the world that we’ve put together for you – in association with self-storage provider, Storage Giant.

Space, space, space

To give your space an immediate boost of freshness, start by decluttering your space. It’s time to get rid of any redundant items from Christmas and put your favourite accessories away by locking them up safely in your local self-storage unit until December comes round again. You might also want to consider selling any unwanted items on eBay to generate an extra boost of cash that you could later invest in brand new items – clever, right?


Eco-friendly lifestyles have become popular in recent years, and there is no better way to show off your contribution to the environment by filling your home with air-purifying, pretty plants.

They give your space an instant dose of beauty, ambience and freshness. They also filter out harmful chemicals from the air. Top indoor plants you should embrace in your shopping list this year according to The Spruce include Hearth Leaf Philodendron, Assorted Desert Rose Echeveria and Peace Lilies.


Nothing screams “spring” better than a fresh lick of paint added to your walls and maybe even individual pieces of furniture.

The first room to consider is the kitchen. With the average person spending up to 80% of their time in the kitchen while cooking, cleaning and entertaining, the kitchen is an obvious first choice when it comes to applying an upgrade.

If you’re considering a new wall colour, a hint of soothing grey or green will never go out of fashion. But bear in mind there is no a better time than spring to experiment, so how about transforming your kitchen into an industrial chic vibe spirit by adding a touch of blackened zinc?

Feeling even braver? Take your kitchen into a vibrant journey of the Californian beaches with sunny yellow walls – Interior God approved!

Keep it personal

“Insta-worth” is a common buzzword in the interior design word. If you scroll down your Instagram feed carefully you might soon notice patterns that are being followed by influencers around the world – including minimalist spaces, lots of marble and “copper-everything” trend.

However, there is one element missing in that Instagram game – the element of your own personality. So if you want your home décor to really stand out, make sure that you supplement it with several very personal items such as DIY blanket your mum had presented you last Christmas, or a vintage armchair that was in your family for years.

Make a statement

If your creativity is limited by budget constraints, skip re-decorating the entire house and think about creating a statement detail instead. This could be anything, ranging from an original rug you saw the other day at the Indian market to a bold ceiling (in fact, the last time we can note ceilings making such as buzz as they are with 2019 interior trends harkens way back to the ornate moulded tin ceiling of the roaring ‘20s!).

So how about giving this neglected part of your apartment a little bit of love this spring?

Kathy Ramos (Admin)
Kathy Ramos (Admin)
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