21 Cute Kids Room Decorating Ideas

Kids are flowers of our lives so we all want their lives make cool and better than ours. A kids room in your house is the first place to start. You can make it so fun and cute that your kids would be always happy to spend time there. They would be happy to show it to their friends, play and sleep there and probably even do their homework’s. Check out this gallery and you’ll definitely find some decorating ideas for your kids room.

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21 Cute Kids Room Decorating Ideas

Adorable Kids Room

bedroom ideas for kids

built in bunk beds

children bedroom

coolest kids room

Cute corner for a kids room

cute home decor ideas

fun girl bedroom ideas

Grey & White Playroom

ikea girl bedroom ideas

kids bedroom for girls

Kids Bedroom Traditional Style

kids bedroom

Kids room decor

Kids room ideas

kids rooms ideas for girls

Kinds of Bedroom

White bright airy childrens bedroom playroom tent

playroom design

reading corner ideas for bedroom

yellow rooms for girls


10 Creative Children Room Design Ideas

Many of our readers are already parents or are going to become ones some point in the future. That’s why we so like to write about stylish children room designs. Some of them are simple but some others are truly unique. We gathered for you a little round up of very creative children rooms to give you some ideas of how you can design or update your own children room. Some of these rooms are more suitable for boys, some other for girls but all of them look interesting and cool.

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10 Creative Children Room Design Ideas

beds made out of pallets

children room design

children room

Creative Kids’ Room Ideas

girls room ideas

Gorgeous Fun Rooms For Kids

hello kitty room design

small bedroom ideas for young women

teenage bedroom for girl

yellow and purple kids living room


29 Refreshing Kids Play Rooms With Play Tents

Every kid need a place to sleep and a place to play. If you’re already have kids bedroom it’s time to think how to make it playroom too. Even if you haven’t a dedicated room for your kid you can organize a cool play space right in your living room or even kitchen. That’s possible because of such things as play tents. A play tent can easily become your son’s or daughter’s personal space where he or she can hide from everybody. We all know how kids love to hide so why not to give them an ability to get such pleasure?

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29 Refreshing Kids Play Rooms With Play Tents

A Mountain of Fun Playroom

baby teepee tent ideas

baby teepee

bohemian kids play rooms with play tents decor

Chic Kids' Rooms

children tent

Colourful triangles kids teepee play tent

Cool Kids Bedroom for Playing Room

Cool Kids Play Rooms With Play Tents

Cool Tent Design Ideas For Kids Room

IKEA Rugs Meet Real Kids' Rooms

indoor tent

kids bedroom tent

kids play tent decor

kids play tent ideas

kids play tent

kids play tents

kids reading nook

Kids Room Tent For Kids Room

kids rooms with play tents

kids teepee tent

kids teepee

Kids Tent by Ferm Living

kids tent

Micro Trend Teepees

play tent for kids

Shutterfly By Design Event in NYC

Rustic Toddler Room Ideas With Tent Round Natural Oak Table and Chairs

Unique Kids Teepees For Summer Fun


17 Ideas For Pink Girls Bedrooms

Pink color is timeless theme for girls bedrooms. For many people it is a symbol of tenderness and youth. This color is associated with fairy-tale princess or Barbie and almost every girl dreams about a charming pink bedroom. Pink color could perfectly fit as traditional bedrooms with classical furniture and amazing curves as contemporary, more severe ones. Combining this color with others you could get a various awesome designs. For example white and pink furniture looks very beautiful but if you want more bright bedroom then you might more like a combination of pink and green colors. Below you could see very interesting ideas to create the best pink kids bedroom. There are different examples of girls rooms which would be liked by as young as adult girls among them.

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17 Ideas For Pink Girls Bedrooms

Bedroom Design Fascinating Pink Girl Bedroom

bedroom ideas for teenage girls

bedrooms for girls with bunk beds

best room designs for girls

cool bedrooms for girls

Cute Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Cute Pink Bedroom

girl bedroom ideas

girl pink bedroom ideas

Girls Bedroom Bedding and Curtains with Girls Pink Cotton Bedding

girls bedrooms

girls room decorating ideas

grey and pink bedroom

Hot pink girl's bedroom with soft beige

interior design bedroom for girls

light pink bedroom

Modern Pink Girls Bedroom


21 Cool And Calm Teen Room Design Ideas

These teen room ideas are photorealistic 3d renders from Spanish designer Sergi. He shows his woks on his blog in order to receive critics about them and to help other to design perfect room for their kids. Such designing isn’t always easy because teenagers are hard to please. Sergi’s works are done in different beautiful but not very contrast colors and are cool as for boy as for girl. If you’re design a room for teen and doesn’t buy some furniture collection from famous company which specialize in kids room designs these renders could fill your mind with a ideas.

