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How Much Does a Building and Pest Inspection Cost in Australia

Buying a home or building for your business can be a huge decision. You’ve gone through the paces of hunting for a property that meets your needs, but you’re still not sure if you’re ready to take the risk of investing in a building you don’t know much about. If this sounds familiar, what you might need is to get a building and pest inspection Gold Coast. Now, if you’re wondering how much does a building and pest inspection cost in Australia, we’ll go through some information to find that out below.

A building inspection will look through several areas of a property and insure it’s in full functioning form, and in good shape. Things such as a property’s wiring, windows, plumbing, gutters, roof, ceilings, retaining walls, driveways and more are examined in a building inspection.
Pest inspections tackle searching a property for any infestations, damage, or other fouls caused by unwanted bugs and animals. This can be especially important for finding damage caused by rodents and termites.

In general, building inspection prices tend to fall into three categories. What you pay for a building inspection will very depending on the size of your building and it’s location.

Small properties tend to start around $200 and work up to $300.

Average homes will often cost somewhere between $400 to $500.

Buildings in metropolitan areas will start around $800 and can go up as high as $1000.

Some of those prices can sound like a lot of money, but it’s a great way to avoid a lot of risk when it comes it getting ripped off on a building that has damage you can’t see. In most cases a building inspection is highly advisable as it can save you from being saddled with a bunk property, or even act as a negotiating tool if the property in question only has light issues.

On the other hand, a pest inspection will cost a fraction of what a full building inspection will cost. Pest inspections don’t require as much extensive investigating, making them a lot more simple to do, while still covering you on a major risk when buying a building. More often, pest inspections will cost between $100 to $150, which is a lot cheaper, and in some cases may be all you need.

So before committing to purchase a property and signing a contract, it’s fair to say that both a pest and a full building inspection are worthy investments that can eliminate much of the risk and fear that comes with buying a new property. Often the fees associated with both a pest inspection and a full building inspection are marginal. However, even in cases where a full building inspection will cost you more, the cost of this can often times pay for itself if the seller will compensate with a discount for issues found with the property.

Plus, it might even save you untold thousands if the report concludes the building you thought you wanted isn’t even safe to stand inside…

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Kathy Ramos (Admin)
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