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How to Tidy a Studio Like A Boss

Tidying up a studio-type quarter might be one of the toughest things to do. When you have such a small space, it is crucial to think of how and when to use plastic storage baskets for organizing purposes.

Most people who reside in a studio are city dwellers who are usually busy with work life. And for any city person, keeping a studio-type home is a challenging task. While not many consider it, keeping a tidy space after a long hard day can be good therapy. For this reason, it is important to note a few steps of how to tidy a studio like a boss.

Always Keep the Mess

The most basic tip in tidying a studio is always knowing how to keep the mess. It is so easy to get topsyturvy with a cramp and small space. But just as it’s easy to mess things around, it is also easy to declutter things up. Having the right storages for dirty laundry or office supplies can make or bend the interior design of the room.

For starters, it is essential to have storage boxes that would match the paintings or wallpaper of the wall. It would not be a good idea to have a rainbow laundry basket when the theme of the room is gothic – just for the sake of giving examples.

Also, avoid piling things up in a corner or on top of the desk. Taking some time to organize a couple of things can make room for some beauty in a room. Decluttering stuff is psychologically evident to be promoting well-being. Technically, keeping the mess off the little studio room is like allowing both the owner and the room to breathe. So, breathe out the mess and breathe in the fresh vibe of a tidy room.

Get Shelves

Shelves are important elements in a house. People who are not a fan of shelves tend to have a messy and disorganized arrangement that may one way or another reflect their personalities. Stacking up things with a plastic storage basket may be a good storage idea for tools, laundries, and winter clothes but not for books or office supplies.

Having a couple of shelves also makes the room look spacious since you are arranging things vertically and not horizontally. On a more unique note, shelves can be walls to divide the space between a mini sala and the bedroom. It’s a cute combination of organization and style at once.

When picking a shelve, always consider its size, color, and design. Matching it with the color of the bed is a good idea to keep the motif of the room glowing. Think about having a mini succulent in the middle of the shelve to add a bit of greenery in the surroundings – it helps!

Black and White and Nudes

The color of the room gives off a professional vibe when it is complementary to one another. Also, sticking closely with the colors of black, white, and nude hues creates an elitist atmosphere. These colors are monochromatic in nature and are not hard to blend with each other. They are usually the color that expresses authority and elegance in one.

A black shelf matched with a white bed and off-white painted walls is a great tidying idea. To top the interiors, collect plastic storages that are only in colors of black or white. This concept will make stuff around seem mysterious and clean.

Some people find the black and white combination to be too rigid which is why the nude motif is a choice for them. The nudes of hues are close to earth tones that range from deep dark brown to flesh colors. Mixing it with nature-green hues like having succulents around helps make the room look more vibrant.

Under Bed Storage

Since we are thinking of ideas to tidy up a studio unit, it is essential to maximize every space possible. For this reason, even the space under the bed can be ample space for other things. It can be installed with a separate drawer where clothes, extra sheets, and other stuff can be kept.

If installing a secret drawer under it is an expensive thought, keeping a couple of storage baskets under it is a space-saving thing. Depending on the size of the bed, it can handle at least two or three storage baskets for whatever stuff needed to be secured somewhere. Instead of imagining that there may be monsters under the bed, imagine how space under it can be maximized posture corrector.


Tidying a studio flat can be a tough task considering the cramped space and the design an owner wants. Not to mention, it is also quite expensive to hire someone to do the interior design. While it may take a bit of time and perseverance to tidy up a whole flat, it sure is worth it to see everything in place through exerting personal efforts.

Having an architectural or interior design background is not a mandatory skill for tidying up a mini flat – although it would be a huge help. But with a little bit of research and a couple of storage ideas, fixing up a room or two could be done in no time.

Kathy Ramos (Admin)
Kathy Ramos (Admin)
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