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5 Home Design Trends You Can’t Miss This Spring

With spring around the corner, it’s time for changes and to take your home out of winter hibernation. There is no better time to give your property a total face-lift!

This spring, add a fresh vibe to your home by incorporating some top interior design trends from leading designers around the world that we’ve put together for you – in association with self-storage provider, Storage Giant.

Space, space, space

To give your space an immediate boost of freshness, start by decluttering your space. It’s time to get rid of any redundant items from Christmas and put your favourite accessories away by locking them up safely in your local self-storage unit until December comes round again. You might also want to consider selling any unwanted items on eBay to generate an extra boost of cash that you could later invest in brand new items – clever, right?


Eco-friendly lifestyles have become popular in recent years, and there is no better way to show off your contribution to the environment by filling your home with air-purifying, pretty plants.

They give your space an instant dose of beauty, ambience and freshness. They also filter out harmful chemicals from the air. Top indoor plants you should embrace in your shopping list this year according to The Spruce include Hearth Leaf Philodendron, Assorted Desert Rose Echeveria and Peace Lilies.


Nothing screams “spring” better than a fresh lick of paint added to your walls and maybe even individual pieces of furniture.

The first room to consider is the kitchen. With the average person spending up to 80% of their time in the kitchen while cooking, cleaning and entertaining, the kitchen is an obvious first choice when it comes to applying an upgrade.

If you’re considering a new wall colour, a hint of soothing grey or green will never go out of fashion. But bear in mind there is no a better time than spring to experiment, so how about transforming your kitchen into an industrial chic vibe spirit by adding a touch of blackened zinc?

Feeling even braver? Take your kitchen into a vibrant journey of the Californian beaches with sunny yellow walls – Interior God approved!

Keep it personal

“Insta-worth” is a common buzzword in the interior design word. If you scroll down your Instagram feed carefully you might soon notice patterns that are being followed by influencers around the world – including minimalist spaces, lots of marble and “copper-everything” trend.

However, there is one element missing in that Instagram game – the element of your own personality. So if you want your home décor to really stand out, make sure that you supplement it with several very personal items such as DIY blanket your mum had presented you last Christmas, or a vintage armchair that was in your family for years.

Make a statement

If your creativity is limited by budget constraints, skip re-decorating the entire house and think about creating a statement detail instead. This could be anything, ranging from an original rug you saw the other day at the Indian market to a bold ceiling (in fact, the last time we can note ceilings making such as buzz as they are with 2019 interior trends harkens way back to the ornate moulded tin ceiling of the roaring ‘20s!).

So how about giving this neglected part of your apartment a little bit of love this spring?

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7 Ways of Using the Pelican Chair in Commercial Settings

The unfettered whimsy and eclectic nature of the Pelican chair is wasted if it is only used in residential projects. It has the type of charismatic presence that can completely transform a number of public spaces. Here are 7 ways you can use this chair in commercial settings:


Large restaurant establishments – even fine-dining ones – can benefit from the gorgeous beauty of the Pelican chair. These places usually offer a one-of-a-kind experience, which can be introduced in an eccentric yet comfortable manner by placing clusters of pelican chairs around adequately sized tables.

Hipster cafes

These days, small sized cafes are cropping up all around the place. Their hipster ambiance is an eclectic mix of boho-chic décor and light food options. The furniture in these spaces is really unique, which is why the Pelican chair would be the perfect fit for it. A cluster of these colorful chairs around medium-sized tables would create a cozy yet quirky aura that attracts a lot of patrons.

Large lobbies

Commercial buildings that house a lot of business offices tend to have extremely large circulation spaces. They come in handy when the crowd is large in the mornings and evenings, but all the time in-between is when they feel totally redundant. Well, you can leech off this uselessness right out of them by furnishing with the Pelican chair. The sculptural beauty of this chair will effuse these space with a fun vibe while its oversized outlook nicely fills in the empty parts where employees can spend their break time.

Cozy libraries

The intimate and cozy atmosphere of a library relishes in its comfortable ambiance and busy, hush-hush surroundings. While mainstream libraries offer nothing more than hard plastic chairs for their patrons, the good ones feature more welcoming sitting options. The pelican chair is an excellent choice to furnish libraries with. It can match the grandness of all the literature compiled in such compact spaces and provide a lush seating for everyone to enjoy.

