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Why Your Garden Might Benefit From A Landscape Architect

If you’re renovating or have just decided that the garden needs a revamp, you might be tossing up whether you should get a professional involved or just do it yourself. While it might save you a bit of money on paper to do it yourself, there are a lot of reasons why recruiting a landscaper to do it for you is in your best interest. In this article, we take a look at a few simple reasons why getting a landscape architect might be one of the best investments you’ll ever make.

Professionals save homeowners money

Although you might be looking to lay down those pavers or install that solar water feature yourself to save a bit of cash, getting a professional to do it for you can actually increase the value of your home significantly. This is because professional landscape architects have a very good understanding of what your budget can deliver, and can execute a plan in such a way that your money is maximised. They can also offer suggestions that increase your home in other ways that you might not have even considered, such as through the modification of existing spaces. This money saving is also made evident by the extensive knowledge of landscape architects for products and options available on the market – many of which you might not had a clue about. By suggesting more affordable or cleverer alternatives that still complement your original goals and needs, you can very easily put your money to even better use. This is also exemplified by advice offered, as sometimes clients want something that would be very restrictive to actually make, and if they were to do it themselves without prior consultation the project might end up sapping the budget more than expected. 

Impressive technical know-how

Another reason to get a landscape architect on board is simply due to their extensive planning knowledge. Landscape architecture, unlike landscape design, requires years of university study in Australia, and these learnings are readily applied in everything a landscape architect does. This might include technical things like being well-versed infrastructure and having a firm understanding of government regulations, to more creative things like accessibility and effective use of space. you may also find that good landscape architects boast extensive knowledge related to other important garden-related subjects, such as horticulture, sustainability and urban design theory, which can be very useful for serving homeowners similarly interested in these fields. Unlike other landscaping professions, landscape architects can quickly develop a good understanding of their clients and provide tailored and targeted solutions that are specifically related to them. This allows the personality of the client to shine through in their outdoor space, helping it to become a true extension of their home. 

Are you ready to get a landscape architect on board?

Although the initial cost of a landscape architect might not seem worth your while, they offer so much in terms of value that it often makes less sense to do the job yourself. If you have a grand plan for a backyard project that you need some help with, getting in touch with a landscape architect can be one of the best things you do for your home. 

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The Great Benefits Of Ceiling Insulation

Insulation has long been used in Australian homes to prevent the intense summer heats and bitter winter colds from getting in, but insulation is about much more than simply being comfortable. Modern insulation is more efficient and durable than ever, so if you haven’t upgraded your decades-old insulation – or if you’re looking to build a new house and need a few more reasons to invest in better insulation – we’ve got a few tips that might help influence you. In this article, we take a look at a few great benefits that insulation can afford your home. 

Great for your wallet and the environment

Anyone looking to get ceiling insulation in Melbourne should know straight off the bat that a little bit of your investment goes a long way. There are different grades and qualities when it comes to insulation, and although you might think it fine to go for a cheap insulation (thinking that they all do the same thing), it is always worth spending a little bit more. This is because the better your insulation, the superior the performance when it comes time to keeping in the warm in winter and cool in summer. Cranking your aircon or heater to compensate for the loss in pleasant temperatures will inevitably cost you a lot more money in the long-term, making good insulation an obvious investment. This is also due to less power being used being an extraordinarily positive thing for the environment as a whole. Less powered heating and cooling means far less fossil fuels burned, and you can imagine how significantly this can help if everyone decided to get great insulation all at once!

So simple you can do it yourself!

Despite it seeming like a complex task on the surface, you might be surprised to learn that insulation is actually quite easy to install. This can mean it’s either a very quick and painless job for a professional, or it’s something you can do yourself! If you do want to install your own insulation, all you need to is work out all the tools you’ll need for the job (all the better if you already have them!) and then look at a few simple videos online. It’s best if you have someone else to help, however, so while it can be a painless procedure with two it can be a bit hit or miss only doing it yourself. If DIY is the route for you, one important thing that many people forget is that the top of your house will get much hotter as the day progresses, so fitting insulation should be a job reserved for the cool hours of the early morning. 

