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Making Conversation Areas in a Large Room

Decorating a large room – whether it’s a living room or a game room – is somewhat different from decorating a small to average sized room. You have to consider the scale when you’re deciding what furniture to use and how to arrange it. One way to deal with all that space is to divide it up into smaller conversation areas.

Why Divide Up Space, Anyway?

You could place all the furniture in a big circle, but that would present a few problems. For one thing, when everyone is seated together, the people who are most aggressive or outgoing tend to overshadow those who are quieter or more reserved. Some people may feel left out or unnoticed. Others might feel intimidated speaking in front of so many people.

Another option would be to have only a small amount of furniture in the center of the room and empty space all around it. But that kind of arrangement looks out of proportion to the size of the room. It also keeps you from taking full advantage of all that space.

Dividing up the room, on the other hand, makes for more relaxing, intimate conversations. If it’s set up well, it looks beautiful. Plus, you get the benefit of all the space you have.

How to Make the Conversation Areas

Once you decide to divide your space into smaller conversation areas, the next step is to set up each space with a few pieces of furniture or an entire living room set. Here are some tips for creating multiple seating areas.

Set Up Different Areas for Different Activities

One way to divide up space is to create different seating options designed for various activities. You might set up one space with a couple of armchairs for intimate chats. In another space, you can use a sectional for larger groups.

Design for Versatility

The fact that you can rearrange your conversation areas to suit the occasion is a wonderful thing. You can make this easier by having several oversized ottomans that can be used for seating when needed. Having a few side chairs that are easily moved allows you to change the arrangement at a moment’s notice.

Make Each Area Visually Distinct

If you just randomly fill your large space with furniture, it will look like a chaotic mess. Instead, it’s important to create a visual divide between the different areas. To do this, you can place a unique area rug in each conversation area.

You can also take advantage of built-in features of the room, such as a fireplace, a bay window, or a window seat. Think of each smaller area as a separate room, except that you’ll want to be sure the colors throughout the room are compatible.

Creating smaller spaces within a great room, large living room, or an oversized rec room creates an atmosphere that’s friendly, relaxing and comfortable. You can find the right pieces for each area by looking for a furniture company that offers a wide variety of options. When you get your space set up the way you like it, you, your friends, and your family will enjoy being in your home more than ever before.

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