Luxurious Hotels

The private and public areas of plush and luxurious hotels are a great furnishing ground for Pelican chairs. These spaces are usually oversized by design, so the furniture used in them has to be scaled right in order to feel complementary. So, whether it’s in the royal suites, penthouses, waiting areas, or even adjoined bars or eateries, the Pelican chair would make a great addition in this type of a commercial space.

Reception waiting

The reception area of any business is what sets the tone for the rest of the office space. It’s where both employees and potential business investors start their journey, so it needs to be furnished in an excellent way. The wide girth, artistic form, and stylish looks of the Pelican chair are perfect for arranging a neat sitting frame-work where everyone can comfortably enjoy their short wait before entering the main office space.

Huddle spaces

Modern offices these days are foregoing the typical authoritarian meeting rooms that stifle the creativity of the employees. Instead, people are opting for huddle-spaces where different teams can sit around on equal footing and share their ideas openly with each other. The Pelican chair is perfect for furnishing such spaces with. Its comfortable embrace and stylish aura are a great way to break the ice before starting any conversation.
As you can see, the amazing charisma and graceful articulation of these chairs can make even the most boring of spaces come alive!

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Buying Quality Curtain Fabrics Online

Buying products online can be difficult. You can see photos of what you’re buying, but you can’t touch the products or guarantee that the photos are a realistic representation of what the product will actually look like. If you want to buy curtain fabrics online, always look for a provider that offers custom made curtains to your unique specifications. This will avoid ill-fitting curtains that won’t meet your expectations. You need to be sure that you’re going to get quality fabric that will make beautiful and durable curtains. To find the right fabric for your home decor, you first need to know how and where to look for fabric. You also need to understand what to look for to find quality fabric that will work for you.

Consider Your Needs

Before you choose a curtain fabric online, you need to know what you’re looking for. Firstly, think about the purpose of your curtains. Curtains can do a lot of different things, so it’s important to know what you want them for. Perhaps you want blackout curtains that will completely bar any light from entering a room from outside. You might also want thermal curtains to improve energy-efficiency and warmth in your home. Another important thing to consider is just how much material you’re going to need. To work this out, you’re going to need to take measurements of the window where you want the curtains to hang, decide on a length and also choose a curtain style.

Searching for Curtain Fabrics Online

When you look for curtain fabrics online, you might begin your search using a search engine. This should bring up plenty of options if you use the right search terms, but choosing the best website might not be so simple. You need a site that has plenty of options, and lots of information about ordering their products. You should be able to check information like their shipping and returns policy, and ideally see reviews for their products too. Another great feature to have is the ability to look at curtain fabrics in categories and to filter them by material, colour, style, and other requirements.

Curtain Materials

Material is one of the most important things to consider when you’re buying curtain fabrics online. You can choose from a variety of different materials, each of which has different qualities.

Some of the materials that you might consider include:

Cotton and polycotton – versatile materials that tend to be on the lighter side but can come in a variety of weights, and can benefit from lining
Linen – an excellent fabric if you want a more informal look, offering everything from light to heavy weights
Wool – a heavier fabric that’s perfect if you want to create a warm, inviting and perhaps traditional look
Silk and faux silk – choose silk if you’re looking for more of a glamorous feel from your curtain fabric
Velvet – another luxurious option for your curtain fabric, velvet comes in several styles, but make sure you check that it can be used for curtains

Read Product Descriptions

As you’re looking at curtain fabrics, there should be plenty of photos to look at. Additionally, there should be a good product description that tells you all about the fabric that you want to buy. It will include information like the material’s weight, content, and width so that you know exactly what you’re buying.

Check Reviews

When you shop online, taking a look at the reviews for products and for the seller, in general, is a wise practice. When you read reviews, you can see what previous customers have thought of their purchases and the quality of the material that they received. This can help to reassure you that if you decide to place an order, you are more likely to receive something that is a true representation of what you thought you were buying. Reviews can be helpful, but remember that if there are ten good reviews and one bad one, the negative review doesn’t have to put you off.

Order a Sample

The great thing about ordering fabric online is that you can often order a sample. When you ask for a sample, you will be sent a small swatch so that you can check out the quality of the fabric. Some retailers offer free samples, which might be off-cuts from orders. Sometimes you might have to pay a small amount for a sample, but it’s usually not very much. When your sample arrives, you can take a look at the weight, feel and look of the fabric to see if it’s right for you.