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21 Cool And Calm Teen Room Design Ideas

cabinet design for teen bedroom

Creative Teen Rooms

teenage room ideas

teenage room design ideas

teenage bedroom colors

Teen Room Makeover

teen room design ideas

study room interior design

space saving teenage bedroom

space saving teenage bedroom ideas

small teenage room

small teenage bedroom storage ideas

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small bedroom ideas for teenage girls

one teenage room house design

Minimalist Teenage Room Decorating Ideas With Soft Blue

interior design teenage styles bedroom

Fabulous Teen Room Decor Ideas for Girls

Easy Teen Room Decor Ideas for Girls

decorate a teen small room


31 Amazing Girls Room Design Ideas

Once again we are going back to designing a kids room. This time we gathered a bunch of wonderful ideas to design a girls room. A lot of these rooms are pink because it’s the first color associated with girls. There are blue, orange, violet, green and other girls rooms. They are in different styles including modern, traditional, country and other ones. Of course many of them showing quite large rooms and not every home have a large kids room but not all of them. Besides, even these rooms can provide you with some cool decorative ideas and color themes.

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31 Amazing Girls Room Design Ideas

bright and happy shared girls room

Bright Orange Girl Bedroom

Country Club Chic Room For A Little Girl

Cozy Girl Bedroom With An Upholstered Bed And Crown Canopy

Colourful pink child's/ girls bedroom with a dado

Cozy Girl Room With Rough Wood Walls

Cute Blue Girl Bedroom

Fun And Modern Girl Bedroom

Girl Bedroom With A Cottage Bed

Girl Fairy Tale Bedroom

Girl Room Decorated With Hearts

Girls Princess Room Design Ideas

Glamorous Girl Bedroom

Gold Room Design

Gorgeous Pink Bedroom

Gorgeous Rustic Girls Room

Interior Design Girls Room Design Ideas

Lighted Up Girl Bedroom

little girl's bedroom

Lovely Girl Beroom With Mixed Bedding

mommo design girls room

nursery design baby's room design

Playful Traditional Girls' Room

princess pink girl bedroom design

Purple Bedroom For A Girl

Simple Yet Playful Girl Room

Small Girls Room With A Canopy Over The Bed

Teenage girls room

Tropical Girl Bedroom In A Mix Of Colors

Tween Girl Interior Home Small Modern Furniture

Two Girls Bedroom Accented With Pottery Barn Kids Accessories


33 Awesome Boys Room Design Ideas

It wasn’t easy to gather so many of them because there are much more girls bedrooms designed by professional interior designers. Probably that’s because a lot of girls dream about fairy tale living space and boys care a bit less about their rooms. Although it’s still great when your boy or boys have an awesome room, right? Anyway, we hope you’ll enjoy looking at these photos and will find some interesting ideas for your kids room.

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33 Awesome Boys Room Design Ideas

A Room Of A Future Firefighter

Baseball-Inspired Boys Room

Big Boy Room

Boys Bedroom Nook

Boys Bedroom With A Bunk Bed

Boys bedrooms can be beautiful too!

boys red room

Boys Room Decorate Like Space

Boys Room Ideas Simple Design

boys room indoor

Boys' Room Designs Ideas

Boys' Room Designs

Car-Themed Shared Boys Room

Cars-Inspired Boys Bedroom For Two

Classy Shared Boys Bedroom

Cool And Trendy Teen Boys Bedroom Designs

cool bedroom ideas for boys

Football Inspired Boys Room

Happy Pirate Themed Boy Room

Lego-Inspired Boys Room

Musician Boy Bedroom

Nautical-Inspired Boys Bedroom For Two

nursery baby room

Real Boy Room

Room For A Little Boy With An Indoor Tree Bed

Rugby Styled Boys Bedroom

Rustic Toddler Boys Room

Simple Boys Bedroom

Teenage Boy Room Of A Music Fan

toddler boys room

Universal Boy Bedroom

White & Blue Boys Room

Woodsy modern boys room


23 Beautiful Transitional Kids Room Designs

The transitional kids’ room is not just a place to sleep for the children. It is also the place that they will use in order to do schoolwork, a place where they could invite friends over and play games or do school projects together, a place they will want to feel comfortable enough to read and study, daydream, and of course, stockpile their toys if they are younger.

