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Best Ways to Strengthen Your Bones

Out of all the parts in your body, the most often forgotten are your bones. These are the foundation of your entire physicality—the skeleton with which all your systems depend on. If your bones are weak, then so are you. Apart from your muscles, joints, organs, and more, your overall strength relies heavily on your bones. It’s virtually to be a strong person if your bones are weak. And when your bones are weak, you risk becoming a fragile frame of who you once were. It can come to a point that even doing daily chores and normal movements become too painful or too difficult for you.

Fortunately, there are numerous ways to strengthen your bones. They vary from eating the right foods, taking on a strict fitness regime, to simply continue doing what you normally that you didn’t know had an impact on your bones. So that you’d know how to ensure the strength of your own bones, here are some of the best and easiest ways to strengthen them.

Drink Milk

Who doesn’t like milk? it’s creamy, refreshing, sweet, and strengthens your bones like no other. If you’ve ever watched a milk commercial on TV, you’d notice that there’s a common aspect in them, and that’s the strengthening of your bones. Milk, as well as other dairy products, has calcium, a mineral that helps keep your bones strong and healthy. Drinking a glass or two every day ensures that your bones will remain mighty and intact. And even when you get an injury that affects your bones, drinking milk helps make the recovery a lot faster. In this regard, other dairy products such as cheese, yogurt, butter, and ice cream also help strengthen your bones—which is good news for your tastebuds!

Be a Yogi

What’s a “yogi?” It’s someone who does yoga a lot. In its technical sense, a yogi is a practitioner of the exercise that’s also able to teach and help others get into yoga. But nowadays, a yogi is simply a slang term for those who do yoga on a regular basis. If you’re looking for an exercise that will strengthen your bones, yoga is one of your best bets. This exercise entails stretching and contorting your body into poses you never thought you could do, and while they may seem uncomfortable at first, you’re actually helping your bones prepare to withstand or avoid any accidents that might harm them. For a more effective bone-strengthening yoga session, do it on a vibration machine for good measure!

Whole-Body Vibration Therapy/Training

And speaking of vibration machines, another sort of exercise that you can do to protect your bones is whole-body vibration therapy or training. Although both require you to be on a vibrating plate, they’re relatively different from each other. The therapy is when you simply perch yourself on the machine and do nothing, allowing the vibrations to do their magic on you as you sit or stand there. Training, on the other hand, has you doing all sorts of physical exercises on the machine, doubling the chances of experiencing its health benefits. Whichever you choose, both will strengthen your bones because the vibrations help protect them. The vibrations soothe your muscles to become stronger and, in turn, they’re able better protect your bones from harm.

Do Gymnastics

It’s widely known that certain sports help strengthen your bones, gymnastics is one of them. Similarly to how yoga helps keep your bones high and mighty, the way to contort your body promotes flexibility within your skeletal system. And the more flexible your body is, the more your bones are protected. with every tumble, flip, and jump you make, you’re actually building the density of your bones in the process. Not to mention your widening your skills and doing things that not a lot of people are able to do. You may think that those with the most muscles might have the strongest bones, but in reality, the best of gymnasts actually do!

Play Tennis

If you’re not into gymnastics at all, luckily, there’s another sport you can do to help keep your bones strong: tennis. This popular sport, with tons of superstar athletes, is one of few activities that ensure that after every match, your bones will be feeling stronger than ever. With every run, a swing of the racket, and lunge that you do, it builds up your bone density and makes it mightier to withstand just about anything. Every time you hit the ball with all your might, your muscles grow stronger, further protecting your bones from harm. The same goes for your leg muscles when you lunge to the front or side of the court to catch the ball.

Eat Protein

Back to the kitchen, there are more food groups you need to consume in order to have stronger bones. Apart from calcium, protein also helps build up your bone strength, as well as those of the muscles that help protect your bones. Foods like fish, meat, and poultry have all the protein you need to last a lifetime. However, it’s not just what you eat, it’s how you eat them. If you pair these foods with all sorts of fattening and sugary items, it’s possible that you might not get as much protein as you need to get stronger bones. Make sure that when you eat, it’s a healthy balance of various nutrients, including protein, to help keep your whole body stronger, especially your bones!

Lift Some Weights

Finally, perhaps the most common exercise to do in order to promote bodily strength is to lift weights. the intensity of such a workout keeps your muscles strong and defined, not only for the benefit of your exterior body but also for your bones as well. Keep in mind, however, that you have to do this in moderation. Many people go for weightlifting solely for its physical benefits, and at times, they go too far. Thus, they end up harming their bones instead of helping them. And this sort of exercise can also leave you too exhausted, which isn’t good for your bones neither. A good compromise is to lift medium-heavy weights while you’re on a vibration machine. Not only are you building up your bones’ strength, but you’re also soothing them at the same time!

Keep your bones strong and safe by doing some or all of these exercises and diets. At the end of the day, if your bones aren’t as strong as you, you’re not strong at all!

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