Buying curtain fabrics online can help you to find quality fabrics that look and feel incredible. You can buy online and feel confident that you will get quality fabrics.

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Ways to Give Your Bathroom a Unique Look

There’s no getting around it, the bathroom can be an expensive room to renovate, particularly if you’re starting from scratch. However, there’s a lot to be said for a successful renovation – least of all the satisfaction of a job well done, and the prize of a relaxing space that you can call your own. An attractive bathroom could even add value to your home, and so any makeover is worth doing well.

The bathroom is fast becoming so much more than a functional space, to which very little artistic thought is given. We want our bathrooms to speak for and to us, and to be able to harness all of our creativity to fashion a space we’ll want to spend time in pampering and preening. Homeowners now spend hours poring over the right fixtures and fittings, colors and finishing touches, all in an attempt to create something wholly perfect. If you’re hoping to give your bathroom a unique new look there’s a lot to take in. It will all be worth it in the end, though. We promise!

Theme your space

Your bathroom, your rules. One of the most striking ways to create a unique bathroom space is to choose a theme that will best reflect your use of the space. Would you prefer the calming colors and plush fixtures of a relaxing spa bathroom, or the energy and bold hues of something more contemporary? The colors, fixtures and fittings, and accessories that you choose will all contribute towards your bathroom’s overarching theme and help to create a space that you’re proud to call your own. Consider your new bathroom’s theme and layout very carefully.

Splash out on fixtures

You don’t have to alter your bathroom’s layout or theme to make it uniquely yours, of course; choosing different fixtures and fittings can make a world of difference to your own oasis of calm. These fixtures are the heart and soul of any bathroom, and selecting a different toilet, sink, faucets, shower, tub, or radiator could affect how dramatically it beats. There’s a whole world of unique fixtures and fittings waiting to be discovered, including faucets that appear to be works of art as well as a means of dispensing water. The fixtures and fittings you fall in love with will determine your bathroom’s finish.

Choose distinctive window dressings

Giving your bathroom a unique, new look could be as simple as replacing dated curtains, which are usually the first victims of damp and humidity. Blinds, too, are prone to mold, and can be difficult to keep clean. Plantation shutters are a great move towards making the most of light in your bathroom, and are effortlessly stylish, too. Shutters are waterproof and durable and tend to hang well away from fixtures and fittings. What’s more they’re easily wiped clean and hygienic, and can be used to create light, airy spaces without sacrificing your dignity.

Consider stylish storage

Clutter is the scourge of most modern bathrooms. It makes very little sense to spend hours choosing color schemes, themes and fixtures, only to bury your brand new bathroom beneath a pile of mismatched toiletries. The good news is that many contemporary storage solutions are as stylish as the bathrooms they’re designed for. Wall-mounted cupboards, under-sink storage and glass shelves will give clutter a home without diminishing your bathroom’s unique new look. Meanwhile glass jars, vintage baskets and wooden boxes can wrangle almost any loose item with style and success.

Accessorize your space

There’s absolutely nothing as unique as your personality, and your bathroom’s finishing touches are as important as the essential fixtures when it comes to transforming your space. Perhaps you’d like to create an oasis of quiet and calm with scented candles and soft, mood lighting. You might choose to hang a statement mirror or piece of art, or bring the outdoors inside with tropical plants, cuttings from the garden or subtle animal prints. Some choose to store books and magazines so that their bathroom becomes a real retreat from a busy lifestyle. Whatever you do, remember that your bathroom is your haven.

Bathrooms are a necessity; an essential part of any home; however, that doesn’t mean they deserve any less thought when it comes to renovations and interior design dreams. Yes, it is possible to combine style and functionality. Bathrooms are increasingly regarded as safe spaces from stress, as well being the place where we become ourselves for the day or evening ahead. Renovating and decorating a bathroom can become a true labor of love, but we promise you it will be worth it.

