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Best Performance Basketball Floors

The world of athletics is very diverse, each sport has its very own rules and characteristics, therefore, the different sports will require different types of surfaces for the players to perform on. With any sport, injury is always a concer, especially with professional teams where players are physically pushed to the limit. One of the most effective ways to prevent injury, is to make sure that athletes are playing on the right type of surface for their sport. Sports flooring is specifically designed to provide shock absorption see more at

Hardwood sports floor

If you are looking to buy a new sports hardwood floor, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that you will be happy with your perchance for many years to come. There are many different manufactures how sell sports floor with different materials and designs, so it is easy to get confused about what they want you to buy and what you actually need.

It is probably safe to assume that you want your floor to be long-lasting, allow good performing, and it should look good. Hardwood sports floors are the most durable, and resilient play surface. This type of floor is ideal for, among other sports, basketball. Besides the already mentioned benefits of hardwood sports floor, this is also visually the most attractive play surface.

Questions to ask before buying new sports floor

The most important aspect to consider before purchasing a new sports floor, is what activities will take place on the floor? Perhaps you are looking for a standard hardwood sports floor that can be used for different types of sports. Or maybe the floor is intended for athletes of a specific sport. This is significant since, resilience, traction, slip resistance, shock absorption, and ball bounce is customized the specific sport that regularly will be played on the floor. So in order for you to get the best floor, you need to talk to your manufacturer about the intended activity on the floor.

Additional points to consider

When talking with the manufacturer of your new hardwood sports floor, you should also touch on topics of safety, the life expectancy of the new floor, and maintenance.

When choosing a floor, it is crucial that the floor provides the right level of friction, in order to assure fast and safe movement for the athletes so they are less prone to injury. A sports floor is a big investment, and it is important to discuss with your manufacturer how you ensure your new floors will last as long as possible. It is important that sports floors are durable and easy to keep clean.

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