23 Mosaic Tiled Bathrooms Ideas To Get Inspired

If you want to change the look of the bathroom and make it more attractive you need to start with the color of your bathroom. When we say the color we usually think of the color of the tiles. One of the recommendations of the experts on the relationship of colors in the bathroom is as follows: The darkest tones in the lower zone, the middle tones in the level of the eyes and the brightest colors above us. But that’s not necessarily rule.

Let one color be dominant, other less dominant, and the third let it show sometimes. Avoid contrasts in the bathroom, at least when it comes to large areas. In the beginning you will act and interesting, but after a while your eyes will hurt. If you decide for mosaic it will be the best solution for your dream bathroom. You need to pick your favorite colors and make your bathroom attractive and elegant. Take a look at the following examples and find inspiration for your bathroom!

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23 Mosaic Tiled Bathrooms Ideas To Get Inspired

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