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5 Negotiation Strategies When Selling Your Home

Selling your house might be a great option for you especially if you have built a bigger one, or perhaps you need the proceed urgently. It might look like a simple action, but there are smart strategies to make when selling your house.

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You really need to get an expert in these things, to intimate you with sales strategies; how to get buyers, how to present your sales offer, how to communicate, liaise and negotiate with potential buyers.

First, present yourself in the best way you can. Also, present your goals as you have planned. The goal is to sell your house at a reasonable price. If you can and you feel it is necessary, present what you desire to use the money for. State your objective and state your intended means of negotiation.


In negotiating with buyers, especially those who intend to pay big, but are still unconvinced about their decision, you can offer some extra services and facilities that they can enjoy in the course of purchasing the house. It is a psychological move to persuade the buyer to get the house quickly, and possibly fall in love with you, the seller.

You can offer extra services like rendering assistance when moving in, house sanitation and some room painting, all when they desire to move in. The deal will be sealed in no time, and it will be for a huge amount.


Expiration dates tend to push the buyer to pay better, especially when it is a competitive situation where there are buyers willing to compete for the house.

Once you put an expiration date, one that is very close, it will spur the buyer to pay quickly. This doesn’t really have anything to do with the exorbitant prices, but the quickness and rapidity of buying the house. In most cases, the buyer would be persuaded to take advantage of the saying, “opportunity comes but once.”


Once the buyer puts an offer, it will definitely not be high. He will raise a cheap offer, trying to cajole you to negotiate within his offer. Once you do this, it will be very difficult to maintain the high quality of your price. So, you should reject the first offer he/she brings, he/she will raise a bigger offer. If it is not within your price, you may reject the second one. Then you can start negotiating with the third and fourth. Once the negotiation takes time, it is possible the buyer eventually heeds trying not to ‘waste time’.


This should be specifically for those with top offers. It will create a level of relevance and quality for the house in particular. In the course of bidding, you could create some add-ons, so you can get the best from bidding.

The best bidder eventually gets the house.

Kathy Ramos (Admin)
Kathy Ramos (Admin)
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