21 Modern Kitchen Pantry Ideas To Try Now

There are a couple of different types of pantries – from a cold pantry that also serves as a fridge for restaurants, to Butler’s pantries for meat and poultry, to the regular pantries that we have in our homes!

Like any room in the house, it follows the theme or style that our home does – or just the kitchen in the least.

Here have a list of 21 Modern Kitchen Pantry Ideas To Try Now wherever in we can see cabinet-types of pantries to a full room which is used as storage for our food, provisions, dishes and even linens!

Today, you be seeing some classic designs, traditional and even modern ones – so, have fun and share us your thoughts on them!

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21 Modern Kitchen Pantry Ideas To Try Now

Smartly Hidden Pantry Design

small pantry ideas kitchen

small kitchen pantry cabinet ideas

Pantry Decorating Ideas For Modern Kitchen

Modern Walk-in Kitchen Pantry

modern pantry shelving and pantry organizers

Modern Pantry Inspiration

modern kitchen

Modern Kitchen Pantry Storage Ideas

Kitchen Cabinet

Modern Kitchen Pantry Idea

Modern Kitchen Pantry Design Idea

Modern Kitchen Pantry Cabinet Design Ideas

Modern Conveniences Cabinetry panels

Marvelous Modern Kitchen Pantry Cabinet

Large Modern Kitchen Pantry Design

Kitchen Pantry

Kitchen Pantry Designs

Kitchen Pantries

kitchen cabinet ideas pantry organization

Cool Modern Kitchen Pantry


17 Modern White Kitchen Design Ideas To Try

A white kitchen may be the number one choice of families for their kitchen color. Why not? When white is all together associated with cleanliness. Who wouldn’t want to make their kitchen look clean right?

Being the usual color for a kitchen, there are a lot of kitchen ideas out there and we will be showing you some of the best designs from our friends who majors in modular kitchen designs.

The next photos that we will be showing you are photos of white kitchen ideas you can use or bring at your very homes!

These designs are at standard dimensions so you can always order them and use them for your very homes. That is why they are called modular kitchens.

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17 Modern White Kitchen Design Ideas To Try

classic and modern white kitchen

white modern kitchen houses

white kitchen white floor

White Kitchen Home Design Photos

Small Modern Kitchens Ideas

Modern White Kitchen

Modern white kitchen with Bulthaup cabinetry

modern white kitchen idea

modern white kitchen coffee bar

modern white kitchen cabinets

Modern scandinavian kitchen

modern kitchens

Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

Modern Kitchen Bliss

Marble kitchen with modern light fixture


Classical Modern White Fmaily Kitchen


25 Granite Kitchen Countertops That You’ll Love

We all know that granite countertops are beautiful and durable, easy to clean, and basically resistant to heat and scratches. It’s vivid natural color palette and near diamond-hard surface makes it the ideal material for countertops.

We are pretty sure that when you were planning your kitchen, granite was the one thing that you thought of for that cute kitchen you were going to add to your home.

Granite has the widest selection from nature’s palette of colors, veins and patterns. You can get samples online or check them out at your local stores when picking out the perfect countertop you can get for your home. You can always add the best finishing touch to your kitchen countertop by adding the edge to fit your personality.

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25 Granite Kitchen Countertops That You’ll Love

bamboo shades combine with granite kitchen countertop

classic crystal granite formica kitchen

contemporary kitchen granite countertop design

counter tops and granite kitchen

countertops with white cabinets

edge granite kitchen countertops

graint kitchen countertops

granite counter tops add elegance in the kitchen

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granite countertops dark kitchen cabinets

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granite countertops kitchen idea

granite countertops white cabinets dark wood flooring

granite countertops with matching backsplash and kitchen table

granite countertops

granite kitchen countertop home design

high end granite countertops

river white granite countertops

tropic brown granite countertops

venetian gold granite countertops

white granite countertop

white granite countertops

white ice granite countertops

white kitchen with grayish white tile backsplash

wooden furniture and granite countertop


25 Impressive Kitchen Island With Sink Design Ideas

Whenever we say kitchen island, we usually picture a table fixture – like a feature in the middle of our kitchen where we prepare food or where we can basically eat after preparing the food, then and there. But when you think about it, if you have a limited space at home, putting a sink in the island can save your kitchen layout.

