20 Modern Laundry Room Design Ideas

The idea of these collection is the simple solution to these difficult areas such as modern laundry room that are normally hidden to give. It is easily accessible Rich. If the answer is very flexible and can be combined to provide the right balance between space and ease of maintenance make Idea Group strike a number of interesting responses from laundries for all the needs of day-to-one care.

The modern laundry room design ideas first is a pure white surface, while the latter has lots of cabinets in bright and unique colors like blue, green and yellow. The idea of the these collections is to provide simple solutions for difficult areas such as laundry rooms, which can usually supply can remain hidden. There are a lot of furniture available, the solution is extremely flexible and can be adapted to the particular application. Some beautiful room pictures are given below for modern decorating of your home.

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20 Modern Laundry Room Design Ideas

accordion doors modern laundry

Beautiful and Efficient Laundry Room Designs

Black And White Modern Laundry Room

Black And White Modern Laundry Room

Interior Small Modern Laundry Room

laundry room ideas modern cabinets tile backsplash

modern large laundry room with shower

Modern Laundry Hamper Traditional Laundry Room

modern laundry room basement remodel ideas

Modern Laundry Room Decor With Modern Washing Machine Black Color

Modern Laundry Room Design ideas

Modern Laundry Room Design

Modern Laundry Room Designs

Modern laundry room lighting ideas

modern laundry room shelving

modern laundry room with hidden back

Simple Modern Small Laundry Room Design

small modern laundry room

White Modern Laundry Room with Storage and Sink

White Modern Laundry Room


Beautiful Rustic Hallway Designs That Will Inspire You

Most of the times, the hallway is left behind from the design plan and receives little to no attention in that aspect. There are only a couple of random pictures or painting on the wall so that it isn’t completely empty. Well, the hallway offers great opportunities for design and decor besides serving the main, functional purpose of connecting rooms. It’s layout affords ample surface area for decoration which means that there is no shortage of rustic hallway ideas that will make your journey through the house a tad bit more enjoyable. Even though most of the times floor space is very limited in the hallway, there is more than enough of free standing furniture designed for narrow space as well as other stuff you can use such as rugs, mirrors, wall stickers and pictures.

Welcome to our latest interior design collection from the rustic style showcase in which we have featured Beautiful Rustic Hallway Designs That Will Inspire You. The goal of this collection is to provide you many new ideas that will help you turn your hallway into a space you enjoy when navigating through your house.

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Beautiful Rustic Hallway Designs That Will Inspire You

Beamed Ceiling in Rustic Hallway

Beautiful rustic hallway designs

Chop hallway rustic wardrobe design ideas

Cute Hallway Interior Lighting Featuring Rustic Pendant Lighting

Great Rustic Hallway Designs

Hallway rustic decor ideas

Rustic Entryway and Hallway

rustic hallway country cottage white wash paneling

rustic hallway decor ideas

Rustic Hallway Designs Inspire You

Rustic Hallway Designs

rustic hallway ideas

rustic hallway wood floor shiplap wall ideas

rustic long hallway

Rustic Ranch Hallway Ideas

rustic white hallway design with small cube art

Wooden Rustic Hallway Designs
Amazing Rustic Hallway Designs

Rustic Hallway Design ideas

Rustic Hallway Designs Inspiration

Home Bar

20 Mini Bar Designs For Your Home

A bar is a must for every party, and just to have a glass of wine in the evening, too. If your home isn’t big and you can’t accommodate a normal bar or cellar, a mini bar option is for you! A wine credenza or a bar cart is the easiest way to store all your drinks and glasses but you can also go for a cool bar nook in the living room or dining room. Get a couple of wall drawers and a sideboard or cooler for your wine, and prepare a working surface for cutting lemons or limes and putting an ice bucket. Add a mirror or a chalkboard for decor and you are done! Need more brilliant ideas? Take a look below!

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20 Mini Bar Designs For Your Home

Awesome man cave with a mini bar and plush seating

Beach style home bar makes use of corner space

beauty mini bar designs

best mini bar design

Contemporary Home Mini Bar Design

cool mini bar designs

mini bar counter design

mini bar design

mini bar designs Ideas

mini bar designs with seating

mini bar designs with table

mini bar designs your home

mini bar designs

mini bar

outdoor mini bar designs

Outstanding Home Mini Bar Design

small bar setting to the formal dining room corner

Small Mini Bar Design With Rustic Wooden Cabinet

Tiny functional home bar design

tiny home bar


Gorgeous Modern Outdoor Design Ideas

Landscaping isn’t just for spring! As summer temperatures begin to drop and we spend more and more time outdoors, we’re often left staring at our yards, noticing gaps in the landscaping as we make our “dream list” of improvements. I am one such dreamer. And if you’re like me, your budget may not allow you to do everything at once. I have my plans for this fall, and I have my plans for this spring. But that doesn’t mean I can’t compile a big picture as we speak!

