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Glass Pool Fencing-Setting New Standards

For centuries glass has evolved into one of the most useful and beautiful decorative materials adapted for a variety of uses. Transforming old outdated wood swimming pool surrounds into a work of art, glass pool fencing continues to set new standards brought about by the natural beauty of glass.

Distinguishing Differences

Glass pool fencing is often confused or referred to as glass pool railings. Glass fencing for pools in usually higher than the standard 36-48” height required by most building codes for glass railings. Glass railings may appear similar to glass fencing with a noticeable differential in overall height. Glass fencing is typically higher with heights up to five-feet or more.

Maintenance Free

Glass pool fences are virtually maintenance free, requiring no annual cleaning, staining or replacement of damaged wood sections. Glass pool fencing will never need replacing, will not tarnish, crack, chip or fade. Where space is limited or restricted, glass pool fencing provides an ambiance of open space making smaller back yards appear much more significant.


Glass pool fences are 100% weatherproof. From record-setting temperatures to brutal sub-zero cold conditions, glass pool fencing will not warp, bend, swell or shrink. Remaining as beautiful as the day it was installed; glass pool fencing panels come in a variety of thickness to meet all individual requirements.

Increased Property Values

Installation of glass pool fencing around an existing pool will not only dramatically change the appearance of your pool but significantly raise property values. Deemed as a more contemporary form of architecture, glass pool fencing continues to gain national attention from coast to coast due to the simplicity of design with clear viewing.

Visual Appearance

Visual Appearance of glass fencing is breathtaking. See-thru design of this revolutionary pool fencing gives a panoramic view of your entire backyard without restrictions. Monitoring the movement of small children offers parents assurance of the best in safety standards. Glass pool fencing continually sets new trends with unlimited potential adding a touch of sophistication to any outdoor pool.

Looking to the Future

Setting new standards is often a combination of looking towards the future in conjunction with design technology that is apparent. Beautiful and durable glass pool fencing continues to take the enclosure of pools to new and unprecedented levels. Transforming your backyard into a showplace, glass pool fencing is looking into the future while setting new trends.

Kathy Ramos (Admin)
Kathy Ramos (Admin)
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