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7 Ways You Can Make Your New Sofa Bed a Million Times More Comfortable

I love a good party. The types of parties that end up in everyone drinking a bit too much which requires them in staying over are the best. Knowing that when we all wake up the next morning, it’s going to warrant a very hungover trip to McDonalds. However, in my pre-party, sober ‘planning state’, I am sent into a frenzy trying to allocate guests to rooms without overcrowding each other. This ultimately ends up in a guest or two being given the dreaded sofa bed. All of my memories of sofa beds have been more than unpleasant which has made me determined to provide my sofa guests the best night’s sleep I can possibly give them with these seven tips. Obviously, it starts with a quality sofa bed, so Visit Domayne Australia for a great range of sofa beds online and in store.

Fresh Bedding

There is nothing like getting into bed with beautiful fresh clean sheets so a sofa bed should be no different. Investing in quality bedding such as sheets with a high thread count means that your guests can drift off to sleep in pure comfort and not feel like they have been designated the ‘old’ sheets.

Fluffy Pillows

One thing that sofa beds are known for is the lack of support. That is why it is crucial that you provide your guests with quality, plush pillows that will give them a good night’s sleep. Don’t sacrifice comfort for style and make sure that you keep it soft and simple for your guests.

It’s better to have too much than not enough!

Even if you’re nice and warm in your bedroom upstairs, there’s a big chance that you guests on the sofa bed downstairs might be catching a lot of cold air. Always give your guest the option of more blankets by storing them close to your sofa bed. The Domayne exclusive Avellino Fabric Sofa Bed features an in-built storage compartment so that you can keep extra pillows and blankets close by. With a bold structure and neutral colours, this sofa will maintain style while still delivering on exceptional comfort.

Mattress Toppers

While mattresses overtime can wear out, you don’t need to splurge on an entirely new one to provide your guests with quality comfort. By adding a mattress topper, you can revitalise your current mattress and strengthen the support given to your guests as they sleep.

A Quality Frame

It’s hard to get to sleep in a bed that isn’t your own. The start of the night usually consists of a bit of tossing and turning until you can get that spot just right. The last thing you want is for the frame to squeak all the while you try to drift off to bed.

Clean It!

Ensuring the mattress and lounge itself are clean are one of the most important things to keep in mind. Even if you go to the trouble of dressing your pull out lounge with high quality sheets, your guest will immediately feel uncomfortable if they can sense that their bed for the night isn’t clean. Image is everything so it is crucial that you keep style in mind. This Lex 2 Seater Sofa Bed is a great example of contemporary style without the ridiculous price tag that sometimes accompanies it. Visit to learn more.

Good Lighting

Staying on a sofa bed is unfamiliar enough as it is. Giving your guests soft lighting so that they can get their bearings in the middle of the night is a must. Make sure that your guest can easily turn the light on and off so they aren’t disturbed throughout the night.

Staying on the sofa bed doesn’t have to be the curse that many make it out to be. While there are many negative connotations and memories attached to the idea of a sofa bed, if you invest in a quality set and put a little extra effort into maintaining it, you might even have guests fighting over it. Find a piece that conveys style, practicality and comfort today thanks to Domayne Australia.

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3 Fixes To Make Before You Rent Your Home

Few potential renters will want to move into a fixer-upper. More often than not, renters seek out a move-in-ready home with clean floors and a beautiful curbside appeal.

Renters expect to move into a home they need only to decorate and make their own — for the life of the lease, anyhow. While a free rental application is appealing, it might not be enough to lure potential renters without the proper curbside appeal. When it comes to large repairs and structural damage, these necessary maintenance tasks are vital for getting tenants into your rental property.

Here are some of the top home fixes to perform before advertising your rental property.

The roof

The roof is one of the most obvious features on a home. It’s often the first thing that potential renters will see when they walk up to the front door. Curling shingles, moldy tiles, or a bending gutter can be enough to dissuade any renter, even if the inside of the home is perfect.

Replacing the roof on your building will help improve its appeal to renters, and it can even give you a great return on investment. Spending $10,000 to install a new roof might just tip the scales in your favor. At the very least, performing a thorough cleaning of the shingles to rid them of mold and fungus will look better to potential renters. Ridding your home of unsightly features is a great first step to improving your home’s curb appeal.


The flooring of your home can make or break a potential rental. People want to see the same floor extending throughout the house. Even more, they want to see a fresh floor without any dings, dents, or urine stains from when you were training your new puppy.

