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5 Things to Consider When Selecting Outdoor Blinds

Did you ever plan an outdoor event but were worried about how the weather would affect your day? The rain and the sunshine can be enjoyable as long as you’re not directly exposed to these elements. This is especially true if you’re hosting an event outdoors.

You want to be able to shelter people from the scorching heat or the pouring rain. The wind can also be troublesome sometimes especially if it’s blowing at high speeds. So how do you keep yourself and your guests comfortable if you’re experiencing erratic weather? The answer is outdoor blinds.

Outdoor blinds are sheets of material that can enclose an area when it’s cold, raining or when you want to block out the sun. When you’re buying outdoor blinds consider the following factors for your home.

1. What is the Purpose the Outdoor Blinds?

What purpose do you need the outdoor blinds for?

Different types of outdoor blind designs come in different sizes and are made from specific materials. Determine whether your blinds will only serve to protect your outdoor furniture or if you will use them to create an enclosed entertainment area.

Creating an outdoor entertainment area requires sound equipment and even a bar with breakables. And so you’ll need blinds that can protect this area at all times.

The purpose of your blinds will help you select the correct product for you.

2. Easy Installation and Operation Process

Although your blinds should be easy to install they should also be effortless to manage. There will be times in winter where you’ll want to open up the blinds so you can enjoy the warm sun shining onto your patio.

Your blinds should be easy to close and open especially if they’re going to be permanent features on your house. That’s why retractable outdoor blinds are more popular.

There are blinds that you can manually open and close & there are blinds that operate on tracks.

The outdoor blinds that work on a track system open and close much like a garage door. With a press of a button, the blinds will open and close when you need them to.

Track outdoor blinds might be difficult to install yourself so you may have to call in a professional but they’re convenient and more aesthetically pleasing.

3. The Climate You Experience in Your Region

The climate is an important factor to consider because some regions experience erratic weather conditions. Hail storms can damage patio tiles and the sun can fade the fabric of your outdoor furniture. The rain can also cause problems when you’re having an outdoor party.

Considering the type of climate you experience in your region will help you determine how durable your outdoor blinds need to be. You want strong outdoor blinds that can withstand any weather conditions. There are many outdoor blinds designed for all four seasons of the year.

When you shop around ensure the blinds you want can endure the type of weather you experience all year round. If you’re in a region that has mild weather conditions and you want to save on cash, you can select demountable blinds.

4. The Fabric Used to Make the Outdoor Blinds

The fabric of your outdoor blinds also goes hand in hand with the climate in your region.

Certain materials such as PVC are excellent for rainy weather and colder days, as it’s waterproof & will shelter space from high winds. However, PVC is not suitable for hotter climate conditions. PVC material in warmer regions could make your outdoor space even hotter.

For environments with warmer climates and little to no rain, you can opt for mesh outdoor blinds. Mesh is a versatile fabric that can provide shelter from the sun and the wind while still providing airflow. They come in different grades for all weather conditions such as rain, snow and high winds.

Other alternatives are acrylic and canvas outdoor blinds. These fabrics provide UV protection and they’re extremely durable. The thick material can withstand hail storms and won’t tear.

You should also consider the colour of your material. If you want an elegant and sophisticated feature to cover your outdoor entertainment area use earth tones such as beige, brown or ivory. Lighter colours could get dirty fast so perhaps a darker colour such as black will be more suitable.

If your blinds are exposed to direct sunlight they may fade in colour, so a neutral fabric tone will be a better fit. The fabric selection also ties in with the aesthetics of your blinds which brings you to the next factor to consider.

5. Aesthetics of The Outdoor Blinds

Most people take the aesthetics of their homes seriously. You don’t want any elements on your house looking shabby and out of place. That’s why it’s important to select blinds that are designed to make your home look classy and neat.

Your outdoor blinds should be streamlined and complement your furniture & décor.

Final Thoughts

Now you don’t have to worry about how the weather will affect your outdoor activities. Your outdoor blinds will give you peace of mind so you can concentrate on other elements of your event such as food, drinks and entertainment.

And if you’ve gone with permanent outdoor blinds they’ll be able to protect your space at all times. Your outdoor space will retain its value and your furniture will be sheltered from the elements.

Enjoy the outdoors more than ever!

Kathy Ramos (Admin)
Kathy Ramos (Admin)
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