Time to install some insulation?

Whether you install it yourself or get some of the professionals in to do it for you, replacing your worn out old insulation with new high tech insulation can be one of the best things you do. After all, not only will you be saving money in the long-term by keeping your energy bill down, you’ll have the peace of mind that you’re helping out the environment as well – all while staying completely comfortable all year round!

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Where to Shop for the Best Throw Pillows

All products highlighted on Architectural Digest are freely chosen by our editors. Nonetheless, when you purchase something through our retail interfaces, we may acquire a member commission. 

An exposed couch or rocker presents a chance. You’ve accomplished the difficult work sourcing the furnishings presently it’s an ideal opportunity to get innovative with the most impressive toss pads and emphasize pads available anywhere. Regardless of whether you’re going monochrome or blending and coordinating, there’s no lack of retailers selling best pillows that exhibit genuine plan ability, and here we’ve gathered together 17 of our top choices. In case you’re beautifying on a limited financial plan, we have alternatives for you. Need reasonably made choices? We have you covered there as well. Also, in case you’re searching for best pillows You can have confidence that this rundown has something for you. 

Jung low

Jung low, established by Justina Blakeley, is a center point for everything home style from earthenware production to plant holders, covers to floor coverings. Their assortment of boo highlight pads is staggeringly huge and pressed with character. You’ll discover fragile weaving, a brilliant shading palette, and a wide range of surfaces (think velvet, snare line, shag, and artificial hide), just as a choice of open-air pads and floor pads best pillows. Go to Jung low if at any point you’re needing a destined to-be-prized explanation piece and a fly of shading. Additionally especially refreshing is that their value direct inclines toward remain under $100. 


A go-to for us with regards to quality kitchenware, Food52 additionally conveys a few autonomous brands making incredible improving pads. The basic material best pillow choices envisioned (accessible in 16 distinct tones) are by Hawkins New York. Pads from Minna, Caroline Z. Hurley, and Farmhouse Pottery all show up on the site. 

Bolé Road Textiles

Planned by previous designer Hana Getachew in Brooklyn, all of Bolé Road Textiles’ cushions are carefully assembled in Ethiopia by craftsmen in cooperatives and little, female-claimed organizations. Bolé Road’s contributions range from the striking and brilliant to more unbiased tones and high contrast, yet everything speaks to the brand’s obligation to insightful assembling and characteristic materials best pillow. 


It should not shock anyone that Etsy a reference point for home stylistic theme obsessives offers probably the best toss cushions you can discover. Regardless of whether you’re searching for a moderate cloth like the one here, brilliant velvet, or fiercely designed pad covers. There is in any event one dealer on Etsy best pillow prepared to give somewhat very much planned solace and fulfill your extravagant cherishing creative mind. 

Made Trade

Made Trade is a center point for economically made, morally sourced home products including, obviously, dazzling enlivening toss pads, similar to this white-and-naval force cotton pom pad made in India. The brand likewise centers around curating items from artisans who are Fair Trade, BIPOC-possessed, female-claimed, or what they refer to as legacy brands best pillow. Which means they utilize customary methods and practices that are at risk for being eliminated by large scale manufacturing and innovation. 


Brothers Byron and Dexter Peart dispatched Goodee around the possibility of cognizant consumerism. As a Certified B Corporation, their image is focused on items that are reasonably made, participate in the round economy, and are morally delivered. Their in-house line of toss throw pillows embodies that ethos. The best throw pillows are made of textures from Burkina Faso and Mali, are sewn in reasonable exchange cooperatives Kenya, and made in an organization with the Ethical Fashion Initiative, a task from the U.N. also, WTO. The best throw pillow fill is GOTS-affirmed natural cotton and muslin from CeCe’s Wool, a charity that gives work and administrations to individuals with formative handicaps. Furthermore, with their rich color design and purposeful design. These best pillows are additionally beautiful to take a gander at! 

