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Green Roofing – The Types Available and its Benefits

The roof is a crucial part of the house, and yet it gets overlooked by many homeowners! Much is being said and done about roof repairs and replacement today. And while it is essential to say yes to regular roof inspections and repairs, it is also important that you welcome roofing trends that bring in more longevity for your roof. One such trend is Green Roofing.

Understanding Green Roofing

In the past few years, green roofs have gained immense popularity. It comes with a set of distinctive features and aesthetic implications that it brings out the best in every roof. It also enables people to add their bit in safeguarding and nurturing nature and contributing to the environment.  Using Green Roofing, you can play your part in making an ecological difference. Also, you can make your roof stand out from the generic roofs in your neighborhood. There are financial advantages, as well.

When you say yes to a green roof, you can stay away from the harsh weather impacts. It helps to minimize erosion and also results in better roof life. Naturally, you tend to save on your roof repair costs, and that helps to add to your savings hugely. Also, the thermal properties of your home enhance with proper Green Roofing. It keeps the air warm during winters and cool during summers. Do you stay in an urban location? If yes, then with this roofing type, you can reduce the heat and warm air that flows into your room.

Today, house owners are looking at Green Roofing as a tool that can add to the roof health in unique ways. However, you need to get in touch with an expert service provider for this. Else, you might get the process incorrect. To know more on this, you can get in touch with Patriot Roofing and Construction.

What comprises of a green roof?

It is essential to learn about the green roof composition! It gets designed carefully so that the homeowners get to witness the advantages while securing the home a traditional roof does. Today, green roofs are available in multiple variants. But they are usually categorized as extensive, intensive or just brown roofs. And the elements used for each roof type is reasonably similar.

It usually comprises of reservoir layer, a secure fleece, a crushed aggregate, filter fleece, the planting and vegetation and a kind of hard landscaping. Let’s look at the different types individually:

  • Intensive green roofing

It gets developed at a basic level using planting vegetation such as trees and shrubs. The construction needs to get done in a detailed manner. The room for improvement is vast. You can innovate on the design as well. But just in case the vegetation is dense, you need increased depth for providing the best support for the plant so that it grows well. Intensive green roofs need regular upkeep. You also need to be constant with plant care through consistent watering.

  • Extensive green roofing

Most homeowners opt-in for this roof type because of individual taste and preferences. The vegetation layer is simpler for upkeep. The designers here generally make use of grasses, moss, herbs, and succulents for covering the space. The plants also need reduced, and hence it is more budget-friendly. You choose the plants based on the location and the ecosystem your residential area can sustain.

  • Brown roofing

Simply put, this is the biodiverse choice that imitates the previous ecosystem, which perhaps got substituted by specific developments. Usually, this is more prevalent in the big urban locations, and it can create a natural habitat for the plants and birds.

The advantages

Green Roofing comes with its own set of benefits. The important ones are discussed below:

  • Maximized roof life

It is evident that with time, your roof will wear away and show signs of damage. It is because of the shifting temperatures and the UV rays of the sun. The temperature change and fluctuations result in shrinking and expansion of the roof. And gradually, that can also result in damaged shingles as well.

When you opt-in for Green Roofing you can increase your roof’s lifespan. It is a protective layer that Mother Nature provides you. Also, it opts in for proper drainage and absorption for any storm water run-offs. Concerning longevity, green roofs can sustain for about 30 to 50 years, which is more than the traditional roof structures.

  • It offers an element of beauty

You can decorate your green roof structure with as much creativity you want. It is a smart way to make use of the roof space available. When you place a plant at a vacant roof space, you can add beauty to it. It adds to the aesthetic value of the roof as well as the entire area.

Also, garden spaces bring about a healing effect on the surrounding environment. It is a great way to give back to Mother Earth. Also, it adds to the overall health of the roof and the house in a holistic approach. A green roof can inspire people to use their creative ideas in decorating and arranging it. And that also brings about peace of mind and happiness.

That is not all. Research suggests that green roofing also brings about immense health advantages to a community and a family.

  • Cooling advantages

Some people know that a green roof can minimize the energy usage of a house. And that brings down the utility bills as well. It can also add insulation when it’s cold and offer shade during the summer months. A generic black roof might successfully absorb as much as 150 degrees during summertime. When it comes to a green roof, it records a maximum of 100 degrees. Hence, it keeps your house cool and helps to minimize your AC bill by almost a good 25%. Also, green roofs are known to keep any building dry and warm.

So, if you are thinking whether to opt-in for a Green Roofing arrangement, you should go ahead and get it done. However, it is essential to join hands with an ace service provider for the same, so that you can reap all the advantages of a green roof.

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Kathy Ramos (Admin)
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