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7 Bedroom Paint Colours that look Amazing

Do you dream of transforming the mood of your entire bedroom into your fantasy room? Here is the solution. Painting the room is a great idea to give it a sensational magical touch. All you need is to carefully select the right paint to give it a new look. Although most bedroom colors fashion has come and gone over the years, any color can be timeless as far as you execute it accordingly and decorate around it properly. So, any color can be great apart from maybe dark colors which make the room feel small and dull. Here are 7 bedroom paint colors that will absolutely look stunning on your bedroom walls.


White paint makes your bedroom look bright and airy. In fact, if your room is a bit smaller, the white color gives it an endless view, making it look spacious and big. Additionally, white paint creates a warm environment, and every time you switch on the lights, the room feels fresh and bright.

Sky blue

According to Newline Painting Melbourne, the blue color is an exquisite painting option for your bedroom. It is even awesome if you do not want to be too extreme on your walls. Sky blue colors give your room a sense of relaxation and its texture is amazing.

Soft grey

Soft grey is the best hue to go with especially if you are tired of white walls. Soft grey is unisex and does not overpower your eyes. When decorated properly and matched with other colors such as dusty pink, it is the best. It is versatile and makes your room feel airy.

Dusty pink

Dusty pink is very amazing paint that you should consider to paint on your bedroom walls. It looks phenomenal. If you match it with mid-brown timber or darker metallic to bring a sense of balance, it gives your room a perfect touch.

Deep blue

Deep blue is amazing especially if you love traditional coastal scheme or something little industrial. There is a nice traditional sense with deep blue and if you combine it with creams, browns, or whites, it feels serene and eye-catching.

Deep green

Deep green is not a color that you often see on people’s bedroom walls. However, it is one of the best alternatives to black or any other dark color that most people use. It’s not that black color is not stunning, but green walls are absolutely finer and welcoming. It is dominant and it works great on large rooms.


Red is an adventurous paint and most people regard it as energizing color. So, it will be a bit easier to wake up in a red decorated bedroom. You can try it and incorporate with textiles like Indian block prints to produce amazing red touch.

All in all, painting your bedroom requires careful consideration. You have to choose wisely the choice of paint that will give your bedroom a great transformation and make it look amazing. However, your taste and preference are key. Select the paint that you dream about and with no doubt, you will have your fantasy bedroom.

Kathy Ramos (Admin)
Kathy Ramos (Admin)
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