Today we celebrate the return of gorgeous weather by rounding up a slew of gorgeous spaces. Which one speaks to your style? Perhaps your dream yard is a composite that features a little of this and a little of that. Even better! Check out the pics that follow, then tell us about your favorites by leaving a comment at the end of the post.

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Gorgeous Modern Outdoor Design Ideas

Best Modern Outdoor Design Ideas

Best Modern Outdoor Lighting

Exterior Design with Modern Outdoor Staircase

Karaka Bay House Modern Outdoor Lighting Design

Magnificent Modern Outdoor Landscape

Marvelous Modern Outdoor Spaces

Modern Outdoor Designs

Modern Outdoor Courtyard Garden Landscape

modern outdoor deck house furniture decorating ideas

modern outdoor design

Modern Outdoor Furniture Ideas

modern outdoor ideas

Modern Outdoor Patio Grills Design

Modern outdoor rustic bench design

Modern Outdoor Sconce Lighting

Modern Outdoor Design

Naroon Modern Backyard Project

Outdoor Bathroom Design Ideas

outdoor fireplace belzberg architects

outdoor fireplace from Spark Modern Fires looks

Outdoor living design

Serene Modern Outdoor Terrace With Water Featur

Simple Modern Outdoor Shower Design Ideas


Amazing Mid Century Modern Staircase Design Ideas

For today, I was wondering about what style should I go for first. The choice was between the Mediterranean and mid century modern style. It is obvious that I chose the mid-century modern staircase design style first and the reason that I chose this style over the Mediterranean first, is that I am a huge fan of the mid-century modern design style.

Welcome to our latest interior design collection of Amazing Mid Century Modern Staircase Design Ideas To Bring You Back In Time in which we have selected staircase designs that best fit the title description. If you are a fan of the mid century modern design style as well, you are definitely going to notice the soft colors and shapes as well as the strong and sharp accents that this style offers. Enjoy!

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Amazing Mid Century Modern Staircase Design Ideas

Amazing Mid Century Modern Staircase Designs

Amazing Mid Century Modern Staircase

Beautiful wooden staircase design for modern home

Mid Century Modern Arm chair staircase

Mid Century Modern Barcart White Flooring Simple Arm Chair White Wall Paint Brown White

Mid Century Modern Boho Entry

Mid Century Modern Home Staircase Design

Mid Century Modern Staircase Designs To Bring You Back In Time

Mid Century Modern Staircase Designs

Mid Century Modern Staircase

Mid Century Modern Staircases

Mid Century Staircase Design

Mid-Century Modern Staircase

Midcentury Modern Staircase San Francisco Home

midcentury modern staircase

modern mid century home interior design-for-small-space compact spiral staircase

modern stairs designs

Wine Cellar

Elegant Wine Cellar Designs That Will Bring Your Mind

The basement does not need to have much space to convert it into a wine cellar or other kind of party room. After redecorating your basement, you get a whole new room, that can have many different purposes. For example, it can become a home theater and an entertainment room, living room, wine cellar, gym, game room or guest room. If you are lucky enough to live in a house that has big and spacious basement, it offers you a whole range of ideas for redesigning your home basement, which gets an extra room.

If you love to have collection of wine, and you have enough space, you can decorate your own wine cellar, which will be according to your needs and desires. But if you have small space don’t worry, you can still make the best of it.

Regardless if you produce your own wine, or you just have collection of your favorite wines, there are many ways to create and decorate a wine cellar where you and your guests can always enjoy. Below we bring you a few ideas for decorating such spaces. In the wine cellar you need to set the following furniture: shelves for bottles, slightly larger table and chairs, a little decorative details and, if you have a wine barrels, slightly elevated platforms that will accommodate them. Now see some functional solutions and maybe you will find some great examples. Enjoy!

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Elegant Wine Cellar Designs That Will Bring Your Mind

Contemporary Metal Racking

Custom Cellars by Paul Wyatt Designs

Custom Wine Cellars Chicago Illinois Ideas

Custom Wine Cellars

Lisa Weiss Wine Cellar Design ideas

Lisa Weiss Wine Cellar Design

Modern Wine Cellar Design

Modern Wine Cellars

Rack Wine Cellar Design

Vintage Metal Wine Racks

Wall mounted wine racks

Wine Cellar Architectural Design

wine cellar cupboard

Wine Cellar Design

Wine Cellar Designs Aventura North Miami

Wine Cellar Lighting

Wine Cellar Storage

Wine Cellars Design

Wine Rack Bookends Decorating Ideas

Wonderful Wine Furniture Decorating Ideas

wood way wine cellar design


17 Contemporary U-shaped Kitchen Design Ideas

The U-shape kitchen layout is also known as the horseshoe; this kitchen layout has three walls of cabinets or appliances.

