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Three Places You Can Pick Up Bed Bugs

The first sign that you have bed bug issues is usually the red rash across your body. Bed bugs are attracted to the heat of your body and will suck a tiny bit of blood from your body as you sleep. Sucking the blood is not likely to cause any infection from the bed bug and you’re unlikely to feel any significant effects; the amount of blood taken is simply too small.

However, the bed bug will leave a small lump which looks like a red rash and is incredibly itchy. This will quickly become a nuisance to you and anyone else in your home.

In fact, if you do notice you have a bed bug issue it is important to get the exterminators to help as soon as possible. The sooner you get rid of them the better.

Where Bed Bugs Live

Bed bugs are surprisingly shy. They generally only come out at night and will spend the day hidden in the cracks of your bed and other places in your room. This is why it is so important to get help from your local pest control experts. Bed bugs hide in many places and can be easily transferred to other rooms or buildings. An expert will help to ensure the problem is dealt with properly on the first attempt.

The Places You Pick Up Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are consummate travelers, they’ll hitch a lift virtually anywhere and can travel on your clothing, in a towel, bag, or even inside the edge of your furniture. This is why they can be easily picked up and may be hard to get rid of.

Family & Friends

Bed bugs can get into anyone’s house and then move from their house to yours. If your family or friends have recently been traveling then there are at increased risk of having bed bugs and bringing them home.

Family and friends that have been traveling can even bring them home from the airplane or another mode of transport.


Hotels see thousands of people passing through every year. It only takes one of these to bring the bed bugs to the hotel and then they are often there to stay. Hotels often don’t realize that the bed bugs are there until several people have taken them home and complained.

Equally, if your children stay over at a friend’s house they could pick up bed bugs and bring them home with them.

Summer Camp

Another place that has thousands of visitors is summer camp as children come and go for several weeks at a time. The bed bugs can survive throughout the winter in the sheltered camp cabins and then infest more children in the summer.

Your child will be unaware they are bringing them home, as will you until you realize there is an issue. As always, it is harder to resolve the issue than it is to prevent it in the first place.

If you suspect you have bed bugs then make sure any clothing or bedding from the infected room is bagged; to avoid it infesting other parts of the home.

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Kathy Ramos (Admin)
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