Fantastic Tips to Decorate Your Kitchen on a Budget

We all are working to run our kitchen, this might sound annoying, but it is a fact. While many people are concerned and invested in decorating their home, a few are playing it pragmatically. They know that the most crucial place to decorate is the kitchen and the living room. Because you will spend most of your time there. Decorating your home is for you more than anyone else. So, it is essential to invest in the kitchen too. 

Many people think that decorating your kitchen will cost you a lot of money, and there is no use in splurging there. Decorating the kitchen is not an expensive feat; it is rather a bang for the bucks. Unlike the bedroom or living room decoration, you only need to do the necessary things in kitchen décor with a creative mind, and it will be enough for the kitchen decoration. 

For instance, the peel and stick kitchen backsplash is affordable, but the outlook they create is quite a luxurious one. Along with it, there are several ways potentially feasible to decorate your kitchen in a dream area. 

Decorate the walls with a muted color palate

Adding glittery wall paints to the kitchen is synonymous with destroying the entire look of your kitchen as it is a working place, where everything should be sound and calm. The grayish wall paint with white outlines can work best for the kitchen. Beige color, cream, and off-white color can also look great. 

If, however, you need another chrome, then the greyish blue or olive green hues will do the job. You can also add the removable vinyl wallpapers to give a little bit of substance to your kitchen too. 

Change the lights

The ordinary lights are not enough for a decorated kitchen. You need fancy lamp covers and contemporary style lights. Lamps with dimmable aspects can work best. They will be according to your need, functional for both the day and nighttime. 

The glass panes

As a simple kitchen looks more decorated than an overdone kitchen; thus, you need to add the glass panes in the kitchen too. However, do not add these glass panes on those cabinets where there are spices. Instead, create a utensil showcase and cover it with a glass pane. 

The exhaust system

An easier-to-clean exhaust is the most desirable thing in a kitchen. You should install the one covered and a bit higher than the stove to collect all the hot air. Furthermore, it should not be out of reach, as you will have to clean it after every few days. 

Furnished wood

If you have some wooden cabinets in your kitchen, try having the tinted finished wood. It will have a better spruced-up look than the rough cabinets. Furthermore, do not forget to have a covering or polish on the cabinets to make them waterproof. 

Drain system

A messy drain system is a nightmare; always call the best professionals to fix the drain issues. Have the proper sliding water cleaning pathways. 


How to Choose a Layout for Your Kitchen

Most people like to think of the kitchen as the heart of the house. Yes, kitchens are built for cooking but a lot of other things are considered in good kitchen design. Depending on how much kitchen space is available, people have different layouts that fulfill the requirements they feel suits their overall home design.

The kitchen layout is the shape that defines where cooking appliances are placed, how the countertop is set up, and if the kitchen will accommodate a dining area. If you are wondering how you are going to go about choosing a kitchen layout. Below are some kitchen layouts you can read through to help you find out which layout is most ideal for you.

L- Shaped Kitchen Layout

An L-shaped kitchen layout involves having a natural work triangle from continuous counter space against two adjoining walls whereby one of the walls has a couple of kitchen appliances. This layout provides an adequate working area while maximizing the corner space.

If you choose this kitchen layout and find that you have more room, you should consider adding in a central island to serve as counter space or for storage purposes.

U-Shaped Kitchen Layout

A U-shaped kitchen is somewhat similar to an L-shaped kitchen, only that the counter space in U-shaped layouts run on three wall surfaces instead of two as is with L-shaped kitchens. This layout is also known as the horseshoe layout and it surrounds the cook on three sides.

The U-shaped layout is ideal for kitchens with a lot of space and in even larger kitchens, this layout provides adequate space for multiple workstations so two or more people can prepare meals without interfering with each other’s work

I-Shaped Kitchen Layout

This layout is also known as a one-wall kitchen layout and is common in smaller homes. It is, perhaps, the most simplistic of all kitchen layouts as everything is placed on one wall. If you intend to design your kitchen and are working on a budget, then the I-shaped layout will work well for you.

G-Shaped Kitchen Layout

A G-shaped kitchen is one of the more modern layouts in use today and is similar to the U-shaped layout in many respects. A G-shaped layout has the same amount of counter space as the U-shaped layout, surrounding the cook on three sides.

