17 Elegant Black,White And Red Bedroom Design Ideas

In designing any part of your home, black and white is of the options to consider. Both are categorized as neutral colors that pretty much accept any color into any decorating scheme. When you add red, a warm color, it creates a bold statement for any sort of space. Most often, we see red as a primary choice as an accent wall, which we think is one reason why this certain space commands attention. And well, we would want that in our bedrooms, won’t we?

Both black and red are bold colors that will provide a modern appearance, while white is mainly used for neutralizing the shrinking effect brought by black and red. So the three colors make a perfect and classical combination for bedroom color ideas. It will bring you dramatic outlooks and various good feelings for you. Check out the 17 Elegant Black,White And Red Bedroom Design Ideas.

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17 Elegant Black,White And Red Bedroom Design Ideas

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21 Blue And Gold Bedroom Ideas That Will Inspire You

Honestly speaking, when we think about blue and gold, we remember the Christmas trimmings we have at home. Why not? It’s usually the time of year we have this oh-so-cool-themes about blue Christmas or something of a golden-inspired ensemble because of the entire glimmer and the shine. But today, what we have in stored for you guys are bedrooms with a hint of those teeny-tiny trimmings we can only remember during Christmas.

The list we have below is about 21 Blue And Gold Bedroom Ideas That Will Inspire You that may give us quite a recall regarding Christmas or all those winter holidays. The designs range from classic to contemporary to the traditional designs our friend designers have created to remind us of how beautiful Christmas is when you strategically place it inside your bedroom. Here are the photos.

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21 Blue And Gold Bedroom Ideas That Will Inspire You

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21 Geometric Bedroom Decor Ideas To Die For

Geometric decor is incredibly trendy right now because such decor isn’t only modern and simple to create yourself, it’s also universal for men, women and even children. There are two most popular ways to incorporate geometric patterns into bedroom decor: bedding or headboards. Buying or making some cool geo bedding is the easiest idea to bring fashionable patterns to your space, you can choose various colors and figures and change them as often as you want. A geometric headboard is a real attraction that highlights your sleeping place, and you not only make it but also paint it. You can also go for geometric art pieces, lamps, chandeliers, wallpapers or even floor decor. Get inspired by the ideas below and make your bedroom pop!

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21 Geometric Bedroom Decor Ideas To Die For

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25 Provence Bedroom Decor Ideas You’ll Hunger For

Provence style means romance and charm, so if you are addicted to it like we are, this article is for you! Today we’ll see how to decorate a bedroom in Provence style and create a charming atmosphere. Whitewashed stone or wooden walls is right what you need for such a space; try wooden beams on the ceiling – that’ll give the bedroom a cozy rustic vibe. Beautiful floral textiles will help you create a right atmosphere: pillows, bedspreads, curtains and rugs is a budget-savvy and easy idea. Don’t forget refined chandeliers, lamps and candleholders as they are necessary for every Provence interior. Look at the fantastic examples below and choose the ideas that suit you!

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25 Provence Bedroom Decor Ideas You’ll Hunger For

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25 Impressive Loft Bedroom Design Ideas

There is really something magical and mysterious about a loft bedroom. Disguised somewhere above the floor in the higher places, the loft bedroom definitely makes for a luxurious sleeping space. Creating a loft can be both challenging and space-saving. It is a great solution for one room apartments as it keeps the bedroom private and divides it from the rest of the house. A loft bedroom can be built in a small studio apartment as well as in a spacious industrial building. It works especially well with higher ceilings as the low ones may divide an already small room into crammed sections. Look at the ideas to hide, organize and decorate your loft bedroom below!

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25 Impressive Loft Bedroom Design Ideas

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17 Turquoise And Black Bedroom Ideas For Your Home

The interior design of your bedroom should create a warm, relaxing ambiance. The colors, furniture, and soft furnishings can make it your private sanctuary – your soft place to fall at the end of the day. Today’s article featured a combination of two diverse colors: turquoise and black. Let us see how this combination works in the bedroom.

