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Ways to Give Your Bathroom a Unique Look

There’s no getting around it, the bathroom can be an expensive room to renovate, particularly if you’re starting from scratch. However, there’s a lot to be said for a successful renovation – least of all the satisfaction of a job well done, and the prize of a relaxing space that you can call your own. An attractive bathroom could even add value to your home, and so any makeover is worth doing well.

The bathroom is fast becoming so much more than a functional space, to which very little artistic thought is given. We want our bathrooms to speak for and to us, and to be able to harness all of our creativity to fashion a space we’ll want to spend time in pampering and preening. Homeowners now spend hours poring over the right fixtures and fittings, colors and finishing touches, all in an attempt to create something wholly perfect. If you’re hoping to give your bathroom a unique new look there’s a lot to take in. It will all be worth it in the end, though. We promise!

Theme your space

Your bathroom, your rules. One of the most striking ways to create a unique bathroom space is to choose a theme that will best reflect your use of the space. Would you prefer the calming colors and plush fixtures of a relaxing spa bathroom, or the energy and bold hues of something more contemporary? The colors, fixtures and fittings, and accessories that you choose will all contribute towards your bathroom’s overarching theme and help to create a space that you’re proud to call your own. Consider your new bathroom’s theme and layout very carefully.

Splash out on fixtures

You don’t have to alter your bathroom’s layout or theme to make it uniquely yours, of course; choosing different fixtures and fittings can make a world of difference to your own oasis of calm. These fixtures are the heart and soul of any bathroom, and selecting a different toilet, sink, faucets, shower, tub, or radiator could affect how dramatically it beats. There’s a whole world of unique fixtures and fittings waiting to be discovered, including faucets that appear to be works of art as well as a means of dispensing water. The fixtures and fittings you fall in love with will determine your bathroom’s finish.

Choose distinctive window dressings

Giving your bathroom a unique, new look could be as simple as replacing dated curtains, which are usually the first victims of damp and humidity. Blinds, too, are prone to mold, and can be difficult to keep clean. Plantation shutters are a great move towards making the most of light in your bathroom, and are effortlessly stylish, too. Shutters are waterproof and durable and tend to hang well away from fixtures and fittings. What’s more they’re easily wiped clean and hygienic, and can be used to create light, airy spaces without sacrificing your dignity.

Consider stylish storage

Clutter is the scourge of most modern bathrooms. It makes very little sense to spend hours choosing color schemes, themes and fixtures, only to bury your brand new bathroom beneath a pile of mismatched toiletries. The good news is that many contemporary storage solutions are as stylish as the bathrooms they’re designed for. Wall-mounted cupboards, under-sink storage and glass shelves will give clutter a home without diminishing your bathroom’s unique new look. Meanwhile glass jars, vintage baskets and wooden boxes can wrangle almost any loose item with style and success.

Accessorize your space

There’s absolutely nothing as unique as your personality, and your bathroom’s finishing touches are as important as the essential fixtures when it comes to transforming your space. Perhaps you’d like to create an oasis of quiet and calm with scented candles and soft, mood lighting. You might choose to hang a statement mirror or piece of art, or bring the outdoors inside with tropical plants, cuttings from the garden or subtle animal prints. Some choose to store books and magazines so that their bathroom becomes a real retreat from a busy lifestyle. Whatever you do, remember that your bathroom is your haven.

Bathrooms are a necessity; an essential part of any home; however, that doesn’t mean they deserve any less thought when it comes to renovations and interior design dreams. Yes, it is possible to combine style and functionality. Bathrooms are increasingly regarded as safe spaces from stress, as well being the place where we become ourselves for the day or evening ahead. Renovating and decorating a bathroom can become a true labor of love, but we promise you it will be worth it.

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