Block Shop Textiles

Block Shop Textiles, established by sisters Hopie and Lily Stockman in 2013, weds a Bauhaus-roused plan, high-quality procedures, and straightforward assembling rehearses at the core of their tasks in Jaipur, India. Consistent with the Stockman sisters’ vision, this lumbar best pillows with its unmistakable mathematical plan is made of Belgian material, loaded up with a down addition made in the U.S., and handsewn and hand-block-printed by a group of specialists in Jaipur. 


54Kibo, helmed by Nana Quagraine, is a social event place generally advantageous and most splendid artisans across the African Diaspora. Regardless of whether you’re hoping to enliven your lounge room, outfit a nursery, or give a heavenly housewarming blessing, you’ll find considered plan objects for any enhancing venture. This assortment of cotton best throw pillows is made in Tunisia with a moderate crosshatch design and inconspicuous decorations that will work with the endless home inside styles. 

H&M Home

Another uber retailer that stocks manageable choices at an extremely low-value point is H&M Home. This 100% natural cotton best throw pillows cover is a stage up from an impartial, and its exemplary tones and configuration can be utilized to stand apart on your pillow, or mix in with a couple of blend and-match choices. 

KJ Plumb

London-conceived, Stockholm-based material artist Katherine Plumb has been a rising star on the home stylistic theme scene for as long as a couple of years. Her plans have much of the time been seen in advantageous homes on Instagram, and her credits incorporate joint efforts with vintage vendors Home Union and hip stockists including Lisa Says Gah and Cool Machine. You can likewise get her retro, ambiguously psychedelic best throw pillows covers straightforwardly from her site, just as telephone cases and workmanship prints. 

Coterie Brooklyn

Brooklyn-based best throw pillows cover mother lode Coterie Brooklyn conveys a profound stock of unique plans by Grace Harris of Stitched by Grace. Harris’ plans are spotless and negligible, however utilize top-notch textures and smart materials including recognized false cowhide subtleties. More than 150 of her plans, just as comparing embeds, can be found at Coterie at entirely sensible costs (like, under $50). 


Continuously solid for a touch of something uncommon in any furnishings or home stylistic theme classification—macramé, splash-color, tufted, and so on—Anthropologie offers a wide assortment of best throw pillows, shapes, sizes, textures, and surfaces. 

Eva Sonaike

In case you’re searching for shading, print, and extravagance subtleties (like shrouded zippers, duck plume fill, and velvet funneling), U.K.- based Eva Sonaike has beautiful alternatives in abundance. She mixes West African and European impacts to make best throw pillows, poufs, carpets, and lampshades like no other. 


Sara Berks, using her Hudson, New York-based material organization Minna, works with craftsmen all over Latin America to make products that are made with conventional weaving strategies in moral workshops. The brand takes extraordinary consideration to feature the creators behind every product they bring to market. The best throw Pillow, for instance, is made in Momostenango, Guatemala, by craftsmen who use fleece pedal weaving machines nontoxic colors to accomplish the thick, luxurious completing on the best pillows, just as territory carpets in vivid conceptual plans. 

Serena and Lily

Known for their beachy, laid-back California style, Serena and Lily offer a perpetual exhibit of best throw pillows covers in their particular stylish. Customers who know precisely the thing they’re searching for can sort by coloring, size, cost, and indoor or open-air use to proficiently locate the ideal accents for their home. 

Modish Decor Pillows

Designer Chantal Bradley does excellent best throw pillows well, and she has since 2015. With a velvet in practically every striking coloring you can envision, just as some outstanding creature print, metallic, and Mongolian hide choices, she best throws pillows makes it simple for you to adorn any room or style.

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Benefits of Adding Mirrored Furniture to Your Home

Adding a mirror to any room of your home can transform the space entirely. With the ability to capture and then extend light, a mirror can make a room for bright, airy and spacious.  Mirrors can also take the place of artwork as well as serving a practical purpose.  However, sometimes adding a mirror to a room can be difficult.  A lack of free wall space, or the inability to add new hooks to a wall if you live in a rental home can stop you in your tracks from adding a mirror to a room, but there is a way around this – mirrored furniture. 

When you think of mirrored furniture you may picture the opulence of the Palace of Versailles, which may want to make you shy away from the trend, but trust us, there are many reasons that you should consider introducing mirrored furniture into your home.

