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7 Tips for Making the Most of Your Garden This Winter

We spend time and money getting our gardens just right in the springtime. Then, we really make the most of them in the summer months. We spend busy mornings pruning and tidying, long afternoons lounging in the sun, and evenings enjoying the summer warmth with friends and cocktails. 

Then the temperature drops, the leaves fall from the trees, and the colors fade from our decorative borders and baskets. The first frost hits, and we pack our outdoor furniture away for the season. Why? There are so many advantages to being outdoors, and having a garden is an easy way to do it. Even in the winter, getting outside is a tremendous mental health boost, which also gets you moving. So, what can you do to make sure you make the most of your garden all year round?

Look After It

You are more likely to spend time in your garden if it looks good. Fortunately, even though your grass will stop growing, and some of the colors will fade from your flowers, your garden can still look great. Winter lawn care is essential for regrowth in spring and also for preventing winter weeds and damage. Spend some time on lawn fertilization, and you won’t face a battle to bring your lawn back to life next season. Try Champion Green lawn fertilization treatment with seven applications throughout the year. Champion Green can also help with shrub and tree treatment to help your garden survive the winter months. 

You should also take the time to ensure furniture, fences, and decking are weatherproofed and that less hardy plants are moved to sheltered areas. 

Add Some Lanterns and Heaters

In the winter, the main things keeping us out of our gardens are a lack of light and an excess of cold. Add lanterns or other outdoor lights and even an outdoor heater to make sitting outside on fresh winter afternoons a pleasure. 

Welcome in Nature

You can welcome nature into your garden all year with a bird table and water bath and plenty of evergreens to attract wildlife

Add Some Color

Your garden doesn’t have to be grey and dull just because the weather is. Paint fences brighter shades and find colorful shrubs and evergreens to add some colors to your outdoor space. 

Grow Winter Veggies

If you enjoy growing your own fruit and veg during the summer, don’t stop. Vegetables like kale, sprouts, and cabbage can even taste better after a frost. 

Prune Shrubs and Trees

Shrubs and trees look great all year round, and you’ll feel like you are sitting in a winter paradise when they are covered in frost or filled with snow. 

Introduce Softness

Yes, it’s going to be colder, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get comfy. Sitting outside under a heater, wrapped in a thick blanket, enjoying a hot chocolate, and looking out on all of the trees and veggies you’ve planted could be magical. 

Most of us are guilty of closing the door to our gardens in the early fall and then forgetting about them until spring. Enjoying your garden all year round can improve your mood and health, and it will mean that it’s ready to go in spring, without any need for a last-minute scramble to get it ready. 

Kathy Ramos (Admin)
Kathy Ramos (Admin)
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