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Easy Mother’s Day Gifts Kids Can Make

For kids who would like to give their moms a special gift this Mother’s Day, there is no need to spend a lot. With a little creativity and time to spare, one can easily prepare a gift that is sure to be appreciated. Read on and we’ll list some crafty present ideas for the little ones. However, for those who would rather give something that is ready-made, check out the selections of personalized Mother’s Day gifts that are available at Shutterfly.


This is perhaps the easiest art project that kids can do on their own. It does not need to be fancy. A simple one will be more than enough. What matters is the message that is in the card, as well as the fact that effort and time have been put in to making the gift. For inspiration on some cards that can be given as gifts for mom, check out those that are available at Shutterfly.


Moms love candles because they are relaxing and also make excellent decorative pieces at home. Whether in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, or anywhere else, candles combine form and function. The good thing is even kids can make candles. To make a candle, they’ll need include old white candles, wax crayons, a paper cup, skewer, string, and a pan. Because it involves heat, it should be done with adult supervision.


There is no need to be a florist to design a beautiful bouquet that can be given for Mother’s Day. There isn’t any need to spend on flowers. What the kids can do is to head to the garden and pick some fresh flowers that could be nicely tied into a bouquet. If real flowers aren’t an option, kids can also use colored papers to make faux flowers.


This is another Mother’s Day Gift kids can easily make. First, they’ll need a small stone. Then, cover it with fabric and add a monogram on the top for a more decorative touch. Alternatively, the stone can also be painted to make it more personal.


Kids can start with a blank fabric or canvas. They can paint it with patterns or add an inspirational quote that will make their moms smile. Hand-crafted placemats will combine both form and function, making them another excellent gift this Mother’s Day.


It’s also easy for kids to make hand-made accessories once the materials are already assembled. For instance, with just wooden beads and strings, they can easily make a beautiful handcrafted bracelet.

Photo Collage

There are now many online apps that will enable kids to create a photo collage. They can have it printed on different materials, such as mugs, pillow cases, shirts, and phone cases, among others.

Even kids can easily make DIY gifts that will be well-loved by moms. As shown above, there is no need to spend big and exert a lot of effort to craft the perfect present.

Kathy Ramos (Admin)
Kathy Ramos (Admin)
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