21 Corner Kitchen Sink Design Ideas To Try

Most of the time, kitchen sinks are placed in between the fridge and the range. But the pictures that we will be showing you in this post will let you discover sink designs fit for smaller kitchen spaces.

The features that we have today will be of varied materials like stainless steel, ceramic and even specialized plastic. They also come in different types of polygons and either come with a drainer, a soap holder or dispenser or just the plain design of kitchen sink.

Take a look at the designs we have listed here for you!

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21 Corner Kitchen Sink Design Ideas To Try

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copper farmhouse sink

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large concrete corner kitchen sink

sconce over kitchen sink

traditional kitchen corner sink

white cabinets with concrete countertops

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white kitchen with corner sink

wooden undermount kitchen sinks


17 Gorgeous Kitchen Nook Design Ideas

Banquettes or nooks for the kitchen are a small area where we can have breakfast or light meals. They also become convenient when the family has a huge dining area but wants to bond with a chat over coffee.

However, the design should be considered carefully. It have a comfy and warm feel that everyone can enjoy. That’s where our list of 17 Gorgeous Kitchen Nook Design Ideas for today comes in.

It’s ideal to have everyone gathered around the table, sharing a meal, but this can be tricky if your kitchen doesn’t have room for a big dining table – Enter banquettes. Not only do they save space by being built into the wall, but they also fit many more little bodies.

Check out the list we have below of the17 Gorgeous Kitchen Nook Design Ideas.

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17 Gorgeous Kitchen Nook Design Ideas

5-Star Green Bungalow

Alexandria Residence

Artistry in the East Meets West

Boston Common House

Chicago Breakfast Nook

Custom Residence

Dwyer Kitchen

English Tudor Kitchen Remodel

Farmhouse Kitchen Nook

Georgian Style

High Nook Buche Terra Cotta

kitchen nook decor ideas

Kitchen Nook

Kitchen Nook Design Ideas

Modern Industrial Farmhouse Kitchen Nook

Robbs Run Residence

South Ave


17 Best Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

Well, not all of us are into trends but we cannot do away with the thing that some people really take into consideration what is “in” today. Trends is about what most people prefer to use. Sometimes, something becomes a trend because many people are using it and applying it. Just like how we design homes. Designers are always creative and would see to it that they give the home owners the kind of home they want to live in. It has to be functional and of course, beautiful.

Speaking about trends, there are some trends that we have observed in home design. But today, we will let you know what kitchen design trends are usually seen in modern kitchens. Well, you will be amazed how stunning a kitchen will turn out simply by applying these design trends in the heart of our home. Take a look at the images that go with them to give you more ideas.

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17 Best Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

A simple and modern kitchen

Addition of luxe mettalics

Bold colors

Gorgeous lightings

High efficiency in kitchens

Modern Kitchen Decor

Modern Kitchen Design gold lights

Modern Kitchen Design

modern kitchen Look

modern kitchen with sleek walnut cabinets and dark green walls

Modern white kitchen with 3-inch edge on grey countertop

Multi-function kitchen island

Open floor plan layout

Patterns are everywhere

Statement ceilings

Tiles for a vibrant kitchen

Wooden kitchen cabinets


23 Elegant Cream Kitchen Cabinets To Get Inspiration

Cream, like any other neutral color out there, is a great hue to work with in terms of fashion, design, and even in doing make up! Cream is one color that is very versatile and multi-purpose; it is flexible and pretty much works well with any other color in the color scheme.

This color is somewhat like beige, a very pale brown, or somewhat a pale sandy fawn – a tan or a bit greyish yellow. There is a very close color relationship in hue with cream and all the other colors we just mentioned.

Let’s talk about cabinetry. The right kitchen cabinets can make or break your kitchen’s functionality and style, not to mention your budget! But surely, as they say, “If there’s a will, there’s a way.” This may be a general rule for all things, so let us follow it in choosing the right cabinets for our kitchens. Using cream as the color for your cabinets, like black and white, is a great choice.

So, let us go ahead and check out the 23 Elegant Cream Kitchen Cabinets To Get Inspiration. Enjoy!

23 Elegant Cream Kitchen Cabinets To Get Inspiration

antiqued cream cabinets

Boston Kitchen Transformation

Capitol Hill Residence

Cleveland Traditional Kitchen


cream cabinets with Cocoa Glaze

cream colored kitchen cabinets

cream white cabinets dark wood flooring

Cream White Kitchen Cabinets

Dallas Traditional Kitchen

Hillsdale NJ Kitchen

Kitchen cabin

Kitchen Cabinet Inspirations

light cabinets dark counter

Mount Curve Avenue

New York Contemporary Kitchen

Omega Kitchens

Raleigh Contemporary Kitchen

River Forest Renovation

San Francisco Contemporary Kitchen

The Lux Getaway

Toronto Restoration

Transitional Opaque Kitchen


23 Stylish Grey Kitchen Cabinets To Get Inspiration

They say that grey is a color that does not show emotion, or at least it means gloomy or sad. This color is neutral, detached, impartial and indecisive.

