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The Future Of Water Treatment

The Future Of Water Treatment

The shortage and the high rate of the human population have been a concern to many governmental bodies and entrepreneurs alike. 

Water has always been that thing human beings can never do without and its acute shortage will impede the sustenance of future generations. Steps must be taken to avert this!

How Do We Go About This?

To conquer and defeat the impending acute shortage of water supply, we must look at the future of water treatment, how the same can be modified for the requirements of today’s world. 

Recently, there has been a great inflow of technological advancements looking into this thus helping us to forgo the traditional way of purifying water and these technologies are quick, efficient, and with the desired result. If you’re looking for an expert’s guide on what whole house water filter to buy, read this guide.

Purpose Of Water Treatment

It is not about having potable water to drink alone it is about having properly sanitized water for use. Most people around the world are still unable to access good water while in the US alone, the water being wasted on flushing the toilet could be renewed to service some country in a day. 

Water Re-Usage

Water treatment is all about the purification and treatment of used water through UV or Hydroxyl Radical Technology into potable and usable water. Separated though according to their state as being clean and effluent. While the clean water is used for drinking and other consumption, the effluent is released into streams and use for many other purposes, such as; 

  • For powering and cooling of power plants. 
  • For Agricultural purposes such as irrigation and most times serve as fertilizers. 
  • To create artificial lakes and sustenance of aquatic life. 
  • Used for numerous construction works. 
  • It reduces the risk of water diversion from the ecosystems. 
  • It can also be used to create wetlands and other necessary habitats. 

Eradication of Pollutants

Roughly half of the lakes and river bodies are considered unfit for aquatic life in the US due to the influence of human activities. 

Most pharmaceutical industries have no proper waste management put in place and as such, their excess carbon dioxide, phosphorus, nitrogen, and many harmful chemicals are released into our water bodies. This is harmful not to the aquatic life alone but even to our existence. 

How Pollutants Affect the Average Human Being 

According to research, it’s been said that in the US alone, 2 million human waste are deposited daily into water bodies. 80% of water pollution is due to improper waste disposal.  Roughly, 50% of the water bodies in the US are unfit for aquatic life and unhealthy for human consumption. 

Unarguably, water pollution is mostly caused by sewage and wastewater and affected more than 700 million people drinking contaminated water. 

New Method of Wastewater Treatment

There will be an increase in the dimensions of wastewater treatment in the nearest future. And as such, many wastewater treatment facilities must be prepared to have new laws and regulations regulating their production level. 

According to EPA, who said that in the nearest future, the demand for electricity and energy from wastewater plants will increase by 20 percent. 


Any working government with a policy for potable water supply in the future must look into the prospect of the rising technological advancements in the treatment of water contamination and pollution. 

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Kathy Ramos (Admin)
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