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Bathroom Remodelling 101 – The Rookie’s Guide

Starting an entire bathroom remodelling project can be a daunting process for a person who hasn’t dealt with similar projects before. From establishing a budget, to deciding how much space the bathtub should take off your bathroom, finding the perfect vanity, all these can become complicated for inexperienced people. But we can help. We have a guide that will carry you through the main steps of the bathroom remodelling project you have.

Set a budget

Depending on how much you want to renovate in your bathroom, your budget can vary a lot. For small renovations, you won’t go bankrupt. However, for bigger projects, you better have some money put aside. The high-end price of a total bathroom renovation can reach even $100,000. The average price, however, won’t exceed $15,000.

Before you set a budget, try to find the middle ground between your expected costs and outcomes. Sometimes, you will have to compromise when it comes to the final outcome. Pay attention to how you will achieve the end of the project. Will you take care of everything yourself, or will you be hiring professional contractors? This will also influence your budget a lot.

Don’t leave the toilet in full view

If you ask bathroom designers, this is a rookie mistake you should try to avoid. These are not the most aesthetically-pleasing elements you could display in a bathroom. Instead of placing your toilet next to your door, try to place it somewhere else. This will save you from no-knock guests and the embarrassment that comes with it.

Decide on your lighting

Lighting plays a huge role in making your bathroom more visually-pleasing. Although many underestimate its importance, lighting can make a huge difference in a bathroom. Especially for women that spend most of their time in the bathroom, getting ready and applying makeup, a good lighting scheme is also a practical decision. For the best results, go for dim lighting over the bathtub, where you will most likely relax and opt for bright spotlights over your mirror.

Faucets make a huge difference

Life’s too short for ugly or boring finishing touches. Because you want to give your bathroom a little something, the specialists at Hausera recommend installing the right faucets. Choose industrial designs to offer your bathroom more personality. Pay attention to the configuration you need, in the process. There are huge differences between 3-hole faucets, single-hole faucets and so on. Ask a shop representative about each of your options, they will offer you good insights on them.

Don’t move plumbing around

If you want to save huge money in the bathroom remodelling process, make sure to keep all the existing plumbing in place. Moving it around will rapidly add up to the overall cost of the project, and it can be easily avoided. Although we have previously recommended moving your toilet out of sight, if there is too much plumbing work involved in the process, better leave it this way.

Follow these suggestions when remodelling your bathroom for the first time. You will get rid of a lot of headaches and you’ll avoid some rookie mistakes.

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