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10 Unique Gifts to Make Your Man Feel on Cloud Nine

It a time-honoured struggle for women to find a perfect gift for men that can please them and compel them to show a hearty smile. From going on a shopping spree to the gadget market to looking for DIYs, you must have explored every nook and corner possible of your local market to find that some gifts for him but still wasn’t able to lay your hands on any such thing. Everything is either too mainstream for your Prince Charming or you didn’t like them enough so as to buy as a gift for him.

To make this tedious task a little easier and make his eyes widen with amaze, we are going to enlist a few unique gifts that will definitely attract him to it like a magnet to an iron. The key is: you don’t need to invent something unique but just put a new spin on the old wine. Try it:

Portable Charcoal Grill

Forget barbecue Sundays because, with this grill, any day will be the barbecue day for your man. No more handling of big grills or chances of getting burnt or even look for an open space to grill. Now, he can have a grilled steak every night right in his kitchen within the comfort of his home. Gift him today and thank us later!

Snack Box Subscription

Every time he needs to munch on a snack on a lazy Sunday afternoon, he won’t have to look through the kitchen cabinets because he will have his personalised snack box delivered right at the doorstep. As the saying goes, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. Well, there you go!

A Complete Grooming Set

Make it inclusive and add face wash, shaving kit, soap, a face towel, deodorant and whatever else he uses in his daily regime to get ready in the morning. He cannot resist feeling flattered with this wonderful present that he could actually use on a daily basis.

Bluetooth Tracker

Attach this tracker to keys, wallet, remote, phone, whatever he loses the track of most often. A clicker with it will give away the location of his belongings right away. A time and life saver, he will be in love with this little gizmo.

Wooden Cutting Board

If he has an unmatched talent in the kitchen, this cutting board will make you his favourite in no time. Trendy and stylish, this will add a voguish touch to working in the kitchen. Also, cutting vegetables wouldn’t seem a mess anymore because of its optimal size to accommodate chopped veggies while you are working the knife on a fresh batch.

A Tool Box

An ultimate gift that couldn’t get better than this. Gift him a complete home tool set packed in a sturdy briefcase and look at him beaming with a gorgeous smile on his face. Plus, it’s always sexy to see him at work like that, isn’t it?

Beard Oil

If your man hates to shave and have a beard he could be proud of then this will steal his heart for sure. This beard oil will lend his beard a fine sheen that will make him radiate happiness even more.

A Portable Charger

He won’t ever run out of batteries while texting you now! This portable charger will keep his phone battery up to the maximum all day long. This one is almost an essential while travelling and he will love the shape which could be tucked in any pocket of his rucksack.

Silver Cufflinks

Because classy is never out of style! A handsome pair of cufflinks to give his tuxedo an extra vibe which will cast an unbeatable charm on its onlookers. Make him look sexy with a classic present that he will always have space for in his closet.

Gift Card

This might not be unique but nevertheless will make him fall in love with you even more and wasn’t that the goal all along? To sweeten the pot, get a gift card of his favourite store or online shopping portal and go on a shopping spree together, online or offline.

Kathy Ramos (Admin)
Kathy Ramos (Admin)
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