Read on for some of the ways mirrored furniture can enhance your home.

1. Make a Room Feel Light & Bright

You’ll be aware that the addition of a mirror to a space can capture the light in a room and help spread it to make it feel lighter and brighter. Mirrored furniture has the same ability, and used in similar ways, for example, a mirrored console perpendicular to a window with good natural lighting will brighten the space. 

Mirrored furniture can even enhance the lighting of a room that suffers from a lack of natural lighting as well.  An easy way to make a darker bedroom feel lighter is by adding a mirrored bedside table to your bedroom.  Not only is it practical as a bedside table, but it can also capture the lighting from your lamp and project that light, making the room brighter.

2. Make a Room Feel Larger

As we mentioned earlier, mirrors have the ability to make a room feel larger. This is in part because when you make a space appear lighter and brighter it will naturally make it feel bigger. In addition to this, the reflective surface can capture windows and other lighter coloured surfaces, which can detract the focus from the areas of the house that can make it feel closed off.

Because of their reflective surfaces, mirrored furniture can serve a practical purpose without being an imposing element.  Take a mirrored coffee table for example, one in a lounge room can capture the natural light of the room, making it feel more spacious.  As it will be reflecting the areas around it, the mirrored coffee table itself is somewhat camouflaged as well, which leads us to the next upside.

3. Hide Practical Furniture in Plain Sight

As we mentioned above, mirrored furniture sits under a cloak of camouflage. Depending on how you situate your mirrored furniture it can be the focal point of a space, or it can blend in completely.  Making it perfect for those practical storage elements of your home that can otherwise be boring or unsightly. 

Think a mirrored closet, for example – adding a mirrored closet can serve double duty and help you make the most of your space, as it could be used as a full-length mirror to be able to check out your outfit after you’ve collected it from your mirrored closet.

The reflective quality of the furniture captures the eye in multiple ways, and one of the coolest aspects is that when a surface is reflective, we see it, but we also see the reflection in it, our concentration is on both the piece but also what it is reflecting.  Meaning to can both stand out and blend in.

4. Add a touch of glamour

We mentioned the Palace of Versailles, and that’s because there is a reason that people think of this when they think of mirrors and mirrored furniture.  It screams glamour and opulence.  You probably want to avoid the saturation of Versailles, but the addition of one or a few pieces can add a hint of glamour to your space.

5. Show off Your Favourite Ornaments & Heirlooms

In the same way that mirrored furniture can capture the natural light of a room, or from a lamp, it has the same ability to capture elements of your favourite ornaments and reflect and accent them from all angles.  Showcasing them in a way that an ordinary table or cabinet may not.

A side table in your living room, or a large cabinet with mirrored shelves and backing can be perfect for proudly displaying these pieces.

While the trend may be somewhat intimidating, as you can see there are many benefits that can come from the addition of mirrored furniture into your home.  If you want to incorporate this trend into your space but you’re not sure where to start, head on over to Luxe Mirrors, where they have a huge range of mirrored furniture, and mirrors.  With a highly experienced team that can show you the ropes, you’ll be in safe hands when you shop with Luxe Mirrors.

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7 Tips for Making the Most of Your Garden This Winter

We spend time and money getting our gardens just right in the springtime. Then, we really make the most of them in the summer months. We spend busy mornings pruning and tidying, long afternoons lounging in the sun, and evenings enjoying the summer warmth with friends and cocktails. 

Then the temperature drops, the leaves fall from the trees, and the colors fade from our decorative borders and baskets. The first frost hits, and we pack our outdoor furniture away for the season. Why? There are so many advantages to being outdoors, and having a garden is an easy way to do it. Even in the winter, getting outside is a tremendous mental health boost, which also gets you moving. So, what can you do to make sure you make the most of your garden all year round?

Look After It

You are more likely to spend time in your garden if it looks good. Fortunately, even though your grass will stop growing, and some of the colors will fade from your flowers, your garden can still look great. Winter lawn care is essential for regrowth in spring and also for preventing winter weeds and damage. Spend some time on lawn fertilization, and you won’t face a battle to bring your lawn back to life next season. Try Champion Green lawn fertilization treatment with seven applications throughout the year. Champion Green can also help with shrub and tree treatment to help your garden survive the winter months. 

