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Home Decor Tips to Brighten Up a Room

With a dark, dingy, and gloomy apartment to come home to every day, we can’t blame you if you decide to pack your bags and shift to a brighter space or spend most of your time outdoors. Your gloomy indoors might even affect your mood by elevating your stress level and adding to your depression. While a model renovation is simply out of the charts for now (hello, expenses?) we all know how desperate we are to have a little bit of our light into our tiny space we call home.

Mentioned below are few home décor tips that can help you spruce up your living space so that you can come home happy and rest in peace.

Turn up the hue on your palettes

An all-neutral room comprising of colors such as taupe, gray, ivory, and beige paired with undertones of tan and gold can help you set the décor of a poorly lit room, but at times, it might warrant more attention than you would have bargained. Add a splash of color into an all-neutral room so that it appears bright, homey, and refreshing all the time.

Mary McDonald recently upgraded her palette by adding a splash of blue to a den with white furniture. More examples exaggerate instances of minimalistic rooms in black, ivory, or taupe designed with furniture of bold, impressive hues such as magenta, etc. You can either settle down for a bright accent wall with matching cushions on stools or go for a brightly hued set of furniture to jazz things up.

Opt for matte walls and glossy ceilings

Opt for a high-glossy upper interior surface of the room and introduce colors and immense light into your room. At the same time, go for matte walls as the reflection from the top will fall directly onto the walls, allowing you to embrace the light in every direction. Upgrade your home decor by adding extra lighting by the staircase or in areas that don’t give access to sunlight or its reflection at all.

Cut a rug on your wooden floor

If you’re not ready for a renovation at the moment, try adding a bunch of rugs to your maximalist style instantly. Highlight your light wooden flooring with a piece of carpet in the center to brighten your room in more ways than one. The light wood flooring helps to reflect light into the room, and also helps to mask scratches and stains for the preservation of your aesthetic.

If you have an all-neutral room and wouldn’t dare go for bright furniture, then try resorting to colorful accessories, such as rugs, cushions, and home décor for brightening up and adding personality to your room.

Embrace the reflection of mirrors!

You can never go wrong by hanging a large mirror in your living room or those rooms that are dimly lit and have the company of an unhinged window as well. The light can bounce off the mirror’s surface and land on the rest of the room, allowing you to take in the appearance of your brightened aesthetic with total reflection. You can also add a trail of small mirrors alongside an array of photographs on the wall accompanying a dark staircase to lighten it.

Welcome sheer curtains or blinds

Try not to turn your home into an underground cell or dungeon by masking your windows with thick curtains that absorb light, leaving less reflection and none for the imagination. Install blinds or replace the dark curtains with translucent or sheer ones for adding accentuation to your dull and dingy rooms.

Apart from the tips as mentioned earlier, you can make sure that there is enough light coming into your room from outside. If the trees are too high and blocking the brightness from entering your room, then perhaps, it’s time to call your gardener and give them a little clipping. At times, there are surrounding buildings that are tall enough to block the light from embracing your room. Before buying your condo or apartment, make sure that you walk into each room during daylight and open the windows to check for the entrance of light.

Kathy Ramos (Admin)
Kathy Ramos (Admin)
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