Today, this design has evolved from three walls to an L-shaped kitchen with an island forming the third “wall.” This design works well because it allows a smooth traffic flow and workflow around the island. This type may seem more ideal for kitchen spaces in restaurants or bars because this layout permits for more cooks into a certain space.

Although this type of kitchen layout makes it extra efficient for preparing food and cooking because you can pivot on one toe as you spin around from the refrigerator to the sink and then to the stove.

Like any other layout and design, there are some advantages and disadvantages in getting a U-shaped kitchen, which you will learn as we go through the 17 Contemporary U-shaped Kitchen Design Ideas below, check them out!

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17 Contemporary U-shaped Kitchen Design Ideas

U Shaped Kitchen

u shaped kitchen layout

u shaped kitchen island

U Shaped Kitchen Designs

u shaped kitchen design

U shaped kitchen design ideas

U shaped kitchen design idea

U Shaped House Plans

Small U Shaped Kitchens

Small U Shaped Kitchen

small u shaped kitchen designs

Modern U shaped kitchen

Modern Design Contemporary U-Shaped Kitchen

kitchen cabinets u shaped with bar

compact u shaped kitchen designs

Classic U Shaped Kitchen Designs

black windows in kitchen


10 Beautiful Easter Decoration Ideas for 2018

Easter is not just the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ but also the victory of love over hatred and good over evil. It is the time when you can look forward to a cheerful spring after a gloomy winter.

Easter Decoration Ideas for 2018

It is the time when you can let go of old stuff and make way for new things to enter your life. Easter decorations play a crucial role in getting you into that spirit of fresh beginnings and celebrating the arrival of Spring.
Easter Decoration Ideas

Easter Decoration Ideas

Easter Decoration Ideas

Easter Decoration Ideas

Easter Decoration Ideas

Easter Decoration Ideas

Easter Decoration Ideas

Easter Decoration Ideas

Easter Decoration Ideas

Easter Decoration Ideas


17 Elegant L shaped kitchen design Ideas To Try

When decorating a kitchen you need to take care for all details because it is one of the most important rooms in every house. Here you spend a lot time during cooking and eating. L-shaped kitchen are one of the most practical kitchen designs because they look so beautiful but in the same time they are so practical and everything is within reach. They are especially suitable for small spaces. With good organization and a little imagination you will make your dream kitchen!

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17 Elegant L shaped kitchen design Ideas To Try

wood floors l-shaped kitchen

white kitchen bar stools

small l shaped kitchen

recessed lighting in kitchen

quartz countertop in a white kitchen

L Shaped Kitchens With Island

l shaped kitchen

L shaped kitchen with island

l shaped kitchen ideas

L shaped kitchen design with skylight accenting white shaker cabinet

L shape kitchen with farmhouse sink


kitchen wall colors with maple cabinets

kitchen cabinets for small kitchen

kitchen cabinet paint colors

Elegant L-Shaped Kitchen Design

Clean l shaped kitchen design


24 Bright And Colorful Kitchen Decorating Ideas To Rock

A lot of home owners prefer kitchen designs in dark or neutral color palettes. Although some people think that a colorful kitchen would be less boring. Some of these people simply choose kitchen cabinets in a vibrant color while some others mix and match kitchen elements in different colors. In my opinion both of these ways work very well. Each of them make kitchen more stylish and add some drama to this place. It’s always a good idea to do so to make the cooking and probably dining experience better. Besides, most likely you spend some time on your kitchen each day so why not to make it more bright and happy place?

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24 Bright And Colorful Kitchen Decorating Ideas To Rock

White & Bright Colours Kitchen

small kitchen interior design

Rainbows and Colorful kitchens

purple kitchen cabinets

orange and yellow kitchen

Moroccan kitchen

light house with bright furniture

kitchen color designs ideas

kitchen appliance storage ideas

green and purple kitchen

Fun, bright and retro kitchen

eclectic kitchen

colorful kitchen

colorful kitchen design ideas

colorful kitchen design idea

Colorful Kitchen Decor

colorful kitchen decor idea

Bright Kitchen

bright green kitchen cabinets

Bright Clean Kitchen

Bright and colorful kitchen

boho kitchen

big chill appliance

Best Paint Colors for Kitchen