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How to Embellish Your House with Spring Décor

Winter has been long, dreary and very dull. This is the perfect reason to welcome spring and all that it has to offer with the most beautiful flowers. Having greenery and fresh plants in the house does not only make it look good, but it also positive impacts how we feel. And there is nothing better than walking into a colorful and floral scented house in the time of spring. In this article we will be telling you of all the tips that you can use with spring flowers, and create arrangement that will cheer you up. These arrangements can be incorporated anywhere in the house, from the dining tables, to your bedrooms and bathrooms and will give it that pop of color it needs.

Quick arrangements

These arrangements will be ready under 5 minutes, and all you need is a glass bottle of your choice, and some pretty flowers. You can simply create a gorgeous yet very simple arrangement with some fresh flowers that will make it look like you went through a lot of effort to decorate the house.

Having a floral chandelier

This arrangement will require some effort to make but the result will be worth it. For this DIY, you will need a wooden crate of sorts in which you will place the flowers up right so they stand. Make sure the flowers are fixed in place, so they don’t fall over the table. For the arrangement, you can have a variety of spring flowers such as lilac tulips, lavender, baby’s breath and even some pink roses. Think pastel colors for this arrangement.

Mug or cups

This is also a very simple yet effective idea for an arrangement, and all you need is a mug or tea cup of your choice that you won’t be using. The plants that will look exquisite are roses, mosses and some other green foliage, and you can place the produce in tea cups and mugs on the coffee table as the centerpiece.

Wooden boxes

A long rectangular wooden box can be placed in different parts of the room, which you can fill up with fresh spring flowers of different sorts. You could also have the same flowers lined up in a box. This arrangement will also last a while because you will have the flowers in glass jars filled with water in the wooden box. This minimalistic arrangement is not only simple to execute but will also bring a smile to your face as you enter the house. You can also recycle the box for other things after you are done using it as a flower arrangement.

In the end all you need to do is channel your creativity with different ways you can use the flowers as decoration. The best thing about spring flowers is that whatever you end up doing with them, the result will be a good one.

Kathy Ramos (Admin)
Kathy Ramos (Admin)
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