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Hot Tub Gazebo for a Perfect Backyards

A home hot tub gazebo can be many things. From a tool shed or an extra attic space to even a home spa or an intimate party area, the world’s the limit when you have a home gazebo. This is why more and more homeowners are getting such structures for their backyards. Not only does increase the space in your own home, but it’s also a versatile home feature for your own personal use. Nowadays, it’s no longer that ostentatious to have a home gazebo. Some might argue that it’s become a necessity, especially if you have guests frequently.

Another great use for your home gazebo is a guest room. Actually, this can already count as a home cottage considering its size and space. But whichever you see it, know that it’s easy and simple to turn your home gazebo into a guest room/house. How? Here are a couple of points to take into account.

Take Note of Insulation

Remember that in a guest room/house, you’ll be hosting people to stay in it for a night or two. The most important thing to take note of even before you have the structure built is the insulation. Make sure that, how ever the gazebo is built, your guests will be able to breathe freely in it. It’s always better if you add windows to it. At least with those, the gazebo-turned-guest room won’t be so stuffy. And during the colder seasons, they’ll only need to open up a window to feel the cold breezes. This is especially useful if you’re not planning to install an air-conditioner in the space.

Set it a bit Far from your Main House

Do you know what houseguests like more than anything? It’s not the mints by the pillow or the comfy cushions. Most often than not, houseguests would like to have some privacy. Whether they want to tend to their own personal matters or they don’t want to feel like they’re intruding into your life, houseguests prefer to have privacy when they’re staying at another person’s home. So how can you instill privacy in your hot tub enclosures guest room? Set it a bit far from your main house. Not so far that it’ll take minutes to get to the structure, but just right that they can do whatever they want in it without disturbing you and without you disturbing them!

Make It Private

The importance of instilling privacy into your house-gazebo-turned-guest-room cannot be stressed enough. Oftentimes, it goes way beyond setting it a considerable distance from your own home. You also have to take into account the structure itself. Though you can’t really play with the windows and such, you can always provide curtains, dividers, and other furniture that can help your guests make the space more private for them. The worst feeling for you guest is when they think they’re being watched. Help them feel calmer and collected by providing all sorts of features that better privatize the space. When they feel like they can do whatever they want in it, you’re guaranteed to receive a few compliments about your hospitality.

Put in Proportioned Furniture

Speaking of furniture, make sure all the pieces that you include in the backyard structure are proportionate. Remember that whatever interior decorating rules you apply to your own home should also be applied to your guest room gazebo. The more homely it feels to you, the more it will feel to your guests. With this in mind, make sure that all the pieces of furniture inside the gazebo are proportionate. Not only will this look and feel nice, but it’ll also promote space within the structure. And when your guests have ample space to stretch their legs and put their feet up in your home gazebo, they’re likely to enjoy their stay better!

Soothing Interior Colors Only

On the subject of colors, always put yourself in your guest’s shoes. Would you enjoy staying in a guest room/house painted in a strange hue that’s more in-line with the homeowner’s personality? It would feel uncomfortable, right? Then you shouldn’t do this with your own guest home gazebo. Only go for soothing colors that’ll ensure your guests will have an easier time relaxing in your backyard structure. But what particular hues constitute a soothing color? More or less neutral tones. Never mind that’s they’re slightly boring (think of them as trendy minimal shades instead). At least they’re relaxing enough to look at.

Fill it with the Essentials

With every guest room, it’s always best to fill it with the essentials. The same should be applied to your home-gazebo-turned-guest-room. In fact, it’s more important that you fill the gazebo with the essentials, more so that your guest won’t have to go all the way to your own house to get whatever they need. But what are these essentials? Basically blankets, pillows, chairs, a closet for your guest’s clothes, a candle or two when the power goes out, and stuff like that. Both normal and basic items that every house has in order for you to be comfortable. When your guests have all of these in the guest home gazebo where they’re staying, they’re likely to feel more comfortable in it!

Add a Bathroom

Make your guests lives easier and add a bathroom in your gazebo. It doesn’t need to be big and extravagant, just a big enough comfort room where your guests can do their business in. This goes back to incorporating living essentials and making your guest home gazebo a more private structure. Your guests will feel more secure using that bathroom in the gazebo instead of having to go inside your main house and using yours. Think about it, when they suddenly need to go to the bathroom at 1 am in the morning, would you like that they wake you up so that you can open your back door and they can use your bathroom? Their own bathroom in the guest home gazebo will solve all your problems!

You might not know it yet but your home gazebo can turn into a fabulous guest room/house! Just remember these pointers to ensure that your guest home gazebo will be one your friends, family, and colleagues will actually enjoy staying in!

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Kathy Ramos (Admin)
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