Hardwood floors have become a particularly hot commodity after the flood of carpeting in the 1960s. Homeowners are tearing up old carpet to discover hardwood gems underneath or install new hardwoods to replace the old. Though oak is among the most popular, vinyl flooring can mimic the appearance of hardwood without the high costs. There are a few different ways that you can achieve great-looking floors without spending a fortune in the process.


Checking the water pressure is an essential feature to test before trying to rent a home. Savvy tenants also check for leaks, cracks in the home’s foundation, and any bumps in the yard that foretell potential disasters in plumbing.

Relying on an Edmond plumber to inspect your rental property is a great option before you seek renters. Many older homes haven’t had a plumbing inspection in years. Potential tenants will love to see the promise of new plumbing on a rental ad or listing. This could be a major component in standing out among the rest of the houses on the rental market, especially if you live in a historic area that’s known for its older homes. Plumbing repairs can get pricey, but this kind of project has a high return on investment.

If only the work stopped once the big repairs were made. As with any house, a rental property needs regular maintenance. You’ll need to check filters, fix cracked caulking, flush the water heater, clean the gutters, and much more. Remember that performing these fixes regularly will nearly always save you money in the long run.

Making these three necessary home repairs — and then maintaining other areas as needed — can truly make or break the rental of your home. Consider investing in these large repairs when you want your rental property filled with the best tenants.

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The Best Five Storage Spaces in Miami

People like to hold on to certain things for different reasons. Nostalgia can hit at any moment, and when it does, we want to have things that can give us a feeling as close as possible to the first one we experienced.It can be your first suit that you wore to your high school graduation. It can be your study lamp that got you through many tough nights in college.It can even be the first couch you bought after getting your first job.

However, life moves fast; you may not always have space in your home to keep all these things that have sentimental value to you.

Enter public storage spaces, the answer to your storage problems.For a small monthly price, you get to keep all the things you value in a small enclosed area where only you can access.These storage spaces are not all the same. Some companies provide better storage spaces than others.
Here are the best five public storage Miami spaces:

1.Storage Post Miami–Little Havana

Security is a prominent feature of this company with surveillance cameras placed in several areas around the building. They accept cash and checks as well as Visa/MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover. A security deposit will be required before moving in.You can access your valuables at any time of the day.The smallest unit is a four by four for $42 while the largest is a ten by twenty-two for $219.

2.Value Store It – Little Havana

This storage facility accepts both cash and checks. You can also pay via Visa/MasterCard.You will not be required to pay a security deposit before you move in.However, they do not have 24-hour access, and the kiosk in the facility does not operate for 24 hours.Their smallest unit is a five by five for $35 while their largest unit is a ten by twenty for $349.

3.Extra Space Storage – Miami Gardens

This company is keen on ensuring a risk-free reservation. You do not have to pay until you move in and you can easily change your reservation online.A security deposit is not required. The payment methods are cash, checks, Visa/MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover.

However, it does not provide 24-hour access to your storage space, and the in-house kiosk does not operate for 24 hours.Their smallest unit is a five by five for $48 while their largest unit is a ten by thirty for $357.

4.Safeguard Self Storage – Design District

Cash, checks, Visa/MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover, are acceptable payment methods for this facility.You will not be required to pay a security deposit before moving in.Only business users can get 24-hour access to their storage space, but they have to pay an additional monthly fee.Their smallest unit is a one point five by five for $41 while their largest unit is a fifteen by sixteen for $467.

5.Extra Space Storage – Hialeah, 6th Street

The rent at this facility is due on the same day each month when the lease started. Payment methods are Cash, checks, Visa/MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover.No security deposit is required. The facility does not have 24-hour access, and the kiosks in the premise do not operate for 24 hours.Their smallest unit is a five by five for $31 while their largest unit is a twenty by twenty-five for $456.

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Tips for Hiring the Best Home Cleaning Services in Meridian City

Sometimes your home or office might need a professional touch. It saves you the hassle and the stress of cleaning your entire place all yourself. The cleaning professionals have the special tools necessary for cleaning every area of your home. Most of these services are very fast and effective. However, there are tens of cleaning and restoration services in Meridian city. Some of these companies may only damage your property in the name of cleaning it. This makes it almost impossible for you to choose the right company to clean your home. This article will guide you on how to pick the best cleaning and restoration services.