That is why it is very important that the room you have intended to make a kids’ room must have a design that won’t get old nor boring. You have to keep in mind that your children will grow up in that same room and when they do, it still has to be entertaining and functional for them.

In order to help you get ideas about some interesting and fun kids’ rooms, we have created this collection of 20 Beautiful Transitional Kids Room Designs in which we have featured some of the most awesome transitional kids’ room designs that have only the best features from the other design styles. Enjoy!

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23 Beautiful Transitional Kids Room Designs

Adorable Built-In Bunk Beds in Crisp White Kids' Room

Beautiful And Creative Transitional Kids Room Designs

bedroom for charlotte room for kids

Bedroom Ideas Kids Transitional With Bunk Beds Chevron

Bright chevron rug for the transitional kids room

Contemporary Kids Room for Transitional

Creative Transitional Kids Room Designs

elephant crib bedding Kids Transitional with art

Engaging Kids Transitional design ideas for Ikea

Enjoyable Transitional Kids Room Designs

Glamorous twin over futon bunk bed in Kids Transitional

Ideas For Transitional Kids Bedrooms

ikea hemnes daybed Transitional Kids

Kids Bedroom Designs with Transitional Kids

Kids Bedroom ideas with Transitional Kids

Kids Transitional design ideas

Kids Transitional designs ideas

Kids Transitional designs

Kids Transitional with Blue Grey Color Scheme

Transitional Kids Room Designs Any Child

Transitional kids spacious room design

Transitional kids' bedroom with wallpapered accent wall

Transitional Nursery Decorators Toronto armchair


20 Practical And Beautiful Tiny Nursery Design Ideas

You are waiting for your first baby and suddenly there’s no ready space for him or her – this is a frequent situation in our modern lives. You can always design a pretty tiny nursery and accommodate there everything you need, tiny doesn’t mean not functional. Choose a space for the kid and accommodate a baby’s bed, this is the main item in any nursery. Create some storage – on the walls, under the bed, or just put a dresser next to it. If it’s possible, put a comfy chair next to the bed to sit next to the baby and look after him or her. Don’t forget the lights, they should be versatile: there should be a bright and a calm version for active time and bed time. Get inspired by the pics below and I’m sure I’ll convince you that a tiny nursery is no worse than a big one!

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20 Practical And Beautiful Tiny Nursery Design Ideas

Baroque rocking chair cushions in Nursery Shabby chic with Nursery Ideas

Nursery Decor ideas

nursery in a closet design ideas

nursery in small bedroom design

practical and beautiful tiny nursery decor ideas

practical and beautiful tiny nursery decor

practical and beautiful tiny nursery design 1

practical and beautiful tiny nursery design 2

practical and beautiful tiny nursery design 3

practical and beautiful tiny nursery design 4

practical and beautiful tiny nursery design 6

practical and beautiful tiny nursery design ideas

practical and beautiful tiny nursery design with girl

practical and beautiful tiny nursery design

practical and beautiful tiny nursery designs

practical and beautiful tiny nursery ideas

practical and beautiful tiny nursery room design

practical and beautiful tiny nursery room

practical tiny nursery design

Small nursery practical design ideas


23 Cool Shared Kids Room Ideas

There are plenty of families out there who have two and more kids. If there isn’t a possibility to give each one of them a separate room then it’s a good idea to make a shared kids room. Here are a bunch of ideas how you can design one for two kids. They all are done in different styles and in different color themes so you definitely would find some interesting and useful ideas for yourself. You’ll see what beds and storage systems to use and how provide enough personal space for each kid. If you have two or more kids enjoy these ideas!

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23 Cool Shared Kids Room Ideas

creative two kids bedroom

Cute Shared Kids Room Decoration Ideas

dividing the room for boy and girl shared bedroom

Endearing Kids Shared Bed Design With Brown Wooden Frames

Gorgeous Shared Rooms for Kids

Great Ideas for Shared Kids Room

kids room in a small space

kids room with sharing and carrying

kids shared room

Moroccan kids room

Shared Boys Rooms

Shared Kids Room An Apartments Kids Bedroom With The Loire Canopy Beds

Shared Kids Room Cars Inspired Kids Bedroom For Two

Shared Kids Room Cozy Bedroom

Shared kids room design

shared kids room ideas

shared kids room inspiration

Shared Kids Room Room For Two Girls

Shared Kids Room Sophisticated And Cozy Shared Kids Room

Shared Kids Room Vibrant Yellow Shared Kids Bedroom

Shared Kids Room White Minimalist

shared kids room with storage beds

Shared Kids Room