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Is It Legal to Use a Spycam at Home?

Spycams have become an affordable convenience for most home owners. Some spy gear reviews even point out the necessity of having at least one camera inside and outside of your home. It’s not just about security- a spycam is not an essential home item. But how does it fit into the everyday life of a homeowner? And will laws affect its full usage in the day and night cycles?

The Short Answer Of No

There are a few small laws in place that protect privacy but indirectly affect spycam usage at home. This usually revolves around ‘reasonable expectation of privacy’ guidelines. The short and sweet version of it is nothing more than common sense, such as not putting cameras in your bathrooms. If a guest ends up on a spycam that is in the bathroom, then your entire surveillance setup is toast. It’s also in bad taste to record someone in their most private of moments, especially without their knowledge.

You also can’t place a camera outside of your home that can see directly inside someone else’s private dwelling. Even if the camera is on your property, it is still a violation of their rights and you’re not protected under the law. So, once again, use common sense with placement of spycams.

The Long Answer Of Yes

It’s completely legal to record in and outside of your home. The legality is dependent on camera placement, which is one of the many things you should think about before purchasing a spycam. Nanny cams have been legal for years. You won’t run into any problems with a normal setup.

Certain neighborhoods have specific guidelines on outside modifications to the home. This is problematic since a uniform approach is usually preferred in this type of a neighborhood. Technically it isn’t illegal to go against the neighborhood rules, but it can be enforced in a way that makes it illegal to have the camera outside. The only way around this is to appeal or get a camera that is well hidden when it is outside.


You can’t talk about spycam legality without discussing morality. Spycams make it possible for anyone to view and listen in on conversations in real time. If a case ever goes to court and it includes spycam footage, it is never a slam dunk ruling. Morality will always come into play, so even if you’re in the right, never assume that there isn’t a gray area.

This is often a tossup when audio is included with the video. There are separate legal rulings for video and audio recording. Keep that in mind when investing in a home spycam system.

Wrap Up

Spycams should be a part of any home that wants to secure their surroundings. There is no better way to do this, and the cost is minimal in comparison to the other options. People that purchase spycams for home use are less likely to become the target of an ambitious thief. The decision is still up to you, just make sure that you understand the pros and cons of owning a system.

Kathy Ramos (Admin)
Kathy Ramos (Admin)
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