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Expert Interior Design Tips to Transform Your Office

The days of viewing an office as merely a functional work space with no need for much interior design consideration are long behind us. Today, companies are waking up to the notion that a functional but stylish and comfortable working space can transform the way your employees think and interact, and the way clients feel when they enter your building. If your office is still looking drab and lacking character or any sense of branding, it’s definitely time to make a change. Use these tips for some creative inspiration.

Use your brand as your muse.

Use your brand as your muse
When you first begin consulting with a designer or working on the look of your office, your brand and all that it represents should stand as the ultimate design inspiration. If your company is all about youth, vibrancy, and authenticity, then you’ll have a very different design plan than a business who’s working in a more sober industry with sophisticated clientele and brand that presents an air of gravitas. In every design decision, from the suspended ceiling tiles you use to elevate the space to the colour choices in each room of the office, your brand should be clearly represented and highlighted.

Bring nature indoors.

If you want to improve employee morale and create a green, eco-friendly feel in your office space, bringing nature into the workplace can work wonders. You don’t need to fill your office with flowers to make an impact – some strategically placed, easy to manage indoor pot plants can help brighten up the space and even allow oxygen to circulate around your office more easily; reducing stress and giving your employees a breath of fresh air.

Let the light in.

Let the light in
Offices are too often associated with stark, fluorescent lighting that can easily give your employees a headache and create an unpleasant atmosphere. Natural light is always better – so design your office with as much window access as possible. If you’re blocked in by walls and don’t have the opportunity to let in much natural light, use carefully chosen LED lighting that gives the office a comfortable light glow while complementing the colour scheme of the space.

Choose colours wisely.

colours wisely
Just as you would in your home, you should consider what kind of colour you want to use around your office. However, in this case, your company’s brand messaging and the atmosphere you want to create for your employees and your clients will be the deciding factor, rather than your personal taste. Bright, bold colours like red and yellow may feel like risky choices but they can add a feeling of happiness and energy to your workplace. Blues and pale greens are better suited for a relaxed, tranquil tone. Make sure your furnishings and the art pieces you choose for your walls blend seamlessly with the colours for a coherent overall look.

Don’t neglect the furnishings.

The furniture you choose should always reflect the function of the space in question. For example, if you want to set up a relaxing recreational office break space for your employees, you’ll need some classy but comfortable sofas. Work areas with desks should be designed with ergonomic features in mind for the happiness and overall well-being of your staff. Chairs and desks with clever ergonomic design details will allow your employees to work comfortably.

Kathy Ramos (Admin)
Kathy Ramos (Admin)
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