1. Enquire About the Services Offered By the Company

Before you hire a cleaning service for your home, ask the potential agency about the nature of the services they offer. Depending on the nature of the cleaning you want for your home, know if they will clean offer you the services you need. They should be able to offer both outdoor and indoor services. The company you need to hire should be able to offer services such as water damage restoration in case of flooding, black mold removal, smoke odor removal services, water cleanup and rebuilding of homes.

2. Interview More Than One Company

Different cleaning companies have different cleaning plan and services. The advantage of talking to more than one company is that it leaves you with a choice of a company that offers the exact services you want for your home. Ensure the staff of the company you are about to hire is well trained in dealing with water damage restoration, black mold removal, smoke odor removal services, water cleanup and rebuilding of homes.

3. Is the Company Committed to Green Cleaning?

Consider hiring the company that is sensitive about protecting the environment. An example of such a company is the ServiceMaster Meridian. The company should use the cleaning methods and products that are environmentally friendly. Enquire the company that supplies the cleaning agency with their cleaning products. Are they sensitive to keeping the environment safe? This to avoid damaging your property and causing negative effects to your health. The cleaning products should be safe for your kids and pets. If the company is insensitive about preserving the environment, avoid hiring them.

4. The Costs

Check out for the costs of the potential agencies you need to hire. Compare the prices against the services offered. How do they charge? Is it hourly or based on the size of the house? Do not go for companies that charge too high. Stick to your budget. Get different price quotes from different companies. Settle for the company that satisfies in terms of the price and services. Remember, in most cases, low costs may mean poor services. Ensure that the company does not have hidden charges. Confirm that the quote they give you is the cost you are going to pay for the services offered.

5. Referrals from Family and Friends

The best way to find good services is by asking people you trust and who have used the services in the past. If they were satisfied with the services, they will recommend it to you and vice versa. This is the best way of getting genuine references.

6. Online Reviews

Another way of picking a good cleaning and Restoration Company is by checking the online reviews for the potential company. The online reviews are honest. Pay attention to what is being said about the company. If the majority of the reviews are negative, that is a red flag, their services were not impressive. And you would not hire the company with a tainted reputation. Go the company with positive reviews.

Remember, the process involves letting people into your personal space. Ensure you pick the ones you are comfortable with. Take your time to put these things into consideration.

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5 Qualities of a Good Kitchen Design

A good kitchen design enhances the process of cooking and eating for a home. Most people are specific on how their kitchen is designed. If you are building a house you will on the plan for it to be attractive as well as practical. The eating and cooking zone should be spacious and well-ventilated. Additionally, it needs to incorporate beautiful and long-lasting materials for kitchen floors and surfaces. The five qualities to look for in a kitchen design include:

1)Conducive KitchenWorkspace

An ideal kitchen can comfortably hold a minimum of 3 people at a time. It should not be restricting in space when occupied. If you are looking to build a house, make sure you put extra money and attention to your kitchen. A well-spaced kitchen is comfortable to cook in. You can also share the kitchen with your family or friends and enjoy the cooking experience together.

You should consider hiring experts to design your kitchen professionally. German Kitchen Center is a reputable expert in modern kitchen design.

2)Satisfactory KitchenStorage

Enough storage is essential in every kitchen. You need adequate space to store kitchen accessories and groceries. Having sufficient room ensures that you store and place kitchen products thoughtfully. Proper storage will allow you to locate your items in the kitchen quickly while orderly arrangement will add beauty to your kitchen.

3)Proper KitchenVentilation

Ventilation is vital in your kitchen. A proper flow of air ensures that the kitchen smells good as the ventilation allows escape of stale air and fresh air occupies the room. A stuffy kitchen is not a good environment to cook and eat in. To enhance the eating and cooking process, the kitchen needs to have a conducive environment.

4)Kitchen Cabinets, Floors, and Surfaces

Surfaces and floors need to contain or be made of long-lasting materials.The materials used to make sinks, kitchen tops, and other surfaces need to be of durable materials. Materials that are not prone to easy or fast decay for example a water-resistant material. Don’t be hesitant to spend more on the contents of your kitchen since the results are bound to be practical as well as beautiful and will bring you satisfaction for years to come.