Of course, it depends on you if you prefer having your main sink in the middle of your kitchen or make a secondary sink which handles the preparation of the food and the other sink will be for the dishes say you don’t have a dishwasher at home. Let’s go ahead and figure out if the sink in the next 25 Impressive Kitchen Island With Sink Design Ideas is the main sink or just a secondary one.

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25 Impressive Kitchen Island With Sink Design Ideas

a gray kitchen island

bright styling in the kitchen

chip and joanna gaines kitchen

classy meets modern kitchen

contemporary kitchen island sink

farmhouse sink with concrete countertop

kitchen island light fixtures

kitchen island sink home design

kitchen island sink idea

kitchen island sink

kitchen island with copper farm sink

kitchen island with sink and seating

kitchen island with sink

kitchen island

kitchen sinks in islands


lake kitchen sink island

oil rubbed bronze farmhouse sink

simple white kitchen sink

sink in island

subway tile with dark grout kitchen

traditional kitchen island sink

upper kitchen

white cabinets dark island

white sink


25 Kitchen Bar Design Ideas That Aren’t Boring

One of our favorite spots in the kitchen is where the kitchen bar is located, why not? This is the place where our cooked food is first placed, this is where we can eat other than the dining table with easy access to the food preparation area.

It also comes in different colors and designs that you can choose from depending on the kitchen design and color that you have in your homes!

We have a range of kitchen photos wherein we will be seeing examples of materials used for the kitchen bar like granite – in white or black, metals, and wood. It also comes in different colors and designs that you can choose from depending on the kitchen design and color that you have in your homes!

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25 Kitchen Bar Design Ideas That Aren’t Boring

bar counter kitchen design

bar countertops in kitchen

bar stools and kitchens

bar stools

bars modern kitchen

copper breakfast bar lights

elegant kitchen bar design ideas

fixer upper pendant lights

kitchen bar counter height

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kitchen bar ideas

kitchen bar stools

kitchen bar

kitchen bar counter

kitchen island counter

kitchen with breakfast bar

modern log cabin interior

modern wooden kitchen design bar ideas

over kitchen bar lighting

quartz countertops white cabinets

rustic kitchen bar

small basement kitchen

wooden kitchen bar with stools


17 Best Kitchen Paint Ideas That You Will Love

We always wondered how people come up with the colors they choose for their homes.

It could be because it is the most popular color for the season; maybe it is their favorite color; or maybe because it was what was suggested by the designer since it will go well with the modular furniture available in the market.

Whatever the reasons are, what’s important is that we somehow love looking at these colors; they can say a lot about our personalities and how we live and love our everyday lives.

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17 Best Kitchen Paint Ideas That You Will Love

benjamin moore coventry gray

best colors to paint a kitchen

calming paint colors

dark brown kitchen cabinets

extraordinary kitchen cabinet color ideas

front porch and watery

glamorous blues

fixer upper kitchens

kitchen color schemes and kitchen ideas

kitchen colors

kitchen paint color green blue

kitchen paint ideas

kitchen with black appliances

kitchen with open shelves


paint colors for kitchen

perfect color for kitchen


17 Modern Kitchen Cabinets For Your Home

Asking the designers of our homes to make custom-built items like furniture is a great thing because it can make our homes unique. Of course, as part of work ethics, designers avoid copying things they make for one house. They modify them to be able to create a signature for that particular home. The beauty of custom vs. store bought is that you can have whatever you want at precisely the right dimension and finish.