You should also take the time to ensure furniture, fences, and decking are weatherproofed and that less hardy plants are moved to sheltered areas. 

Add Some Lanterns and Heaters

In the winter, the main things keeping us out of our gardens are a lack of light and an excess of cold. Add lanterns or other outdoor lights and even an outdoor heater to make sitting outside on fresh winter afternoons a pleasure. 

Welcome in Nature

You can welcome nature into your garden all year with a bird table and water bath and plenty of evergreens to attract wildlife

Add Some Color

Your garden doesn’t have to be grey and dull just because the weather is. Paint fences brighter shades and find colorful shrubs and evergreens to add some colors to your outdoor space. 

Grow Winter Veggies

If you enjoy growing your own fruit and veg during the summer, don’t stop. Vegetables like kale, sprouts, and cabbage can even taste better after a frost. 

Prune Shrubs and Trees

Shrubs and trees look great all year round, and you’ll feel like you are sitting in a winter paradise when they are covered in frost or filled with snow. 

Introduce Softness

Yes, it’s going to be colder, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get comfy. Sitting outside under a heater, wrapped in a thick blanket, enjoying a hot chocolate, and looking out on all of the trees and veggies you’ve planted could be magical. 

Most of us are guilty of closing the door to our gardens in the early fall and then forgetting about them until spring. Enjoying your garden all year round can improve your mood and health, and it will mean that it’s ready to go in spring, without any need for a last-minute scramble to get it ready. 

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The Most Common Causes Of Water Damage And How To Stop Them

No one wants to discover that they’ve got water damage in their home. There’s nothing like the sinking feeling that comes with spotting the first tell-tale signs of a much bigger problem with damp or a leak. But what are the most common causes of water damage? Here are some of the most widely-reported, and some steps you can take to avoid them happening to your home.

Leaking And Damaged Appliances

When was the last time you had your appliances serviced? It’s easy enough to treat a slightly rickety washing machine as a fact of life, or to ignore the fact that there’s often a pool of water in the bottom of your refrigerator, but if you don’t pay attention these little inconveniences can become a big problem. Washing machines are especially prone to wear and tear over time as over-worn small parts can have a serious impact and leaky hoses are only going to get worse. Try not to move appliances that use water too often and if you spot a leak, do something about it before you find yourself facing lasting damage.

Are Your Drains Clogged?

Here’s one that always starts out as a minor inconvenience, one of those problems that a lot of us hope will just go away if we put enough hot water and bleach down it. But remember that the problem you’re seeing could be just a part of a much bigger issue and what seems like a minor blockage could be wreaking havoc further down the drain out of sight. Everything is connected when it comes to drains, and you don’t want to think about where a problem in the bathroom could end up going. With kitchen sinks, try to avoid putting too much grease or oil down, and it’s a good idea to put boiling water down your drains at least once a month to help keep things moving. Otherwise, you could end up with a fatberg on your hands.

Storm Warning

Severe weather incidents such as storms can often wreak havoc on plumbing and drainage, and when leaves, branches and other debris collide with all that excess water and flooding, nothing drains properly. While it can be hard to prepare for all eventualities when it comes to storms, it’s important to be have a professional team you can count on to patch things up as soon as possible. There are a range of water damage solutions from DryMetrics, which has one of the fastest response times in the industry and a 24/7 emergency service for situations like this. They’ll help with water damage restoration and mold removal, and will work with your insurance company.

What Condition Are Your Pipes In?

This isn’t always the easiest thing to investigate but if your pipes aren’t in good working order then it’s bad news for the whole house. A loose fitting in a pipe that’s easy to access can be fixed with a simple tightening, but if you’ve got old pipes that are struggling to handle severe weather changes or challenging water pressure issues, you could be facing a serious problem. Insulated pipes are an excellent way to ensure that your home can get through a hard winter without major incidents.


