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Elegant Wine Cellar Designs That Will Bring Your Mind

The basement does not need to have much space to convert it into a wine cellar or other kind of party room. After redecorating your basement, you get a whole new room, that can have many different purposes. For example, it can become a home theater and an entertainment room, living room, wine cellar, gym, game room or guest room. If you are lucky enough to live in a house that has big and spacious basement, it offers you a whole range of ideas for redesigning your home basement, which gets an extra room.

If you love to have collection of wine, and you have enough space, you can decorate your own wine cellar, which will be according to your needs and desires. But if you have small space don’t worry, you can still make the best of it.

Regardless if you produce your own wine, or you just have collection of your favorite wines, there are many ways to create and decorate a wine cellar where you and your guests can always enjoy. Below we bring you a few ideas for decorating such spaces. In the wine cellar you need to set the following furniture: shelves for bottles, slightly larger table and chairs, a little decorative details and, if you have a wine barrels, slightly elevated platforms that will accommodate them. Now see some functional solutions and maybe you will find some great examples. Enjoy!

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Elegant Wine Cellar Designs That Will Bring Your Mind

Contemporary Metal Racking

Custom Cellars by Paul Wyatt Designs

Custom Wine Cellars Chicago Illinois Ideas

Custom Wine Cellars

Lisa Weiss Wine Cellar Design ideas

Lisa Weiss Wine Cellar Design

Modern Wine Cellar Design

Modern Wine Cellars

Rack Wine Cellar Design

Vintage Metal Wine Racks

Wall mounted wine racks

Wine Cellar Architectural Design

wine cellar cupboard

Wine Cellar Design

Wine Cellar Designs Aventura North Miami

Wine Cellar Lighting

Wine Cellar Storage

Wine Cellars Design

Wine Rack Bookends Decorating Ideas

Wonderful Wine Furniture Decorating Ideas

wood way wine cellar design

Wine Cellar

20 Practical Home Wine Storage Ideas

If you are a wine connoisseur or just like to spoil yourself with a bottle of good wine, you probably puzzle over its storage at home. If you don’t have space for a wine cellar, you can make a pretty little one under your kitchen floor. Various shelves and wine drawers are great to store the bottles in the kitchen or dining room; use your kitchen island to save some space. Storage under the stairs is always useful, just think over putting the bottles carefully not to break them. Wine credenzas are great because they look stylish and hide your bottles inside – the light isn’t good for the wine, remember? Enjoy the ideas below and organize your wine storage!

View More : Elegant Wine Cellar Designs That Will Bring Your Mind

20 Practical Home Wine Storage Ideas

Amazing Design Wine Storage Racks Interior Furniture Design

Bottle rack build your own with storage for wine

Contemporary styled partical wine cellar storage

cool practical home wine storage ideas

cool practical wine storage

Creative DIY Wine Rack Ideas

dining room wall wine storage design

Home made wine cellar

home wine storage ideas

home wine storage wall ideas

partical rustic wine cellar storage ideas

practical home wine storage ideas

practical home wine storage

Practical Wall Mounted Wine Racks

practical wine home storage

practical wine storage ideas

wine cellar storage ideas

Wine Rack Cabinet

Wine storage and cooler

Wine storage

Wine Cellar

17 Ideas For Modern Wine Cellars

There are wine lovers who aren’t satisfied of merely driving into a wine bar or going somewhere else to take a drink. Instead, they have their own home bars and wine cellars. Wine cellars could keep wines for a long time. Like what they said, the older the wine, the more delicious it becomes. That is why, wine lovers prefer to have their own wine cellars.

Well, we mostly remember wine cellars from the old times but there are modern wine cellars too. You can see that in the round up that we have today. You will be impressed to see how creative and beautiful these wine cellars are and how this area could affect the entire look of the house. So, take that glass of wine while you browse through this page!

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17 Ideas For Modern Wine Cellars

Amazing Modern Wine Cellar Designs

Cable Wine System custom wine cellar

Custom Wine Cellar Design in Washington

designing a modern wine cellar

modern cellar ideas

modern glass wine cellar

Modern Under Stairs Wine Cellar

modern wall mounted wine racks ideas

Modern Wine Cellar Brilliant Design

Modern Wine Cellar Design Ideas

Modern Wine Cellar Design

Modern Wine Cellar

Modern wine cellar

Modern Wine Cellars

Modern Wine Rack Wine Cellar

Wine cellar ideas

Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar

17 Industrial Wine Cellar Design Ideas

Everything that involves a bottle of wine is about flavor, taste and a great deal of care for style.

With evolving design of modern homes and more people eager to showcase their exquisite wine collection, elegant storage areas that double up as proud displays are becoming a popular trend.

So we round up 17 pictures for you, all in a modern industrial design for your wine cellar.

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17 Industrial Wine Cellar Design Ideas

commercial wine display ideas

Cool industrial Wine Cellar Design

Copper rod industrial wine storage

Elegant Brick Wine Cellar

industrail style design ideas

industrial restaurant and bar Dabbous in London

Industrial wine cellar design

industrial wine cellar

Industrial wine Cellar

Industrial wine decor

Industrial-chic Wine Cellar

Modern Wine Cellar Designs

South Miami Wine Cellar

Wine bar design ideas

wine cellar design industrial look

Wine Cellar Industrial design ideas with Great bar cart condo

Wine Cellar Industrial design ideas