The difference that stands out is that the G-shaped layout comes with a partial fourth wall, known as a peninsula that is used to provide additional countertop working space as well as for cabinet storage.

Galley Kitchen Layout

This layout has proven unpopular in recent times perhaps due to its structure not allowing for open-plan living. It, however, does have its benefits such as having everything being within close proximity and works best if you have limited kitchen space.

Choosing a Kitchen Layout Best for Your Home

The layouts above should give you an idea of what design you’d want for your kitchen. As much as you prioritize the aesthetic of your kitchen, you need to consider the functionality aspect of it all as well as your living, cooking, and eating habits.

Get that right and you’re well on your way to creating a perfect kitchen for your needs.


Kitchen Wall Remodels Before and After

If cooking and preparing meals has become a chore for you over the last few years, it may be time for a little sprucing up of the space.

A simple kitchen remodel of the walls will ignite inspiration and motivate you to have a more enjoyable time preparing and cooking dishes and even come up with new recipes for your family to enjoy.

Turn simple and straightforward designs to something that will augment your cooking and meal time with your loved ones with a simple kitchen wall remodel. Here are some ideas to spark inspiration and creativity for your project.

A Simple Paint Touch Up

Kitchen wall remodeling can be as simple as changing the color of the wall. If you have white, then paint it something bright and cheery like seafoam green or mustard. You can also match it with the color scheme of your kitchen equipment to create a welcome contrast.

Tile the Countertop

There’s nothing more boring than a plain wall without accents. Putting up tiles on your countertops doesn’t just make it look good, it also helps in making maintenance a breeze.

A good rule of thumb is to pick out high-quality tiles that do not chip easily to make them look good for a long time.

Break Down the Wall

That is to create a window, of course. If your kitchen area is near an open space like your yard or garden, then this is an opportunity for you to make a drastic change to your kitchen.

A large window allowing natural light will create a more organic feel as well as make your kitchen look bigger than it seems. You will also save a bit more energy since you have light available to you during day time.

Good Wood will Make a Difference

Surprise your guests with this remodeling idea. Put up stained wood on one of the walls of your kitchen to achieve a farmhouse charm. Or better yet, use wood panels around the kitchen to get a warm feeling whenever you enter it.


That’s not a word but you kind of get the meaning, right? If you’re the type who has a penchant for anything in the vintage era, then go for a kitchen wallpaper with those designs. You will have a lot of options so don’t try to be overwhelmed.

Remodeling a kitchen wall is a huge task but at the end of the day, it will have a pleasing effect that will allow you to enjoy your time either preparing and cooking meals or dining with your loved ones. Find a good kitchen remodeling expert in Los Angeles today.


7 Kitchen Interior Trends That You Need to Consider Before Renovation

Renovations can be tiring, but they are also incredibly exciting. Finding a whole new look for any part of your house can sound like a fun thing to do. But there are a few things that are always necessary to remember, depending upon what part of the house is being renovated. If it is your kitchen where you’re planning to change things up, then there are a few trends that you should be aware of. Don’t know what they are? Do not worry! Here are some of them, so you can get the look of your kitchen right on point.

Trust The Layered Lights

Lights are very important in the kitchen. Not only from an aesthetic point of view but in that they provide illumination for all the work that you do in the kitchen. Choosing layered lights helps not one but those of these purposes. With more than one light, you will be sure to get good visibility so no matter what job you are up to, you do it well.

Furthermore, these lights are available in a variety of designs. From plain hanging bulbs to fancy shades, there are so many options for you to choose from. If you have a bigger kitchen, you can spread them in a line and if not, place them in a spiral with different lengths. There’s a design for every kitchen type!

Make Smart Colour Choices

It may not seem very important, but the basic color theme of your cabinets and countertops can make a great difference. The colors not only add a personality to the interior but also play a great role in how space is perceived. Different colors can add a different look to the kitchen.

If you have a bigger kitchen, you should go with lighter shades. For this reason, white serves to be the best option for open kitchens. On the other hand, if your kitchen isn’t as big, you should consider darker shades. If you don’t want to choose black, you may want to consider gray cabinets for small kitchens or some similar shade.

Don’t Cover Those Shelves

We all know the standard design in the kitchen where the shelves are always in the cabinets. Well, it’s about time we ditch that design and move on to the new trend. And that is of open shelves. You could go with just one long shelf or layer up two to three shorter ones.Choose your own design according to the available space.