Reasons to Hire a Property Manager

For most new property owners, hiring a property manager seems like an unnecessary cost, especially if you have the time to interact with tenants and deal with repairs. However, property management can actually be a smart investment for most property owners. Generally, a strong property manager can offer resources and abilities that boost your income from properties and save you time. Especially with the accumulation of more properties, property management becomes a time-consuming job, and a management company provides you with consistent tenancy and reliable oversight, even over long distances.

So, when is the right time to hire a property manager? The real question in fact should be, when is it not the right time to hire a property manager? From large commercial and industrial rentals, to small residential apartments, any landlord can benefit from professional management. If you have the capital and are interested in expanding your rental business, a property manager is a valuable, even necessary, asset. There are a variety of services and benefits they will provide:

Pricing and Marketing

A property management company will save you hours and maximize income from your properties with marketing services and rental pricing expertise. A property manager has access to a network of potential renters and tested marketing strategies to ensure you property is always filled with high quality tenants. This also includes professional photography, staging, and showing of the property. They also have enough experience to know the right renting price for your property, especially with management companies that specialize in a specific area. For example, Utopia Management specializes in West coast cities like San Luis Obispo, giving them unmatched expertise on rental prices in those cities.

Rent Collection and Tenant Interaction

For multi-property investors, rent collection and day-to-day communication with tenants is a worthwhile service. This also allows you to invest in geographically distant properties. Your property manager will offer 24/7 direct communication with all tenants, giving them a better renting experience and saving you time. Additionally, efficient and organized rent collection protects your assets. A management company may even utilize a software or online program for convenient rent payment and tracking.

Professional Tenant Screening

Not only does a property manager have access to a large tenant pool, they also provide a thorough tenant screening process to ensure that you rent to responsible and trustworthy tenants. Strong management companies even have a list of contacts waiting for available properties. If they offer the best renting experience for both tenants and landlords, then an association with a certain property manager can actually increase the value of your properties. Having trustworthy tenants protects both your income and your property, as you have a lower risk of property damage or unpaid rent. Comfortable tenants will typically submit timely maintenance requests or notices of damage, ensuring that your property is kept in the best possible condition.

Vendor Relationships

Repairs and maintenance are one of the most time consuming and costly aspects of owning property. A professional management company will have access to a network of trusted vendors for maintenance services. Expansive companies may even receive discounted rates from trusted vendors for long-term business. They can handle the entire maintenance process from start to finish as soon as they receive a request from a tenant. Many companies will have recommended routine checkups at a low cost for things like pest control, plumbing, and the structural integrity of the property.

Lease and Investment Consultation

Just as they offer expertise on rental rates, property management companies are familiar with leasing and local laws. This means they can offer consultation and advice on constructing your lease to best protect your property and yourself legally. As you build a relationship with your property manager, you can also consult them on local property investment options. Over time, a property management company can serve as a valuable relationship that streamlines profits and efficiency.

Legal Representation

In addition to helping you craft the perfect lease, your property management company can represent you in court. This saves you a huge headache in the event of a challenging tenant or a legal dispute. They will remain in full communication with you throughout the process to ensure that they are accurately representing your wishes, and you won’t have to make an appearance in court.

Perhaps the best reason to hire a property manager is that you can decide how they manage your property, how much decision-making power they hold, and how often they contact you. Often times for landlords of multiple properties, a property management company ends up paying for itself by improving efficiency and profit margins of your properties, as well as saving you tons of time that you can spend working or on future investments. A property manager can help you focus on what’s most important and can be an opportunity to expand your portfolio.


7 Tips and Tricks for Diamond Painting

Everyone has their own tricks during Diamond Painting. Of course you will find everything you need in our complete Diamond Painting kits, but the tips below from our customers will also help you. This way you can enjoy your favorite hobby even more.

1. Use an empty egg carton as a sorting tray

Egg cartons have several compartments. That can be 6, 10 or even 12. Super handy to keep your Diamond Painting stones separate from each other.

2. Stick stones to the edge of your canvas

Of course you sometimes forget which number belongs to which color stone. By gluing the stones to the side of the canvas, you can see at a glance which color you need. This works a lot faster and easier.

