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Your First Steps in the World of Design Wallpaper – Choose Your Trend

What do you think when you hear the word “wallpaper”? Maybe you have caught up with the latest trend, you know that they have made a comeback on the interior design scene, but the idea still intimidates you. Maybe you fear the commitment to a project you think it is too big to handle, or perhaps you are worried about the time when you will have to remove it. Let those fears go away as most of them date back to a time when installing and removing a wallpaper was a complex ordeal, one that often required a professional. This is no longer the case as technology as evolved in this sector, with new materials and techniques that make it easy even for beginners.

Wallpaper is a fantastic way to express your personal style, it can almost be compared to a piece of art in a way, one that looks every bit as good as a real painting, while costing a fraction of the price.

If you have decided to take a leap and install a fabulous design wallpaper in your abode, the first step is to decide which look you are going for it. Unlike boring paint where the choice is always limited to a few options in the colour palette, the world of wallpaper is extremely varied, with an almost endless variety of options to choose from. Let’s take a look at what is trending at the moment, so that you can make an informed choice:


This style has been surging in the last year or two and it promises to be all the rage also for the coming year. The idea is to bring the outdoors inside your home, with floral garlands, hoops, swags and drapes all over the house. Leaf, floral and insect prints are making an appearance on everything from furniture, to paints, to, obviously, wallpaper. You can refresh your home with a combination of beautiful designs based around flora and fauna.

Modern Vintage

Vintage is another of those terms that has been trending for a few years. This doesn’t mean that it stands still as even revival can have a new twist. In the coming year vintage is going to look slightly different, blending retro furniture created with modern materials, using vintage designs but fresh modern colours. This clash of styles works extremely well with a funky vintage wallpaper to set the tone.

Mixed Metals

Metals have been featuring very often in the interior design world, as they are a quintessential part of minimalist and rustic designs. These looks and styles require a lot of attention in order to get the style just right and they will still be trendy in the coming year. We advise you to mix and match different colours and textures, and bring them together with a fabulous metallic wallpaper, while you add style by mixing nickels and silvers with gold-coloured metals, such as bronze.

Natural Textures

As the world becomes more and more conscious of the need to make sure our lifestyles are sustainable and ecological, many homeowners are trying to make their house as eco-friendly as possible. A way to start to go green is by incorporating as many natural fabrics into the décor of your house as possible.

There are many ways to rise to this challenge. For example, you can choose to buy furniture that has been made from recycled materials. When it comes to wall décor, the most sensible way to approach it is to choose a compostable wallpaper, one that, once it comes the time to change it for something you, can be placed in a compost heap so that it goes back to nature without releasing toxic substances. Luckily nowadays such wallpapers are starting to come to the market. You can for example go for Veruso Lino, the world’s first fully compostable wallpaper, which comes in beautiful natural hues.


If you are feeling your walls are no longer well served by a monotonous colour and aim for something a bit more daring, you are in luck. In the coming year designer wallpaper with artistic motives is making a big come back, with funky styles designs and patterns.

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