We understand why you may be skeptical about this trend. All the kitchen items on display may seem too messy. But you do not have to put a lot on display. The purpose of the shelf is not to fill it up. It’s just for aesthetic purposes. So even just a jar or a flower vase will do.

Tile The Walls

You’ve tried painting the walls in all types of colors and coats. But the end results are always the same. The steam and smoke from all the cooking always render your walls dirtied. And cleaning them doesn’t always restore them to their new look.

So what’s an alternative that will not only make your kitchen look good, but keep it looking that way for long? The answer is simple, tiles. Tiles, with the right color and pattern, are highly graceful. Furthermore, their smooth texture and design allow them to be cleaned very easily. Just some soap water and sponge and they’ll be good as new!

Quartz For Countertops

When it comes to trends, they come and go as the years pass. For kitchen trends, a lot may have changed over the years, but there is one element that has stayed a constant throughout. And that is quartz countertops. Quartz has been used for countertops for several years now, and it is, to date, one of the most popular choices amongst interior designers.

There are a lot of other options available for you, but the variety and quality that you get with quartz is simply unbeatable. And on top of that, there is easy maintenance too. That’s what we call a win-win.

Ceramic Is The New Hardwood

For the longest time, kitchen flooring has been preferred to be of hardwood. But with the change of times, ceramic has found its new place, in replacement of hardwood. The question you have is probably regarding the lack of variety in ceramic.

The truth is that the world has come very far. There was a time when there were very limited options available in ceramic. But with the
advancement in technology, ceramic flooring presents with a considerably larger variety of patterns, styles, and designs. And that too in any size you want!

Open It To The World Outside

One of the most recent trends that we’ve noticed in kitchen interiors is connecting your kitchen to space outdoors. And we are all for it. There isn’t one, but a great number of advantages that you get by adding this feature to your kitchen. And they all make it worth the effort.

The outdoor connection won’t just add an aesthetic element to your kitchen, but it would also allow better ventilation. So you don’t feel like you’re working in a sauna while you cook. Moreover, the direct connection will allow you to store some things outside for easy access if you feel like there isn’t sufficient space in your kitchen.


Renovating your kitchen may be a fun job, but it is one that requires a keen consideration for a lot of things. A lot of thought needs to go into all aspects, even the very small ones. From the big island counter to small jars places for aesthetic purposes, everything needs to be thought out in detail. A lot of people will tell you what you need to do and what you don’t. But as long as you stick to a few general rules and your own sense of style, whatever you choose will come together perfectly.


Kitchen Cabinet Details That Will Make You Say “Wow”

Getting The Details Of Your Kitchen Right

Upgrading your kitchen can do a lot to increase the value of your property. Here’s the thing: maintenance in general will be necessary to maintain a baseline property value. To increase property value, you’ll need to do a little more than just maintain the premises.

You will need to paint walls, apply new wallpaper, add that DIY deck you’ve been thinking about, finish that basement, finish the attic too while you’re at it, and knock out that structurally unnecessary wall in the living room to open up the space. Or, conversely, add a wall to convert an over-large space into a bedroom, or an office.

Different properties will certainly have different needs. Still, almost every property will need a functional kitchen. Doing a total remodel at strategic intervals over time is recommendable. You might want to redo your kitchen every ten to twenty years.

Redo the floors, perhaps add an “island” in the center with a granite counter. It can be sensible to consult professional interior designers. This will help you get an idea what sort of things work the best, and maybe even what sort of new innovations might fit the needs of your property. For example, have you considered RTA cabinets?

RTA Considerations

RTA stands for “Ready To Assemble”, and refers to a sort of cabinetry that is a lot more customizable than non-RTA units. When you buy a cabinet that has been pre-assembled, you’re limited in your options.

One that you can assemble as you receive it allows you to choose options which may fit a specific niche in your home. Also, these are available in basically any contemporary style you could ask for, such as the “shaker-style” units that have become so trendy.

You can find some of the most popular shaker-style cabinets of the RTA variety at this website: As it turns out, these are exceptionally popular among modern kitchen design professionals, and it’s easy to see why. They’re straightforward and effective in design and installation.

The color of your cabinets will be a big part of the “wow” factor as well, and there are many schools of thought here. As is the case with most home renovation, the final “say” in what you do will have a lot to do with you specifically. However, there are a few things you might want to consider here.