3. Write the number of the stones on the plastic bag

Your Diamond Painting Belgium stones are sorted by color and delivered in small plastic bags. If you’d like to leave them in these bags, for example because you don’t want to use sorting or egg cartons, write the numbers on the plastic bag. You do that best with a waterproof marker. You can immediately see which number belongs to which color.

4. A cutting board as a mobile and flat surface

Do you have a wooden cutting board? This can be used as a flat surface for your Diamond Painting. You can even gently tape the canvas to the shelf at the edges. This way you can easily move your Diamond Painting if necessary.

5. Easy to paste large pieces with the multi-pen

If you have to stick a lot of the same color Diamond Painting stones, then you can use a multi-pen. You then stick several stones of one color at the same time. This saves a lot of time so you can start a new piece faster.

6. Tumble dry wipes for an anti-static effect

The stones of your Diamond Painting can be static. Picking up can therefore sometimes be difficult. To make them less static, you can simply place them on a tumble dryer cloth. They then just stick to the canvas.

7. Put your canvas under the mattress overnight

Your Diamond Painting is rolled up in the box. The canvas retains this shape for a while, making working on your canvas difficult. By placing the canvas under the mattress overnight, you have a perfectly smoothed canvas the next day. So you can get started right away with broderie diamant !

Apply the new tips

Would you like to get started with your next project thanks to the new tips! Then it is time to order your next Painting. View all our collections for the available at diamond paintings Deutschland . Would you rather choose your personal painting? Then choose your own photo painting.

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Buying or Selling a Home? Tips to Hire a Reliable Real Estate Agent

Nowadays, choosing the right real estate agent might feel like pulling a needle out of some kind of haystack. As a result, many property buyers and sellers still wonder how they can find a real estate agent that best suits their needs. Real estate is a highly preferred investment option for those looking to build long-term wealth. An increasing number of investors are checking and other property listing platforms in search of homes.

We have compiled a list of tips on how to find an experienced realtor you can trust.

What makes a good realtor?

Before you start thinking about how to find the right realtor, it is crucial to take some time to think about what makes a good real estate broker and estate agent. If you are limited in your choices during this time, you should know what not to look for when hiring such an expert in the real estate industry.


First, check whether the prospective agent has the right licenses or certifications. At the very least, anyone you think is suitable should be licensed as a real estate agent in your state. You may also want to look for someone who is a member of relevant realtors’ and real estate agents’ associations in your state.

Other actors have “green” names, which means that they place emphasis on sustainability. If you want to take things further, some brokers also have certifications that specialize in sustainability, such as the NAR sustainability certification. Some are also senior real estate specialists, meaning they attend seminars on how to guide seniors through the process of moving homes.

Level of experience

It’s recommended to consider the level of experience of the real estate broker. An experienced agent can help you navigate the complicated property selling and buying process. If you are familiar with these processes, you can also become more familiar with your agent’s knowledge of real estate. Ask the right questions to gauge your agent’s knowledge of the real estate markets.

The agent’s knowledge of the local market

You should also try to hire a real estate agent who is familiar with the neighborhood of your local property market. Many realtors emphasize their experience, but the techniques of buying and selling can vary depending on whether you are a buyer or seller on the market. Also, real estate laws might vary from one state to another.

The agent’s availability

Another important factor to consider is the availability of the real estate agent you want to hire. Keep in mind that this expert should help you understand the current market conditions and help you take advantage of them. In most cases, the property market moves very quickly, and in some cases, opportunities might not stay for long.

In this sense, you should focus on selecting a realtor you can contact at any time. Your agent should offer you a communication channel
that’s timely and affordable. The last thing you want is to work with an agent who takes a week to respond to your emails or never picks phone calls.

Finding a real estate

Now that you understand what to look for in a realtor, the next important step is to find an expert who can help streamline your property buying or selling process. How do you find a broker who can trust you, and are you willing to make an offer?

Ask for referrals

A family friend who has recently been through the process of buying a home is a good starting point, but lenders are also a good resource. Also, your colleagues can suggest some of the agents they have worked with before. This could increase your chances of getting a few agents you can interview.

