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Breathing New Life into Your Bathroom: 10 Considerations to Make Before Proceeding with the Renovation

Bathrooms are meant to be functional, but that doesn’t mean they can’t look fantastic. When a bathroom needs to be renovated to bring it up to date or to complete any necessary repairs, there’s a lot to consider before beginning.

Think About Where the Plumbing is Located

The plumbing is going to be a major concern during Bathroom Remodeling projects. When plumbing needs to be relocated, it can be very expensive. Instead, it might be better to work around where the plumbing is already located instead of moving everything in the bathroom.

Consider Natural and Artificial Lighting

If the current bathroom doesn’t have enough lighting, what needs to be changed? Consider adding more lights or opening up a window, allowing more natural light to filter into the bathroom.

Tub, Shower, or Combination

It’s important to decide whether the bathroom should have just a shower, only a bathtub, a combination bathtub and shower, or a separate tub and shower. The option will depend on the owner’s preferences and the space available.

Storage in the Bathroom

There should be plenty of storage in the bathroom so everything is accessible when needed. Consider adding a medicine cabinet that’s recessed into the walls to create more storage without giving up space in the bathroom. Also consider adding extra storage where possible, such as a shelf in the shower.

Accessible Outlets

Make sure there are plenty of outlets in the bathroom and they’re conveniently located. The outlets in a bathroom should be GFCI outlets so they will automatically shut off if they get wet to avoid fires or electrical shocks.

Choose the Right Tiles

Whether it’s tile flooring, tiles in the shower, or tiles on the walls, choosing the right tiles is crucial. Consider the size, shape, and color to ensure the tile will look great with everything else in the bathroom, and pick options that may be easier to clean.

Finding the Right Vanity

More space around the sink as well as storage under the sink may be needed. In these cases, it’s important to choose a vanity that looks great in the room, that offers enough storage, and that’s going to fit well in the bathroom so it doesn’t take up too much space.

Warm Up the Tile Flooring

In the morning, the tiles on the floor can be very cold. Homeowners might want to consider warming up the tile flooring by using radiant heat. Choose an option that includes a programmable thermostat so the flooring is warm when the family members wake up.

Choose the Right Wall Colors

The right wall colors can help bring everything else together and ensure the bathroom looks fantastic. Consider colors that complement the flooring, vanity, shower, and more. Also consider different options for the walls, such as tile instead of paint, for a more modern look.

Think About the Budget

When thinking about everything else in the bathroom, keep the budget in mind. Some options, like a modern standalone tub or a vessel sink, may add a lot to the look of the room, but they’re going to be more expensive.

Remodeling can give a whole new look to a bathroom and make it far more functional, but it does take a lot of consideration to ensure the bathroom will work properly and look fantastic. Use the above tips to plan for your bathroom remodel today.

Kathy Ramos (Admin)
Kathy Ramos (Admin)
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