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7 Ways of Using the Pelican Chair in Commercial Settings

The unfettered whimsy and eclectic nature of the Pelican chair is wasted if it is only used in residential projects. It has the type of charismatic presence that can completely transform a number of public spaces. Here are 7 ways you can use this chair in commercial settings:


Large restaurant establishments – even fine-dining ones – can benefit from the gorgeous beauty of the Pelican chair. These places usually offer a one-of-a-kind experience, which can be introduced in an eccentric yet comfortable manner by placing clusters of pelican chairs around adequately sized tables.

Hipster cafes

These days, small sized cafes are cropping up all around the place. Their hipster ambiance is an eclectic mix of boho-chic décor and light food options. The furniture in these spaces is really unique, which is why the Pelican chair would be the perfect fit for it. A cluster of these colorful chairs around medium-sized tables would create a cozy yet quirky aura that attracts a lot of patrons.

Large lobbies

Commercial buildings that house a lot of business offices tend to have extremely large circulation spaces. They come in handy when the crowd is large in the mornings and evenings, but all the time in-between is when they feel totally redundant. Well, you can leech off this uselessness right out of them by furnishing with the Pelican chair. The sculptural beauty of this chair will effuse these space with a fun vibe while its oversized outlook nicely fills in the empty parts where employees can spend their break time.

Cozy libraries

The intimate and cozy atmosphere of a library relishes in its comfortable ambiance and busy, hush-hush surroundings. While mainstream libraries offer nothing more than hard plastic chairs for their patrons, the good ones feature more welcoming sitting options. The pelican chair is an excellent choice to furnish libraries with. It can match the grandness of all the literature compiled in such compact spaces and provide a lush seating for everyone to enjoy.

Luxurious Hotels

The private and public areas of plush and luxurious hotels are a great furnishing ground for Pelican chairs. These spaces are usually oversized by design, so the furniture used in them has to be scaled right in order to feel complementary. So, whether it’s in the royal suites, penthouses, waiting areas, or even adjoined bars or eateries, the Pelican chair would make a great addition in this type of a commercial space.

Reception waiting

The reception area of any business is what sets the tone for the rest of the office space. It’s where both employees and potential business investors start their journey, so it needs to be furnished in an excellent way. The wide girth, artistic form, and stylish looks of the Pelican chair are perfect for arranging a neat sitting frame-work where everyone can comfortably enjoy their short wait before entering the main office space.

Huddle spaces

Modern offices these days are foregoing the typical authoritarian meeting rooms that stifle the creativity of the employees. Instead, people are opting for huddle-spaces where different teams can sit around on equal footing and share their ideas openly with each other. The Pelican chair is perfect for furnishing such spaces with. Its comfortable embrace and stylish aura are a great way to break the ice before starting any conversation.
As you can see, the amazing charisma and graceful articulation of these chairs can make even the most boring of spaces come alive!

Kathy Ramos (Admin)
Kathy Ramos (Admin)
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