5)Easy to Clean Kitchen

A kitchen is a place that is prone to get dirty often and very fast. The floors and surfaces should be easy to clean. They should not stain or hold debris. A perfect kitchen should not give you a headache in cleaning it. See that the designer of your kitchen shows options of materials that are easy to clean and maintain. Additionally, a spacious kitchen is easier to clean since there is less room for debris to hide. If you are looking for a comfortable cooking experience, a well-designed kitchen will bring satisfaction with small details like that.

Bottom Line

Every household has to have a kitchen; the only difference is the cooking experience. A stuffy and dirty kitchen will make the cooking experience unpleasant. The best way to get joy out of your kitchen is to design it so that it does half of the work for you, making the experience less of a chore and more of an easy and fun engagement.

Take time, money and effort to ensure the state of your kitchen is friendly to the needs of you, your family and your friends. The above five characteristics are a must for a good kitchen and good experience in that kitchen. If you incorporate them, you will be glad you made the investment in the kitchen made specifically for you.

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These House Problems Should Be Tackled Immediately

When it comes to maintaining your home, your chores are usually split into two categories. Issues like squeaking door hinges, dripping faucets and chipped tiles can be shifted to the back burner without any consequence. Then there are the Real Problems™ that can’t be treated like annoyances you put on a to-do list and forget about — these situations need to be addressed the moment that you notice them. Let’s take a look at these issues, so you know when you should take action — and when you can take a break.

Dangerous tree branches

One of the red flags that you should never ignore as a homeowner is a dangling tree branch — a long and precarious limb can tumble during a harsh winter storm with strong winds or heavy snowfall. The branch can cause a lot expensive damage by landing on your house, your garage or your car parked outside.

People who have homeowner’s insurance may have their costs covered, if the situation is discovered to be an unpredictable accident. When investigations reveal that the branch fell due to negligence, the costs come out of your pocket. The same is true if it crashes into your neighbor’s property, and neither has the right coverage available.

Black mold

Black mold creeping up walls and parts of your ceiling is one of the home issues you shouldn’t ignore — this is especially true when it is in a spot like a living room or a bedroom. If it’s a couple of spots along bathroom tile, you can clean it all on your own without any worry. If it’s a sizable patch that can’t be quickly scrubbed away with a toothbrush, you need to contact a professional to evaluate the problem.

Even if you can’t see any black spots, you could still have black mold hiding in the corners of your house, behind walls or underneath the carpet. If you’re worried, check to see if the following signs of toxic mold growth are taking place in your house or if the physical reactions are all too familiar:

  •  Bubbling paint
  •  Squishy floorboards
  • Lumpy insulation
  •  Musty smells
  •  Frequent asthma flare-ups
  • Itching or burning skin
  •  Stinging or watering eyes

Termite infestation

Ants, cockroaches and fruit flies may be upsetting to see swarming through the kitchen, but they have nothing on these critters. A termite infestation is one of the biggest house problems to never put off fixing because they can do extensive structural damage in a short period of time and they are incredibly difficult to get rid of all on your own. You will need to hire an exterminator to get rid of them, which means they will likely have to tent the entire house and fumigate it.

Colonies can be underground or in the structural elements of your property, so you have to look for clues of their existence. People who spot any of these signs of termite infestation should call pest control right away so that they can salvage as much of their home as they possibly can:

  •  Rotting or hollow wood
  •  Powdered wood shavings on the floor
  •  Miniature mud tubes around the foundation

Another reason why you have to deal with termites as soon as you spot the warning signs is that insurance often doesn’t cover damages from them. This would be the opportune time to dip into your savings and call exterminators to save yourself extensive costs in the future.

If you spent your monthly budget on essentials and the initial payment for pest control is too much, you can turn to MoneyKey for a cash advance. The loan can give you support with this urgent house problem, so that you can get it fumigated and cleared of pests. What’s helpful about this service is that you can skip the long applications processes of traditional banks and make the payment in a flash.

The company is good for more than quick loans and relief during stressful situations. They offer plenty of practical advice for people who want to take care of their household and save their money. You can browse their website to find great tips for reducing monthly bills and what smaller repairs can make a huge difference to your bank accounts like insulating windows and getting programmable thermostats. The savings that you gain can be directly put into your emergency repair fund, in case the above problems ever happen again.

There will always be chores and household issues that can wait a couple of weeks before you pull out your toolbelt or call a professional, but dangling branches, black mold and termites are not worth the cost of waiting. In this case, time is of the essence and you will need to get those problems solved before they get bigger.