Monochrome Color Schemes, Wood, And Metal

For example, you could go with a monochrome option wherein everything in the kitchen has the same bright white coloring. This is convenient in terms of cleaning. When everything is pristine and pale, you can immediately identify mess and clean it up. Still, monochrome coloring is bland and can be boring.

Another idea might be to go with earthy wood tones. Cedar is beautiful, so is mahogany. Teak has its own profile. Cork may not be advisable; but then again, it may–depending on your needs. Earthy wooden cabinetry can look and feel elegant; and if you don’t like the natural color of the wood, you can always paint over it to match the rest of the space.

Metallic cabinetry has its own appeal. Generally this is a more weighty cabinetry option, but there’s definite longevity to consider, and the gray silver tone of metal can give your kitchen a sterile, somewhat industrial feel—which could be what many home owners desire.

Ultimately, the “wow” factor of your kitchen will most effectively be communicated in space utility, and an unforced “natural” feel. Your kitchen should make you feel at home when you’re in it, and make cooking easy. Cabinets are necessary storage accoutrements, so you might as well make the best of them!


4 Keys to a Clean and Organized Refrigerator

Keeping a clean fridge is very good and healthy for your family. When I visited my son in Los Angeles, I found out that the refrigerator in his home was really old. Old not because it was like 10 years old, NO! It was old because it was really untidy and unattractive. So, I decided to spring into action as a mother. I tried all sorts of ways to get rid of stains and smells and after about 4 hours, I was successfully finished.

The key to a clean and organized refrigerator is by constantly cleaning it. Not just cleaning it the normal way, but by applying tips and tricks to have a better cooling system. Below are some of the ways I successfully helped my son keep his refrigerator clean and organized.

Cleaning with Vinegar

Cleaning with Vinegar
One of the key ways in cleaning out your fridge is by using vinegar. Vinegar helps keep the surface of your refrigerator very clean while getting rid of smells. When I was cleaning my son’s fridge, I used boiled water (two cups), a cup of vinegar (probably white) and lemon essential oil (like 15 drops). You can mix all this in a spray bottle so it can be easy to apply when cleaning.

I Remove all the crispers then sprayed the mixture inside the fridge. I allowed this to sit for minutes, then I wiped the whole surface with a wet cloth. You can also do the same thing for the crispers and the shelves. Yes, I can take help from professionals, but I want to do it myself. You can contact and use Simply Maid here for getting your cleaning work done.

Setting the right temperature

Setting the right temperature
I found out about this when my son’s old freezer died. Refrigerators lasts longer if you set the right temperatures. Not does it last longer but your foods would come out probably fresher than the last settings you were using. The U.S. food and drug administration recommends certain temperatures for both refrigerators and deep freezers. They advised that your refrigerator is to be kept at a temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit while your freezers be always kept below 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

Using the crispers well enough

Using the crispers well enough
When going through the manual of your refrigerator, you will find out that the crispers have different settings for different types of foods. The crisper lets you set high-humidity for foods sensitive to loss of moisture and ethylene gas. These types of foods/fruits are:

  •  Cabbage
  •  Peppers
  •  Oranges
  •  Straw berries
  •  Watermelon

The low-humidity settings allow you to perfectly store foods that are not sensitive to moisture. These may include:

  •  Mangoes
  •  Plantains
  •  Apples
  •  Figs etc.

Making use of baskets to organize

Making use of baskets to organize
When I finished cleaning up my son’s refrigerator, I made sure I went shopping to help him get baskets to organize stuffs. These can be called organizer baskets. They are small and can be used to hold refrigerated products in an organized manner.
They can hold eggs, condiments and some other smaller products. I used these baskets to organize the smaller items in the fridge, then showed him how to organize and replace them back when he finishes using it. His refrigerator now stays organized and effective than ever.


17 Green And Yellow Kitchen Designs That You Will Love

Hot summer makes us think of merging with nature, with greenery. if you don’t have a country house or a garden, or if you don’t have enough space to organize it, there’s a way. You can just make your kitchen sparkle with juicy summer colors: yellow that reminds of sunlight and green that reminds of grass and trees. Furniture, curtains, accessories of these cheerful colors would make your space summer-like and raise your mood. Add green plants and you’d feel summer breeze on your face! Look for some ideas below and enjoy the summer spirit!

