20 Great Contemporary Laundry Room Designs

A laundry room (also called a utility room) is a room where clothes are washed. In a modern home, a laundry room would be equipped with an automatic washing machine and clothes dryer, and often a large basin, called a laundry tub, for hand-washing delicate articles of clothing such as sweaters, and an ironing board. A typical laundry room is located in the basement of older homes, but in many modern homes, the laundry room might be found on the main floor near the kitchen or upstairs near the bedrooms.

Another typical location is adjacent to the garage and the laundry room serves as a mudroom for the entrance from the garage. As the garage is often at a different elevation (or grade) than the rest of the house, the laundry room that serves as an entrance from the garage that may be sunken from the rest of the house. This avoids or minimizes the need for stairs between the garage and the house.

Laundry rooms may also include storage cabinets, countertops for folding clothes, and, space permitting, a small sewing machine. Many houses don’t have laundry rooms. In those houses, the washing machine and dryer are typically located in the garage. We present you a collection of amazing super smart laundry rooms for every taste and style.

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20 Great Contemporary Laundry Room Designs

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