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10 Smart Living room Ideas on a Budget

A living room is a place where we spent most of the time when we are at home; when the guests visit they also sit and relax at the living room; so it is necessary to make the living room look neat and refresh.

The living room can be big or very small, everybody prefers that it should look good and well maintained because after a tiresome day the most comfortable place is our home and if it doesn’t feel good to be at home then definitely there’s need some changes.

Do not get worried about the cost already, because you do not need to buy some expensive things to make your room look good, there are some cheap and cool tricks to remodel your living room on a budget; just remember simplicity and sobriety is the key.

Here, this article is all about living room ideas that won’t make a hole in your pocket and no matter what your living room size is, whether it is big or tiny, applying the tips and tricks would make it look posh and stylish.

Let’s get into the ideas.

Furniture Re-arrangement

The cheapest idea among all is to rearrange the furniture that is in your living room; you can also add some furniture from other places too. Take help from your friends or family members and start moving the furniture. The main goal is to have the space made cozy so that can be ideal for talking to each other or watching a movie together. If you can place the furniture diagonally; you can get the advantage of looking the room much bigger than usual, it’s not necessary to have a big sofa, you can have four comfy chairs and make them face each other so the conversing would be easy. Placing a coffee table in between the seats would help to reach out to the drinks. Using a large rug to separate the seating area would give a boho look to your living room.

For more home improvement ideas, you can visit home improvement blog; the views will blow your mind.

A New Look for the Floor

No, I’m not talking to remodel the floors totally; I’m talking about starting from the ground. If Area rug sounds expensive to you; then you can always go for a carpet or rug. Make sure the carpet looks good with the paint of your room. You can save some money while purchasing a rug for your room, often online shopping can provide you a considerable discount, even store like IKEA also offers an attractive discount; go for flat-weave rugs, those are thin and less costly.

A tip: A neutral rug with graphic patterns can be an excellent decoration for the ground of your room.

Start Anew with Worn-out Furniture

If your furniture has seen far better days, now is a good time to make those furniture look as new as freshly arranged from IKEA. To have a chic contemporary look try painting those furniture with high gloss paint, or you can watch some DIY videos to go for a distressed painting look to have a boho cottage look of your room.

Start Painting

It doesn’t matter if you can paint the whole room or just a wall, new paint always freshens up the look of a room dramatically. You can choose from various colors according to your budget and way of living, but we recommend going for neutral colors; rather than going for pale yellow, just go for white. Painting a room white would give your room a classic coastal cottage look. The sight would be so pleasant that even your guests would praise your choice.

Upgrade the lightning

Lovely fresh paint and lighting can immediately brighten up the room. If you consider upgrading the lighting of your living room; a chandelier or some recessed lights will be perfect for making the room appear brighter and smarter. To give a designer touch in your place, you can go for mercury glass table lamps; this way your room will look traditional as well as contemporary.

Don’t forget the curtains

Curtains are such significant elements when you are thinking about redecorating your room. The custom-made curtains sound expensive, but if you can play a smart trick by choosing floor-to-ceiling curtains, then it is going to save some money of yours. You might already have curtains which are covering your windows, just stitch up a few inches more readymade fabrics with those curtains, and you are good to go. The long curtains look elegant and will make your room appear lavish.

Decorate the walls

Getting a patterned wall can bring out the subtle yet stylish design choice of yours. A patterned wall can complement your colorful and vibrant cushions and furniture, and also have an inviting effect to it. Woven throw blankets make an amazing statement to any way while adding a cozy comfort. Hang some cool art or watch some DIY videos to make your own art pieces. Sometimes hanging a big painting with some niche lighting gives an impressive look to the room.

Get creative with throw pillows

Changing the throw pillows can give a new look to the sofa and even to the whole room. Mix up with vibrant colors and have different shape and sizes of throw pillows to have a soothing eye look.

Decor The Bar

A glamorous element can be having a bar in the living area. It is possible that you store your drinks in the cupboard or in the refrigerator; well bring them out and show them off. Get a cart, paint it with vibrant colors like gold, and stock the cart with all the wine bottles. Place some fresh flowers alongside, and you will get the posh and always party-ready vibe from it.

Save Some Negative Space

Do not overdo with a lot of furniture or hang a lot of paintings on the wall; you need some blank or negative space too to relax your eyes.

Well, these were some easy to get and cool ideas in the budget to get that substantial chic atmosphere in your living room. Apply these tips and tricks, and you will surely get the desired look for your room you always wanted to. Do share if you have implemented these ideas while redecorating your place or you can share the pictures too in the comment section below.

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Kathy Ramos (Admin)
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