Moreover, we will just to give a gist of what and how turquoise and black signifies. Turquoise, a blend of the color blue and green, has some of the same cool and calming attributes. Tints of turquoise color have a sweet feminine feel. Darker shades of turquoise, such as teal have a more sophisticated feel. Meanwhile, black is a mysterious color that is a formal, elegant, and prestigious. In interior design, black can make a room appear to shrink in size. Here, they are blended together to give satisfaction and clarity to this two distinctive color combination. Readers, let us acquaint with 17 Turquoise And Black Bedroom Ideas For Your Home.

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17 Turquoise And Black Bedroom Ideas For Your Home

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17 Contemporary Bedrooms with Fireplace Ideas

There are those times when all you want to do is curl up in your bed and stay all day and all night in it; therefore, we want to it to be all made up, pretty and very much comfortable. And when we want all of that comfort in that one place, we tend to add trimmings or special features to it to make into something we would want for it to be. Isn’t that right?

So, for today, we will be showing you 17 Contemporary Bedrooms with Fireplace Ideas which is pretty much something we would wish for especially during winter or during times that all we plan to do is stay in bed and do a marathon of our favorite television shows. But, whatever the reason for adding a fireplace you have in mind, we are sure that you will love the pictures we have prepared for you today. Take a look.

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17 Contemporary Bedrooms with Fireplace Ideas

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20 Inspiring Bedroom Designs In Blue Hues

Serenity and calmness are few effects of having blue interiors. A lot of people love this color because it is everywhere. It reminds us of the summer sky and the vast majestic oceans. It makes us feel nature. An interesting hue indeed and that is what we are featuring in today’s article.

Though colors draw different kinds of emotions depending on one’s culture, we are going to talk about it in general. Blue for this matter was said to have a relaxing effect. This is when used in lighter hues. The lighter it is the cooler it becomes which is just perfect for your sleep chamber. However, when used in darker shade different emotion is invoked. Darker shade of blue creates a sad appeal. So better be careful in putting such color on your interiors, especially if you are going to use it on your bedroom walls. It might just amplify a negative effect on your mood making it harder for you to relax or get a rest. Need not to worry if you really cannot get enough of navy blue or darker shades of this amazing color because we have picked a different hues of blue bedroom designs perfect for a peaceful retreat.

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20 Inspiring Bedroom Designs In Blue Hues

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21 Tuscan Bedroom Design Ideas That You Will Love

The goal in decorating a bedroom with Tuscan feel is basically two things – simple and uncluttered. It might come confusing especially that even the fabrics used are fancy and pretty much printed of all sorts. But of course, designers keep in mind minimalism as much as possible. There are people who choose to decorate their bedrooms in the Tuscan style, because it can easily add warmth and can transform any room into a romantic and comfortable place to rest and relax.

You will notice in the next photos of 21 Tuscan Bedroom Design Ideas that the color palette is of earth tones like ochre, beige and even rust. This is because one key element in a Tuscan design is the color palette. You will also see lots of wood, brick and even marble; window treatments which usually is from floor-to-ceiling and has details of lace or even tassels. Before we describe every other bedroom in this list, let us go ahead and check them out!

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21 Tuscan Bedroom Design Ideas That You Will Love

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20 Cool Retro Bedroom Design Ideas To Try

You don’t have to live in 50’s, 60’s or 70’s to enjoy a retro inspired bedroom accents. A retro design is all about the recreation of a funky look from a previous time period. The retro style started from 1950 to 1980 and each year has its own interesting trend. This design is very unique, timeless and fun! 1950 introduces sleek furniture matched with boldly patterned wallpapers. 1960 impress us with its psychedelic patterns and splashes of bright colors. During 1970’s oranges and earthy browns were the trend and more sleek quality furniture were made popular but it was more chunky and bulky. As for the 1980’s, modern design is now prominent. From metallic accents to striking angles and curves and teal and mauve dominated.

Retro style is fun to create and well, nostalgia in many ways. It is stylish and daring and we know that you guys love being in style. So let us inspire you with 20 Cool Retro Bedroom Design Ideas To Try for you to come up with your own retro design.

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20 Cool Retro Bedroom Design Ideas To Try

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