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4 Ways to Create Soft, Placid Interiors With the Womb Chair & Ottoman

The Womb Chair and Ottoman are a great example of the combination of quality, comfort, style, and functionality typical for Scandinavian interior designing. The creator of the design, Eero Saarinen, an architect by occupation, used a mathematical approach to crafting a simple yet functional design.

The beauty of the sitting set isn’t just in voluminous, simple fame. It is a combination of a rounded, flowy style and premium functionality that makes this chair exceptional. Much like the name suggests, it appears that Saarinen molded the base to gently embrace the sitting body, while soft cushions serve for most comfortable sitting. The ottoman falls short of neither comfort nor style. Seemingly simple, a moderately soft cushion is placed upon a rounded base to support your feet gently and ensure hours of comfortable sitting. Polished stainless steel legs offer just the right amount of sturdiness and support while adding fragile elegance and contrasting the design with minimal dimensions. Here’s how the Womb Chair and Ottoman can serve to enrich your interior:

1.Fashionable Relaxation

This chair serves a greater purpose than to simply fill in the empty space. It is made from premium upholstery and structured perfectly to sit back and relax after a hard day at work. Reading newspapers and having your morning coffee will become that more comfortable with the option to rest your feet on a comfortable ottoman

2.Functional Accent

What’s better than a comfortable sitting set to include into your living room that’s lacking vibrancy and color? Nothing! The Womb Chair and Ottoman are exactly the right choices to add color to your neutral space while gaining a high-quality sitting piece designed for relaxation. The sitting set will serve as a perfect accent while gently blending into a variety of styles, from modern to classic, or even rustic and oriental.

3.Dining Room Update

Relax after a satisfying meal without having to leave the room and your family. If you’re one of the people who enjoy having their dessert snuggled in a comfortable chair, the Womb Chair and Ottoman are just the right fit! Moreover, a choice of a vibrant upholstery shade can update the dining room and overall modernize the appearance. With very little effort, you’ll turn your good old dining room into a cheerful space to relax while entertaining.

4.Library Leisure

Now, who says you’re only allowed to read by your library desk? Include a chic Womb Chair and Ottoman into your library, and your late evening reading sessions will become that more relaxing. Imaging sitting comfortably in a chair fully designed to rest and support your back, while your feet rest on a comfortable ottoman. You’ll spend hours reading without having to stretch, change your position, or take a break to stretch your back.

Overall, the Womb Chair and Ottoman are THE sitting set if you’re a fan of Scandinavian interiors. If you’re not, you won’t have trouble choosing the right chair regardless of the size of your room or the style of your interior. Adjustable fabrics and a wide range of upholstery colors ensure that you’ll find just the right chair design, while premium molded fiberglass shell and eco-friendly features of the manufacturing ensure top quality that will serve your home for years to come.

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