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Guide on Sending Flowers in Japan

Japan is famous for the cherry blossoms that bloom heavily on the sakura trees during spring time. These pink blossoms look like lanterns that hang on the trees. There are also other flowers that bloom in Japan during spring such as tulips, peony, wisteria, lilac, and iris. Japan celebrate a lot of special occasions that encourage flower gifting.

Special Events Celebrated with Flower Gifting in Japan

Japan celebrates Valentine’s Day on the 14th February just like in the Western countries. During this day, couples would use use flower delivery services in Tokyo services to send flowers with symbols of loves to each other. The most popular Valentine’s flower in Japan is red rose. It is also common for couples to send tube rose, and lilies to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Japan also celebrate Women’s Day on the 8th March every year. Women’s day is a day to celebrate women in all types of roles including wife, mother, and co-workers. You can send flowers appropriate for the relationship you have with a woman. You can mix different types of flowers like roses, daisies, and gerbera for gift bouquet to a woman friend.

Mother’s Day is a popular celebration in Japan. On Mother’s Day, you can give flowers like gerberas, and orchid to say thank you to your mother. You can also customize your Mother’s Day bouquet with a basket of fruits.

Japanese also celebrate Parents Day on the 1st of June. The Japanese puts a lot of emphasis on honoring parents. It is a sacred day for them to celebrate with flower arrangements like delphiniums, phalenopsis orchid and carnations. The flowers are usually decorated indoor to celebrate Parent’s Day.

On Father’s Day, the children would show their fathers appreciation by giving flowers like lilies, hydrangeas, and alstroemeria. You can also customize the Father’s Day bouquet with a box of candy. Christmas is a national holiday in Japan just like in many other places around the world. During Christmas, family would reunite to celebrate it. You can give red or pink rose to a loved one during Christmas. If you want to give friends flowers on Christmas, you can opt for carnations, and gerberas.

Rules for Sending Flowers in Japan

Although Japan is always thought of a country of many colorful spring flowers, it has a strict rule regarding what flowers can and cannot be sent to a recipient. For example, you can send poinsettias flowers to send Christmas wishes to a friend in Japan. In Japan, chrysanthemums are used to decorate the grave stones so it is not good to send this type of flower for a friend. It is also inappropriate to send chrysanthemum for someone in a hospital in Japan.

If sending flower to someone in hospital, make sure the flower does not have a strong scent or can spread pollen. It is preferably the color of the get well flowers be mild. The petals of the flower should be falling one by one instead of the whole flower dropping off. It is also not a good omen to send potted plant to someone in a hospital as sending potted plant means that you wish the recipient will stay in hospital for long term.

When giving flowers for a wedding in Japan, be sure not to send flowers that can carry a romantic meaning. For example, you should avoid sending red roses. Sending red flower is also no good for congratulating someone who has bought a new house or started a new business. This is because red symbolize fire.

If you admire someone, you can send her a sunflower bouquet. Sunflowers looks like an eye that is faced toward a direction. Hence, sending sunflower means you admire the person which you had seen. Sweet pea is a suitable flower for sending to someone’s funeral in Japan as it symbolize departure.

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