Do your homework

Now that you have referrals, the next step is to do in-depth research. Nowadays, most buyer real estate agents and listing agents have established a higher level of internet presence. So, take the time to visit their websites, social media timelines carefully, and read online reviews and ratings. Pay attention to what their previous clients are saying about their businesses.

Based on this information, you should get a better idea of what you like and what this particular agent can offer.

Interview a few prospective agents

Based on the referrals you got and your research, create a list of prospective agents. Ideally, find two or three estate agents you think are people you can count one. Call them or send them an email to arrange an appointment for an interview.

Every real estate agent who has been in this business for a while understands that job interviews are part of the hiring process. Be sure to ask the right questions and analyze the answers you get from each agent. Focus on hiring an expert you are comfortable working with and can help you achieve your real estate investment objectives.

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Things to Know About the New HomeBuilder Scheme

The Australian government has announced a HomeBuilder package that offers $25,000 for people to build or renovate their homes—however, there is a strict criteria to meet before being given access to the scheme’s money. The Government predicts around 27 000 homeowners will want to access this scheme. According to the latest stats from the Australian Bureau of Statistics there are 7.7 million private dwellings in the country. The primary purpose of this scheme is to try and get in work for the residential construction sector and inspire some confidence in homeowners to start investing into their property. However, before you start designing your new home, it’s important to check the eligibility criteria. On a base level you need:

  • to be an Australian citizen with an annually taxable income of less than $125,000 a year, or a combined taxable income of $200,000 if with a partner
  • enter into a contract to build or renovate your main residence (no investment property) before the end of year and start construction within three months of the contract date
  • to spend between $150,000 and $750,000 of your own money and the property being renovated needs to be valued at $1.5 million prior to renovations
  • to ensure renovations are to improve accessibility, liveability or safety, which means external work like swimming pools are not accepted for the scheme
  • to ensure your new builds are valued at less than $750,000 when completed, including the land

What to do if you meet the criteria?

So, you’ve had a look at the criteria and have found that your construction plans fit within scope. Unfortunately, that’s not the end of it. There are still some caveats around the contract side of things and how you go about starting your construction process. For the first part you are not allowed to have a special relationship or familial ties with your contractors. You also need to ensure that all work is conducted by workers with the relevant builders license. On top of that, you should ensure that your contract is negotiated at a fair market price. This is to prevent anyone from hiking up prices to meet costs for accessing the grant. A national partnership agreement will be drawn up to which all states and territories will be individual signatories.

According to Housing Minister Michael Sukkar, there is around 8000 households who have registered an interest in the scheme as of 8th June 2020. More than half of these are from Victoria and Queensland. Hopefully, with a high interested in the scheme, it will be able to meets its goal of helping to boost the construction industry post COVID-19.

What does this mean for tradies and construction workers?

This scheme is set to ensure tradies and construction workers are not left behind in the aftermath of this pandemic as it is seen to be one of the industries that could feel longer-term impacts of COVID-19. While work in the pipeline was getting there, there seemed to be a lag in new jobs and contracts in the construction industry. The minimum spend of this scheme is said to be placed as a measure to ensure that there will be jobs retained in this industry. The ACT has shown projections of 1,890 jobs being created due to this scheme and 493 new properties being built across the territory. Builders will now need to be prepared to take on jobs coming in because of this scheme and ensure they are aware of all the criteria to ensure the contract meets necessary requirements. For those in the industry who have been worried about work, now is a good time to prepare yourself to ensure you are a top choice for these incoming construction projects. Look into recognising your experience through RPL and keep up-to-date with how this scheme is progressing in order to gain the trust of homeowners looking to build and renovate.

Make the most out of this scheme

If you have been planning a new home build or renovation for a while, this is the perfect opportunity to get the ball rolling. However, you don’t want to jump in headfirst and apply for the scheme. Take some time to do some planning and research beforehand. Start by setting a realistic budget, keeping in mind the criteria to access the scheme, get a rough idea of the areas in your home you want renovate or a rough build design. Then enlist the help and support of the contractor to help outline the terms that will best ensure you get the home you’ve always wanted and still meet all the necessary criteria to receive the monetary support from this scheme.