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Top 4 Styles in Custom Double Glazed Windows for Your New Home

Staring at dull doors can be as exciting as watching paint dry! But the days of standard wooden doors painted in insipid colours are long gone. Today, a whole new breed of custom doors are ripe for the picking and ready to spruce up any room in your new home or renovated quarters.

The choices are plenty ranging over double glazed, single glazed, bushfire, or even sound resistant door options. We’ve looked through them all and selected 4 custom door ideas with practical applications to help you select the look and matching custom doors to suit you:

Stacker Door for Entertainment Patio

These double glazed stacker doors are sturdier and fancier than the regular sliding doors. They’re great for entry/exits to the backyard swimming pool or barbecue area. You may choose the panel configuration of your liking, for your custom door, that is, with 3 or 4 panels in width.

The double glazed keeps out heat and excess light. There are numerous seals in the sides of these doors to block cool, air-conditioned air from seeping out. Double glazed stacker doors provide good ventilation and exterior views.

Sliding Doors for Bedroom

If your master bedroom opens up to the outdoors, an attractive set of designer aluminium sliding doors can make it look bigger while allowing in light, without the added heat. You can get high-performance single glazed glass and fit a set of blackout curtains for security and privacy.

The narrow installation of these custom casement window’s saves area to allow bigger closet space or a large, expansive bed. Sliding doors in the bedroom look elegant while offering a somewhat, risqué element to the room.

Bushfire Resistant Hinged Door

Homeowners in bushfire prone areas can now customize their doors with certified bushfire resistant doors for all external needs. The glass of these doors is double glazed and treated with Low e, a metal oxide that can’t be seen but is very effective in blocking heat and fire.

The bushfire resistant custom doors being referred to here have been tested and are suitable for Bushfire Attack Levels of 40. They are fitted with aluminium frames and open only inwards. Apart from being life-saving, these doors look fantastic on any entrance/exit point.

Sound Resistant Sliding Door

Doors can now not only keep you safe but also keep out the extra noise! You’ll need these sound resistant variety if your home is situated near heavy traffic areas, railway tracks, or an airport. These amazing doors are reinforced with a secondary glaze level that keeps out intrusive noise. They help to create a relaxing atmosphere in the house no matter what your surroundings are.

Multiple seals around the door frame of sound resistant sliding doors add to the noise blocking quality and so does the thermal insulation. Plus, they ensure sound reduction by 45 times. That’s pretty impressive!

We’re sure you will come up with many more custom double glazed windows & doors ideas. We hope the above 4 will inspire and motivate you.

Kathy Ramos (Admin)
Kathy Ramos (Admin)
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