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Home Improvement in Simple Terms: 5 Things You’ll Need for Installing a Tint on Your Windows

Window tint film can provide a lot of benefits for homeowners. Depending on the tint used, it can help block the sun’s rays to keep the home at a more comfortable temperature or to prevent harmful UV rays from entering the home. It can also provide security or help ensure people can’t see inside the home easily. When a homeowner wants to install a tint on their windows, they will need to make sure they have all of the tools ready.

Window Tint Sized for the Windows

Homeowners will need to ensure they have the right window tint film for their home and their preferences. They should look for Custom Size Window Tint for Home so they can ensure the tint will fit in the window properly. This will be easier to use than a larger roll that needs to be cut and can help the homeowner ensure they don’t purchase more than they might need to do all of their windows. All windows should be measured carefully before ordering the custom sizes.

Cleaning Supplies

The window needs to be thoroughly cleaned to ensure the window tint adheres properly. A mixture of soap and water should be used to clean the window and remove anything that might be stuck on it. Then, the homeowner should rinse the window to remove any traces of soap. This should be done right before the window tint is installed to minimize the chance of any dirt getting on the window before the installation.

Spray Bottle With Water

Most window tint adhesives are activated using water. The window should be sprayed with water lightly before the tint is applied. More water can be added as needed to ensure the window tint adheres to the window completely. A spray bottle with clean water inside makes this a lot easier to do and can enable the homeowner to get the job done faster. It also helps to ensure there is sufficient water for the window tint to adhere properly without the homeowner having to worry about getting too much water on the window.

A Squeegee

Once the window tint has adhered to the window, a squeegee is needed to remove any air bubbles that might be trapped under the tint. The homeowner should carefully go over the entire window to remove any air bubbles that might have appeared. This should be done immediately after the window tint is installed so the adhesive has not had time to dry and the window tint can still be smoothed out.

Razor Blade to Cut the Film

Even though the window tint was cut to size, it may need to be trimmed. This could happen if the measurements weren’t accurate or if the tint was cut a little larger than necessary before the installation. The homeowner should cut the tint to be around 1/16 of an inch smaller than the window.

Cuts need to be done as soon as possible after the installation and should be done carefully to avoid damaging the window itself.

If you want to tint your home’s windows, make sure you have all of the necessary supplies on hand before getting started. If you decide this might be too difficult for a DIY project or you want to ensure the window tint is installed properly, talk to a local installer today. They can ensure every step is done correctly so the windows look great after the tint is installed.

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