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Living Room Decoration Guide for Beginners

Haven’t you redecorated your living room for decades? Are you moving toward a new house and want to give your living room a simple yet striking look?

The living room is the first impression of your house that also dictates your personality. It is the place where you spend most of your good time with guests, friends, and family. We watch television here, gossip in this room, and for many happy moments, we use the living room.

A living room should be super comfy, well organized, and perfectly decorated. For your living room decoration, there is no need to contact the interior designer. We will guide you from begging and help you in ending up with a stunning room.

Accessories for your living room

The most important item for living room decor is a sofa. It should be comfortable and should be in contrast to wall paint. No doubt, the sofa is a considerable investment among all other accessories, but you just have to invest once, and it will last for at least 10 years. 

The Center table is another essential part of the living room, but its design and color don’t matter. You can place some decoration pieces to give it a thematic appearance. 

The other small, still important things that are necessary to give the room an eye-catching look include rugs, pillows (cushion), artwork, and decorative plants. Some people also apply curtains, but now it is old-fashioned instead, you can use them if you like them. Don’t hesitate to put the thing in your living room that you like. 

Select the comfortable furniture

When you enter your house after a tiring day, you first enter the living room and lie down on the sofa or take a little rest over a recliner chair. If the furniture of the living room is comfortable, it will remove a little tiredness.

Sofa, chair, and pillow are the three things that should be of high quality. The average life of the best quality sectional or sofa is 25 years, so buy the best to make the room perfect.

Along with comfort, also consider the color scheme. If you want to place a sofa and two chairs, then prefer to select one of bright and the other of dull color. For sofa sets, don’t follow this rule.

Lightening effect

Light has a significant impact on the living room decor. The beautiful furniture, elegant artwork, and classy decoration pieces look dull with improper lighting.

You should illuminate your living room from all four corners. Lighten the ceiling with ambient light like chandeliers and wall sconces, but this light will not be appropriate for reading, so you should also use a table lamp.

You can place a desk lamp or task lamp for reading purposes. Another modish option is a swing arm lamp.

Decor with plants

Plants give your room fresh and natural features that are very essential for making the room spiritually comfortable. Use the role of three for plant placement, according to which you need to place one large plant with too small at the corner of the sofa or sectional.

If your living room has a large window, then another great idea of the decoration is hanging plants. 

Center table selection and decoration

The Center table is the basic need of the living room for serving tea to your visitors. There is no special idea for the center table; it only depends on your choice. 

Try to keep the center table as simple as possible. Just place a centerpiece in contrast to the sofa cushion.

Cushion contrast 

Sofas, sectional, cabriole, or any style of the sofa looks incomplete without a cushion. Place three sizes of the cushion of contrasting color at both extremes of the love seat. The largest one should be placed first, then keep the middle size following the large, and the last one should be the smaller.

Don’t choose cushions of the same colors; the mixture of light and dark give a tasteful appearance. Select the darker color sofa and light color cushion or vice versa.

Give your living room a classy look by placing a window seat

If your living room has a window, you must use it to give the room a sophisticated look. A large window that opens in the garden is the most exciting feature of the living room. Some interior designers use it very cleverly and make it a comfortable functional space. 

Many custom cushions for window seating areas are also available to place those in the window seats. 

Claim territory through the rug

Don’t forget to put the rug over the floor below the center table. The mat should be the same color as the cushion and must be comfortable.  

Decor your living room according to your personality

In the final stage, furbish the wall with the artwork that you appreciate the most. Hang some memorable family pictures and wall pieces. You can also decorate the room with some self-made paintings to showcase your talent.

The bottom line

The elegant-looking living room is the representation of your talent and personality. The color you choose to decorate the room defines how decent or modish you are. Be very fussy about selecting the furniture and must make a contrast. 

Proper lightened rooms elevate the look of the room, so focus on the room’s illumination. The items like sofa, chair, and table are the main elements of the room, so invest much of your budget in buying these items. Others are accessories and need to be changed after a few years, so don’t invest much in them.

Kathy Ramos (Admin)
Kathy Ramos (Admin)
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