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17 Green And Yellow Kitchen Designs That You Will Love

blue green kitchen walls

Yellow kitchen

yellow kitchen idea

yellow and white kitchen

white and yellow kitchens

shabby chic kitchen green

sage green kitchen cabinets

pretty yellow kitchen

open shelving in kitchen


kitchen design back wall tiles

Green And Yellow Kitchen

Green And Yellow Kitchen Designs

Green and Yellow Kitchen Design

green and yellow kitchen decor

decorate a small kitchen in apartment

Colorful Lime Green Kitchen


17 Contemporary U-shaped Kitchen Design Ideas

The U-shape kitchen layout is also known as the horseshoe; this kitchen layout has three walls of cabinets or appliances.

Today, this design has evolved from three walls to an L-shaped kitchen with an island forming the third “wall.” This design works well because it allows a smooth traffic flow and workflow around the island. This type may seem more ideal for kitchen spaces in restaurants or bars because this layout permits for more cooks into a certain space.

Although this type of kitchen layout makes it extra efficient for preparing food and cooking because you can pivot on one toe as you spin around from the refrigerator to the sink and then to the stove.

Like any other layout and design, there are some advantages and disadvantages in getting a U-shaped kitchen, which you will learn as we go through the 17 Contemporary U-shaped Kitchen Design Ideas below, check them out!

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17 Contemporary U-shaped Kitchen Design Ideas

U Shaped Kitchen

u shaped kitchen layout

u shaped kitchen island

U Shaped Kitchen Designs

u shaped kitchen design

U shaped kitchen design ideas

U shaped kitchen design idea

U Shaped House Plans

Small U Shaped Kitchens

Small U Shaped Kitchen

small u shaped kitchen designs

Modern U shaped kitchen

Modern Design Contemporary U-Shaped Kitchen

kitchen cabinets u shaped with bar

compact u shaped kitchen designs

Classic U Shaped Kitchen Designs

black windows in kitchen


17 Elegant L shaped kitchen design Ideas To Try

When decorating a kitchen you need to take care for all details because it is one of the most important rooms in every house. Here you spend a lot time during cooking and eating. L-shaped kitchen are one of the most practical kitchen designs because they look so beautiful but in the same time they are so practical and everything is within reach. They are especially suitable for small spaces. With good organization and a little imagination you will make your dream kitchen!

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17 Elegant L shaped kitchen design Ideas To Try

wood floors l-shaped kitchen

white kitchen bar stools

small l shaped kitchen

recessed lighting in kitchen

quartz countertop in a white kitchen

L Shaped Kitchens With Island

l shaped kitchen

L shaped kitchen with island

l shaped kitchen ideas

L shaped kitchen design with skylight accenting white shaker cabinet

L shape kitchen with farmhouse sink


kitchen wall colors with maple cabinets

kitchen cabinets for small kitchen

kitchen cabinet paint colors

Elegant L-Shaped Kitchen Design

Clean l shaped kitchen design


24 Bright And Colorful Kitchen Decorating Ideas To Rock

A lot of home owners prefer kitchen designs in dark or neutral color palettes. Although some people think that a colorful kitchen would be less boring. Some of these people simply choose kitchen cabinets in a vibrant color while some others mix and match kitchen elements in different colors. In my opinion both of these ways work very well. Each of them make kitchen more stylish and add some drama to this place. It’s always a good idea to do so to make the cooking and probably dining experience better. Besides, most likely you spend some time on your kitchen each day so why not to make it more bright and happy place?

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24 Bright And Colorful Kitchen Decorating Ideas To Rock

White & Bright Colours Kitchen

small kitchen interior design

Rainbows and Colorful kitchens

purple kitchen cabinets

orange and yellow kitchen

Moroccan kitchen

light house with bright furniture

kitchen color designs ideas

kitchen appliance storage ideas

green and purple kitchen

Fun, bright and retro kitchen

eclectic kitchen

colorful kitchen

colorful kitchen design ideas

colorful kitchen design idea

Colorful Kitchen Decor

colorful kitchen decor idea

Bright Kitchen

bright green kitchen cabinets

Bright Clean Kitchen

Bright and colorful kitchen

boho kitchen

big chill appliance

Best Paint Colors for Kitchen