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14 Helpful Tips for Decorating Your Baby’s Nursery

Are you expecting a baby? If so, congratulations! One of the things that you are probably thinking about is how you are going to decorate your nursery. Below are 14 tips that you can use to create a beautiful nursery for your little one.

Make Everything Easy to Reach from Your Changing Table

These will be things like wipes, covers for the changing table, places for dirty diapers, toys, diapers, a pacifier, burp cloths and more. You don’t want to have to leave your baby unattended because you have to grab something after an explosion.

Avoid clutter.

You’re going to be carrying your baby all over the place during the night, and something that’s in the middle of your floor could cause you to trip and fall. Make sure that you have plenty of storage space so that you can put things away easily when you’re finished using them rather than putting them on your floor.

Get Washable Wallpaper

One thing about babies is that they are messy. If you have a boy and you forget to leave him covered, he might just pee all over the place, including your wallpaper. But if you have a boy or a girl, they can puke, drool and even have explosive poops.

Keep the Nursery Dark

Ensure that the nursery’s lighting can mimic the look of nighttime at times. You want to choose a window shade or curtain that’s heavy enough to make it look dark when you want your little one to take their daily naps. 4. Don’t be afraid of the dark.

Any Light can be a Nightlight

All you have to do is purchase nightlight bulbs at your local hardware store. This will help you transform any lamp into the perfect décor for the nursery.

Choose a Theme

There are so many different themes that you can choose from, and they don’t even have to be baby-related. One couple we know decorated their children’s nursery using fish, because they loved to fish. This is a unique idea, and it just goes to show that you can decorate your nursery in any way.

Mini Cribs are Cribs

A lot of parents are anxious because they may not have a lot of space that they need for the baby’s needs. If you only have enough space for something called a mini-crib, it’s the same thing as what Europeans call cribs. They’re ideal for smaller nurseries.

Don’t Forget Some Artwork

It may not seem like a big deal now, but your child is starting to see the world now and the color is going to help them focus their eyes and can make a big difference in their development. You don’t have to pick something babyish. But bright colours are a good idea and patterns. You can buy them premade, even from a thrift store, or you can create your own fairly easily.

Incorporate Special Touches That Were Given as Gifts

There’s nothing like going into a nursery and seeing something hanging on the wall that you gave them. One couple I know had a niece who was 10 and did a craft for their cousin. Their niece was so excited when they went into the nursery and saw her pictures hanging up.

When Carissa planned her first child’s nursery in Seattle, she picked up several screen-printed fabric swatches at a fair that have been displayed in her children’s rooms. Christopher D. Ray

Don’t Go for White

You might love the way that the rocking chair looks with its gorgeous white upholstery. However, don’t forget what we mentioned about the washable wallpaper. Eventually, it’s going to get dirty.

Choose something that will be easily wiped off or that has a pattern where stains will be hidden. The stains are going to happen, we guarantee it.

Get a Comfortable Chair for You

When you get up in the middle of the night to feed the baby or to comfort a scared or sick child, you’re going to want to have a comfortable chair to sit in. As your child gets older, they’ll be able to sit in it, too. But for now, it’s all about your comfort. Combination rockers/gliders are a great choice because they often come with a place where you can put your feet up and relax. As we mentioned before, however, you want to make sure that you aren’t buying white. Otherwise, it’s going to look dingy fast.

Have The Dresser Do Double Duty

If you are pressed for space in your nursery, you can always have the dresser do double duty as a changing table. There are a lot of combination dressers/changing tables, and you can usually find one for every budget. It also makes finding the right outfit for your little one so easy, since all their clothes are right there.

Don’t Forget a Quilt

One of the most colourful things that you can have in a nursery is a quilt. There are so many patterns and colours to choose from. They’re perfect for putting over the back of your rocking chair or for snuggling with an older baby when they’re sick. BeddingBeauty.com has a lot of handmade quilts to choose from, so take a look. They make great gifts for yourself or for someone who is expecting a baby.

Have Fun

When you are decorating your nursery, have fun doing it. This is a joyful time in your life, so enjoy doing it. Whether this is your first baby or your fourth, babies are special, and you want to make the nursery as special as they are. So see what you can do to make it a great place for them to grow up in.

These are 14 tips that you can use for creating a gorgeous nursery. Have fun getting ready for your baby and planning their room. And remember, it doesn’t have to be completely suited for a baby. The sky is the limit!

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