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Clean Air and Fresh Smells for Your Home

One of the main reasons that your home continuously smells so nice is that the air coming through is cleaned up by your air filters. The tight mesh weaving is used to keep incoming airflow clean so that you do not have to worry about any allergens or pollutants. This great for your home and makes sure that the air outside does not bring in any issues that could lead to lower air quality in your home. However, the air filters in your home become dirtier over time, and eventually require replacement. Otherwise, the resulting issues build and cause problems throughout your home.

Cleaning Up Airflow

The air filters in your home are capable of trapping and absorbing the particles that travel through air while letting fresh air flow through. This process means that your home stays smelling fresh and clean while becoming healthier to breathe. The filters ability to clean up incoming airflow is rated on the MERV rating system. This system actually rates the filters based on the tightness of their mesh weaving. The tighter the weaving, the higher the rating, but that is not always a good thing. Higher rated air filters run into the issue of having problems allowing airflow to pass through easily into the home.

The air filters in a system for your home are usually rated at more average ranges on the MERV range due to the tightness of their weaving. When the weaving is too tight, then air has trouble coming through and they become dirtier at a much faster rate. But you do not want the filter to have too low of a rating either or the particles will travel through without any problems. Either way, the filters become dirtier over time and require replacement in order to prevent the systems from struggling with pushing air flow through. The result of this extra effort being additional energy billing and repair damages.

Installing New Home Air Filters

During the ordering process for  new air filters you will be asked several questions in order to gauge just what air filters you will need. These questions include size and MERV rating, the former you will be able to read form the system owners manual and the latter being commonly in the average range. If you do not have the manual, then check the cardboard edge of the old filter for the numbers and use them to order new filters of a similar size. The new filters that come in are usable upon arrival, so all you need to do is swap out the old ones for the new. Afterwords, be sure to check on the filters since they may need to be swapped out as often as monthly.

Steam Cleaning

Dust building up over time is an inevitable part of living anywhere. No matter how clean we are, our floors will eventually start to show signs that dust and dirt are present. An easy way to combat this is a steam cleaner, which allows you a quick, effective method of cleaning floors that doesn’t involve getting on your hands and knees.

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