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How to Decorate a One Room Apartment?

With a budget constraint, many people out there can afford to rent or buy a one-room Apartment. Just because you live in a one-room apartment doesn’t mean you cannot decorate it. A one-room apartment can also look luxurious if you understand exactly how to decorate it to make it feel expensive and huge. Following are some decorating tips to make your small apartment look spacious.

Create Different Zones:

Any home needs 4 different zones to relax, study/work, eat and sleep. See the one-room apartment as a blank canvas and start marking the areas you will be using for each activity. Plan a layout clearly of where you would put your couch, then placement of your bed, a place to cook and eat and your study/office space.

Create a Living Room:

Living Room
This is the space where you will relax.

Use a rug to separate this space from others
Do not get too big or too small couch. It is better if you could customize a couch as per space.
You can get a sofa-cum-bed with storage for the guests.
Tuck two ottomans under the coffee table for guest seating.
Mount the TV on the wall.
Use hanging lamps and art to decorate the space, do not use floor space for decoration.

Separate Kitchen & Dining Space from the Living Area:

Kitchen & Dining Space
It is a good idea to create a partition between the living and kitchen area. Get a dining table which can be expanded whenever guests come home. You can also use a foldable dining table which will be hidden in a wall when closed. Make sure the kitchen cabinet color resembles to the wall, this way the kitchen will look bigger.

Hide the Bedroom:

A studio apartment seems like a studio when the bed is visible from the door. You need to create a partition around the bed to hide it. An effective way is to hide the bed by placing a high bookshelf separating the zone. Another creative idea is to use a folding bed which hides in the wall. If you are using a floor bed, make sure to use a bed which has storage. You can store all your blankets and bedsheets under the bed.

Study/Office Area:

A corner of the apartment can be allocated for the study area. You would need an open area for working efficiently or teaching and learning effectively hence space next to the window would be preferable. You can also use a folding table for this purpose. Another idea is to create your own personalized furniture like a book cabinet along with a study table. You can think of multiple ideas to create a study or an office space as per your apartment size.

Create a Walk-in Closet

One of the most important things you need to consider is to manage your storage space. Storing below the bed or sofa is not the solution. Plan your apartment space to create a space effective walk-in closet like a built-in storage space. This way you can put all your belongings in one space which will make the apartment look cleaner and bigger.

Hanging High Curtains:

Hanging the curtains close to the ceiling can give an illusion of a bigger space. You can hang the curtains from the ceiling too to create partitions.

Paint Your Apartment in a Neutral Color:

Do not experiment with too many colors. paint your apartment in one neutral color. Light color helps in reflecting light better making the apartment look bigger.

Appropriate Amount of Decoration:

Decorating the apartment to make it look lively is a good idea but do not over-decorate the place as too many things will make the space look smaller.

Use Under Floor Heating:

Another trick to save space is to use under-floor heating, so that space is not wasted on radiator placements.

We have defined certain basic guidelines here, but each studio apartment has its own space and requires personalized decoration. Planning the space beforehand and implementing it effectively can make you feel At-Home in your one-room apartment.

Kathy Ramos (Admin)
Kathy Ramos (Admin)
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