From the perspective of color psychology, grey is the color of compromise – being neither black nor white, it is the transition between two non-colors. The closer grey gets to black, the more dramatic and mysterious it becomes. The closer it gets to silver or white, the more illuminating and lively it becomes.

Being both motionless and emotionless, grey can be considered as solid and stable, creating a sense of calm and composure, and even emit relief from a chaotic world.

Whatever it may mean, the important factor is if the color works for you, then it’s definitely a go. Take a look at our 23 Stylish Grey Kitchen Cabinets To Get Inspiration below to get a glimpse on how they will look like on your own kitchen.

23 Stylish Grey Kitchen Cabinets To Get Inspiration

Atlanta Kitchen

beautiful light gray kitchen cabinets

Black Residence

Boston Kitchen

Brady House


Classic Traditional kitchen with light grey cabinets

Electrolux Inspiration

Glossy Grey and Wood Kitchen

Gray cabinets

gray kitchen cabinets gel stain avail

Gray kitchen cabinets ideas

gray kitchen cabinets painted

Gray Kitchen Cabinets with Brass Hardware

Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Grey and Marble Modern Kitchen

Kitchen and Dining

kitchens with grey cabinets

Sask Cres Kitchen

Sleek and Chic Grey Kitchen

Stylish Ways To Work With Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Trump Residence

Vancouver Contemporary Kitchen


25 Amazing Grey Kitchen Design Ideas

When a kitchen is painted black, white or grey – it usually indicates or shows sleekness, sophistication and class. For homeowners who prefer contemporary to modern design, these colors are favorite choices!

Adding bits of color especially in the kitchen is kind of cool too. But today, we will be showing you 25 Amazing Grey Kitchen Design Ideas that will give us a touch of warmth which is definitely essential in terms designing and even planning spaces.

Grey is an understated color but as we have said above, it is definitely sophisticated.

The main goal of each designer for the next photos is to make sure that using the color grey to paint the each space will not create a cold and sterile-looking kitchen. Who would want that right? But adding tidbits of color or unique material in the kitchen that can bring a doze of warmth and character creates a rich space everyone ought to love. Here we go.

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25 Amazing Grey Kitchen Design Ideas

8th Street House

Beechwood Manor



Caudhill Lane

Chancellor Street Residence


Dallas Kitchen

Divine Kitchen

Fontana Penthouse

Gray kitchen decor

Gray Kitchen Design Ideas

Gray kitchen

Grey Kitchen Cabinet With Ceramic Floor

Grey Lacquer

Lucas Valley Eichler

Lum 17 Street


Miami Kitchen

Modern Kitchen with Grey Cabinets

Nordquist Residence

Parkside Modern

River House

Villa Nuevo

Warmington North


18 Highly Functional Traditional Outdoor Kitchens

If you are the person who loves throwing those barbecue parties in your neighborhood, might as well plan on having an outdoor kitchen or grill in your home. Of course, it’s not like a must for most homes, but for some countries with a pretty decent weather, barbecues happen in most times of the year.

Today, we thought of compiling a list of spaces which can extend dinnertime with a well-lit outdoor kitchen.

If you’re grilling area is separate from your patio seating area, consider subtly linking the two zones with lighting. Direct lighting is more important in the kitchen zone than mood. You can go for an overhead option, like recessed lights or adjustable fixtures that can be pointed exactly where you want them to go.

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18 Highly Functional Traditional Outdoor Kitchens

Amsterdam Traditional Kitchen


Burlingame Residence

Charter Lake

Classic Patio

Houston Traditional Kitchen

James & Lynsey Purl

London Residence

Macedonia Project

Mariani Residence

Mill Valley

outdoor kitchen and grill area

Outdoor kitchen and wall made of recycled old pallets

outdoor kitchen bar

Outdoor Kitchens and Fireplaces

San Francisco Outdoor Kitchen

Saratoga Estate

Wittman Deck


32 Fabulous Chalet Kitchen Designs To Get Inspired

Chalets are wonderful and many of us dream of having such a holiday home – or maybe just live there all the time. Those fantastic wooden and stone homes are extremely cozy, full of comfort and warmth while it’s cold outside. In case you already have one or planning to create such an interior, we’d like to tell you about amazingly cozy chalet kitchens. Traditionally chalets are made using wood and stone, the interiors are modern or traditional and very natural-looking. The same can be said about kitchen designs in chalets – wood, rough stone, wooden beams, wooden and stone kitchen surfaces. A hearth or a fireplace would give special charm to the space; uniting kitchen and living room in one is also a good idea as the chalet would look more spacious. Look at the cool examples below and get inspired!