Today, we will be sharing 17 Modern Kitchen Cabinets For Your Home that were basically custom-built for the clients, we found out that we can have cabinets that are custom-built to very exact standards and still remain competitive in terms of cost in high end kitchen cabinet brands.

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17 Modern Kitchen Cabinets For Your Home

build modern kitchen cabinets

flat front kitchen cabinets

full height kitchen cabinets

handle free kitchen cabinets

ikea kitchen

kitchen cabinets light wood

kitchen cabinets that store more

midcentury modern kitchen

modern grey kitchen cabinets

modern kitchen cabinets

modern kitchen design

modern midcentury kitchen designs

modern white kitchen cabinet

modern white kitchen cabinets

new modern design

white modern kitchen cabinets

wooden kitchen


17 High Gloss Kitchen Designs To Get Inspired

It sure feels great to be back and be able to write another article about pretty kitchen designs! Today, we will be talking about high gloss kitchens! It is usual for modern kitchens to be all shiny since it seems more attractive – especially when they are new and when they are really maintained and accounted for.

So, to begin with, let me say that we really had fun collecting these pictures; not only are they pretty and clean, but they sure are shiny as a brand new pair of black shoes little girls wear to kindergarten!

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17 High Gloss Kitchen Designs To Get Inspired

cream high gloss kitchen

grey and white kitchens

high gloss kitchen idea

high gloss kitchen

high gloss white kitchen with island

inspiring kitchens

kitchen modern


minimal white gloss kitchen

modern white kitchen cabinets

modern white kitchen designs

scandi high gloss kitchen

scandinavian style kitchen

white gloss mini subway tiles

white high gloss

white scandinavian kitchen

white with high gloss


21 Black Kitchen Cabinets Ideas You Can’t Miss

If you plan to redo your cabinets in black, you probably made a wise choice. Although we often hear people who think black is too bold a color for a kitchen, it is our opinion that there is no such thing as too bold when it comes to the focal point of your home – It is supposed to stand out!

What better color to achieve what the boldest, the most elegant color there is – black. There was a time when white and brown were the strong color choices for kitchen cabinets and kitchens in general. But times have changed drastically and choosing the colors for the interiors are way more bolder than it was then.

Black is the last color to capture a kitchen, black cabinets, black countertops and black floors. Take a look.

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21 Black Kitchen Cabinets Ideas You Can’t Miss

amazing black kitchen cabinets

amy kartheiser

best black kitchen cabinets

black and white kitchen

black and white kitchens

black cabinets brass hardware

black cabinets with butcher block countertop

black cabinets with faux distressing

black kitchen cabinets idea

black kitchen cabinets with brick

black kitchen cabinets

black kitchens

classic black and white kitchen

eclectic kitchen renovation

kitchen black cabinets white countertops

kitchen cabinet black colors

kitchen cabinets


kitchens with black cabinets

modern kitchen with vintage rug

small kitchen design ideas


21 Corner Kitchen Sink Design Ideas To Try

Most of the time, kitchen sinks are placed in between the fridge and the range. But the pictures that we will be showing you in this post will let you discover sink designs fit for smaller kitchen spaces.

The features that we have today will be of varied materials like stainless steel, ceramic and even specialized plastic. They also come in different types of polygons and either come with a drainer, a soap holder or dispenser or just the plain design of kitchen sink.

Take a look at the designs we have listed here for you!

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21 Corner Kitchen Sink Design Ideas To Try

Inspiring corner kitchen sink cabinet

best and cool corner kitchen sink

best black corner kitchen sink

copper farmhouse sink

corner kitchen sink design ideas

corner kitchen sink traditional

corner kitchen sink

corner kitchen window ideas

corner sink in the kitchen

corner sink

kitchen corner idea

kitchen corner sinks

kitchen sink window


large concrete corner kitchen sink

sconce over kitchen sink

traditional kitchen corner sink

white cabinets with concrete countertops

white kitchen black countertops

white kitchen with corner sink

wooden undermount kitchen sinks