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Renovating Your Home? Use the Best Scandinavian Interior

Every homeowner wants to live in a decent, comfortable, and lavish setting! They want their homes to be a reflection of their tastes and choices. Not every homeowner can execute this when they first enter their house, owing to short of cash! However, if it’s time for renovation and you want your house to look a different way, it is essential that you opt-in for a different decor type. Today, most homeowners are saying yes to Scandinavian home decor trends and its various nuances.

Understanding the Scandinavian design patterns

If you browse through the Scandinavian home decor ideas, you will find it all to be very “cozy”! For then, the element of coziness is less to do with a winter element and more as a permanent way of life. That’s what makes this design trend exclusive, bold, and distinctive. Do you love neutrals? Or do you have an affinity for bold prints and stunning textures? If both interest you, then you should opt-in for a Scandinavian interior design plan for your recent home renovation.

Many homeowners shy away from this design trend, thinking that it involves unmanageable interior decor items. The truth is with little holding from an expert interior decorator; the Scandinavian home decor trends come with manageable aesthetics. It brings in new and refined elements, where you can experiment with colors, tertiary pigments, sculptures, and unusual graphic forms. Discussed below are a few ideas you can opt-in for!

Big and bulky stoneware and decorative pieces

Imagine a living room with minimal decor and complemented by chunky candelabras, stone-cold totems as well as heavy decorative items! That’s one of the fundamental Nordic home decor trends you can opt-in for. You need to have an eye for such heavy decorative pieces and place it aesthetically in your house. These decorative items can pass off as unique stand-alone sculptures as well.

Say yes to the deconstructed globes

Try to experiment with conventions differently and then place it back again! The trendy deconstructed globes can accentuate your interior design and give it a new-age and unique look. The spherical composition of a globe gets a new shape. Animated objects and other motifs also get used. You can use this in your hallway, corridors, living rooms, study and many more.

Experiment with grey tones

The Nordics love muted grey tones! Today, the landscape is getting enriched by warm tones which complement the minimalistic landscape. A pale color palette, imperfection, and tactility are some of the essential aspects of Scandinavian design trends. Though these trends point slightly towards the 70s Nordic design that reflected warm browns, today you can use other elements with it as well.

Opt-in for the earthy tones and paint your walls with warm brown or different natural hues. And the wall paint will inspire you to opt-in for natural wood furniture’s and pair it up with dusty pink textiles. Take complete liberty is mixing the brows, the extravagant interior decoration pieces, contemporary or vintage, and create the ambiance you always wanted. You can also use shades of whites, natural wood, and garden green.

You can do a lot with dried flowers

The Scandinavian home decor trend opens you up to unusual ideas! If you thought potpourri was all you could do in your living room, there’s more for you to explore. The Nordic home decor trend is bringing home the concept of dried flowers. Thought it might sound a little dusty or dull, but this decor trend has been an interesting one for 2019. It helps to minimize the waste from the floral shops. And if your home has an earthy tone, this design pattern is most befitting.

Say yes to lavender

Gone are the days when lavender was a springtime delicacy! The Scandinavian home decor trends are all set of experiment with lavender. Do you want something more than the classy whites, warm beiges, and rare navy hues? If yes, purple seems to be an approachable element and tone to work on for your home decor.

Quirky lighting fixtures

It is yet another interesting Scandinavian home decor trends you can sign-up for! The Asian lighting options, for instance, the substantial paper lanterns, have impressed many. The ideal place to flaunt such lighting fixtures is the dining space. Here you can create a happy and light-hearted ambiance for your family dinners and get-togethers.

These are a few of the notable Scandinavian home decor trends that you can say yes to! However, to start with, it is essential that you assess your home space and other features carefully. For instance, if you decide to say yes to deconstructed globes, you should have the required wall space and the correct backdrop to flaunt the same. That aside, it makes perfect sense to get in touch with an expert interior decorator and opt-in for the design trends that fit your home scene well.

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Kathy Ramos (Admin)
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