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32 Fabulous Chalet Kitchen Designs To Get Inspired

Blue Sky Chalet

Bohemian Chalet with View

chalet industrial interior design

chalet interior kitchen design

chalet kitchen countertop

Chalet kitchen decor ideas

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Chalet kitchen Design

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Chalet Kitchen Designs

Chalet Kitchen Ideas

chalet kitchen island luxury open shelves

chalet kitchen with modern mountain

chalet kitchen

Chalet Kitchens and Ceilings

chalet kitchens

chalet monochromatic kitchen

Cozy Chalet Kitchen

exposed beams in chalet kitchen

Grey stained timber modern rustic chalet kitchen

hanging open kitchen shelves

kitchen lighting vaulted ceiling


modern log cabin interior with chalet kitchen

red chalet kitchen cabinets

Rustic Chalet Interior Design Ideas

rustic chalet modern interior design

stone wall in kitchen

The Chalet E 1850 in Courchevel

tiny homes on wheels chalet kitchen


32 Cozy Vintage Kitchen Designs That You’ll Love

Vintage is everybody’s obsession now, and that’s not surprising: beautiful details, bright colors and cool textures with exquisite design just excite everyone! I’d like to share a bunch of adorable vintage kitchens that will definitely inspire you. Well, vintage may be different: from natural Provence style to bright 40s-inspired retro, so you need to choose the epoch to recreate. The earlier time you choose, the more refined look you get. The design of cabinetry, table and chairs will be the base of your kitchen, and lights and textiles will help you to create that unique atmosphere. You can add various accents of other styles to your vintage kitchen: industrial, boho or shabby chic. Get inspired!

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32 Cozy Vintage Kitchen Designs That You’ll Love

1950s kitchen

amazing vintage kitchen

art deco kitchen cabinets

beach cottage kitchen ideas

chip and joanna gaines kitchen

country shabby chic kitchen ideas

farm style kitchen island

french country cottage kitchens

Inspiring Retro Kitchen Designs

kitchen without upper cabinets

kitchens from the 1920s

open kitchen cabinet ideas

red and turquoise kitchen

Remarkable Small Kitchen Design Ideas

shabby chic kitchen decor

shabby chic kitchen table

Sophisticated Vintage Kitchen Design Ideas

vintage home

Vintage Kitchen Cabinet

Vintage Kitchen Cabinets Decor Ideas

vintage kitchen Decor

Vintage kitchen Design

vintage kitchen designs interior design

Vintage Kitchen Furniture

Vintage Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Vintage Kitchen Sign

vintage kitchen

Vintage Kitchens Paint color

Vintage Kitchens

wallpaper in the kitchen

white french country kitchen

Wonderfully Made Vintage Kitchen Designs


38 Delightful Wooden Kitchen Countertop Designs

Wood brings warmth and coziness everywhere, especially to the kitchen, though many of you can say that such surfaces are not practical for kitchens or bathrooms because they can dry up. There are lots of finishes that make wooden surfaces durable now, so don’t hesitate to use them everywhere you like. Today we’ll show you how well a wooden kitchen countertop may look in any kitchen. A wooden countertop is a great idea – it looks warm and beautiful, great not only for cooking but also for eating, and you can make one even above a concrete countertop. Different types of wood look differently, and you will definitely find one for your style or even DIY it. Look at the inspiring ideas below!

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38 Delightful Wooden Kitchen Countertop Designs

Building Your Own Countertops

butcher block countertops white cabinets

butcher block kitchen countertops

Charcoal-colored cabinets with wood countertops

concrete kitchen countertops

cottage style kitchen countertops

cozy wooden kitchen countertops

dark butcher block countertops white cabinets

diy wood kitchen countertops

dramatic kitchen

Dreamy kitchen with countertops

island bench

kitchen cabinet english style

kitchen countertop organization ideas

kitchen open shelves ikea

kitchen paint color ideas

kitchen reno on a budget

Love this kitchen with the mix of textures and wood countertops

maisonette design

Mind Blowing Kitchen Countertops Ideas

Reclaimed Wood Countertops Design

reclaimed wood countertops


small kitchens countertops with wooden touch

turkish kitchen style

wall mounted bar table

white cabinets butcher block counter

white kitchen wood countertops

white washed pine walls

wood countertops for kitchens

wood countertops kitchen

Wooden cabinets concrete countertops and backsplash

wooden counters kitchen

Sleek Traditional Kitchen Wooden Kitchen Countertop Highland House

Wooden kitchen countertop

wooden kitchen wall shelves

wooden kitchen